Mandy Mitchell, Bianca Stone & Freya Wynn

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“Here’s the incredibly hot video of Bianca and myself banging hot 20 year old TS sensation Freya Wynn. This fantasy role-play starts out hot and just keeps getting hotter. Bareback and strap-on fucking, blowjobs, cougar and kitten. One of my favorite scenes in quite a long time.” That’s what Mandy Mitchell said about Mandy and Bianca Bang 20 Year Old TS Freya Wynn! Mandy and her cis female wife Bianca finally have a date night with the promise of hot strap-on sex and more. Bianca already has her harness on with the huge toy jutting from her thighs. Mandy isn’t wearing panties under her dress and the gorgeous brunette girlfriends begin making out. But suddenly a stranger knocks on the door. Bianca responds to see this young skateboarder who needs tools to fix her board right then things were getting hot an heavy. Bianca might be able to help but she warns Freya that she and her wife kind of have a thing going on at the moment. Meanwhile, back at the sofa, Mandy has to hide the rock hard cock she’s been stroking when Freya comes in. While Bianca searches for tools, Mandy is polite enough with Freya, yet obviously frustrated. The tools aren’t the right fit for the skateboard and since Mandy and Bianca are already so worked up, they open up about the tools between their legs. Freya accepts the invitation to be driven home later. She confesses that she likes Mandy’s cock and Bianca’s simulated phallus and gets down to proving it. Bianca could have actually found the proper tools, but her sneaky mind compelled her to use the dildo, a vibrator an Mandy’s stiff tool to fix things instead.

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