Alexa Scout in Creamy Fun and Behind The Scenes on Bob’s Tgirls

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In Creamy Fun on Bob’s Tgirls with beautiful Alexa Scout, the model is pretty quiet in the beginning as she stands before the kitchen table in her bra and panties. She discards her bra quickly to reveal her full breasts and puffy nipples and proceeds to drop her panties. She dances around a bit, making her tits, cock and balls jiggle. Next thing you know, Alexa is lying on the table in a breathtaking head to toe view completely naked, stroking her uncut cock furiously! All this action occurs within the first minute. Bob zooms in for closeup footage and about three minutes into the scene, Alexa starts applying whipped cream from a spray can to her boobs. It doesn’t hide much however, especially when she pours more across her tummy and smooths it around. Alexa also sprays some of the cream on her cock and works up a tasty lather to coat her erection. In just under ten minutes, we see the double entendre in the title of this scene reveal itself. After the natural cream pours out of Alexa’s swollen cockhead, she relaxes and has a brief, yet naughty discussion with her photographer. This video ends with Alexa showering off all that mixed cream. But she still looks absolutely delicious. Bob is of camera during that shoot, but there’s also a Green Day behind-the-scenes video for those into not only hot models, but the production side of things. With Alexa posing outdoors in a halter top, camo shorts and wedges, then slowly stripping, it’s fap material. Especially when she slips out of the shorts with her semi-erect cock hanging there. But with Bob directing, you can catch a glimpse of what camera and accessories he’s using as well as an example of how he directs. About what’s more educational between Alex stroking her boner outside and the technical how-to footage, I guess that’s subjective. She goes on to oil her breasts and stiff dick and then we’re on to a brief peeing segment and the making of the Creamy Fun shoot. You’ll feel both hornier and smarter when you see both videos on Bob’s Tgirls.

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