Zoe Gets Her Ass Pounded!

Zoe Gets Her Ass Pounded! is the third Shemale.XXX scene featuring Latinx stunner Zoe. But rewinding back a bit, The Texan beauty Zoe shows her flexibility bending down to touch her toes when her debut video produced by Omar Wax begins.

But it’s not a workout scene. It’s a totally and upscale elegant one with Zoe moving gracefully through a variety of sexy poses sitting, standing and laying down on the floor. The first actual adult exposure occurs when Zoe’s lovely breasts and nipples escape her dress as a result of the way she stretches her torso.

Since she wears blue panties beneath her orange dress, this is a killer prolonged teaser video throughout the first half. When she lowers her panties, Omar captures this footage with a dazzling rear view. Then she’s butt naked except for her sexy mid-heel sandals. Then the teasing suddenly stops and this scene evolves into pure fap mode.

Zoe is completely naked with her gorgeous legs spread wide open. Her beautiful cock is fully erect and while she was quiet throughout the first three quarters, Zoe emits a series of soft, sensual moans as she strokes her erection. Zoe’s solo debut reminds me of the reason Shemale.XXX was created in the first place.

I think of Shemale.XXX sets as a more discriminating version of shemaleyum.com. There’s more of a focus on high production values on this sister site. She’s introduced in a white dress and skyscraper black sandals in her follow-up scene entitled “Sexy Zoe Jacks Off!”

In her hardcore scene that was also filmed by Omar, Zoe receives a compliment on her stunning form from Soldier Boi. He sits on the bed admiring her beauty as she stands before him in an obviously pricey bra and panty set and tall, strappy sandals.

Supposedly it’s Yoga that paid off but it’s great genes too. I mean, Zoe clearly works out, but this is classic beauty we’re witnessing here. “Zoe Gets Physical” you may recall is the name of Zoe’s debut on shemaleyum.com released on December 6, 2013. She was described as a fitness freak and added that she enjoys running, swimming, and biking. Zoe has two killer scenes on Shemale Yum.

This Shemale.XXX hardcore scene plays out like a simply romantic boyfriend and girlfriend evening, with lots of engaging dialogue in the beginning. After Zoe sits on SB’s lap, having her virtually flawless legs rubbed and complimented, the sexy man comments on her pretty toes and her responses tells him they need attention.

Do not have a thing for small, high-arched feet and silky smooth, curvy legs with what happens next if your plan is to not cum within the first six minutes. Zoe has her sandals removed and her feet worshipped.

Zoe gets her pretty nipples sucked on next. Soon after, she’s getting her phenomenal ass spanked lightly. She’s quite vocal in this scene, much more so than in her solo video. Her sexy moans get louder and louder as she receives a rim job.

To return the favor, Zoe sits up on the bed sucking Soldier Boi’s succulent looking cock. She moans loudly with her mouth full and Zoe looks absolutely incredible completely naked. I haven’t even described the actual fucking in this incredible Shemale.XXX scene. I want you to see it for yourself. If you’re a hopeful male porn star, check out the PornOCD interview with Soldier Boi by clicking here to get a good perspective on the requirements.  

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