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The last time I raved about this gorgeous mega star was her torrid involvement in the Super Fuckin’ T-Orgy with Tiffany Starr, Morena Black and Trixxy Von Tease during the 2016 TEA ceremony. When I presented my interview with Nicole Montero on Caramel’s TGirls in 2011, it a huge honor. Now there are so many interviews conducted on video and that’s next on my horizon. My inspiration to do video interviews comes from many sources and most recently from the interview conducted by Venus Lux with Nikki on Latina Tranny on a hot day in L.A. Nikki is wearing the same revealing dress from the interview in her Fleshlight Cum Wanker video and Sun Up set at Venus Lux´s house in Los Angeles. The update is entitled Dom Nikki Montero on Getting down to the main thrust of the Fleshlight scene, Nikki props her high-heeled feet on the desk and explains that the office furniture is there because she’s the boss. Revealing her full breasts, Nikki goes into greater depth about being the one with the money and the power. Flicking her nipples and massaging her boobs gets her horny so she raises the hem of her dress and grasps the big bulge in her panties. She sets her genitals free to beat off for a bit. Once her cock begins to expand, Nikki allows the shaft to poke through the mesh of her frock. Nikki mashes her schlong with her luscious thighs and stand up to wiggle her sexy ass next. Then she lowers her panties and faces the camera again, confessing that she likes to be naked all the time. Once seated again, Nikki adds a little finger banging to enhance the feeling of her cock stroking. You may have noticed the Fleshlight toy sitting on her desk. It’s a vagina model that she describes as a 19 year old one as she begins fucking it. Nikki explains in her interview with Venus that she loves pussy and other trans women, but primarily men. However, jacking her hardon with this real-feel vagina gets her so turned on that she ends up shooting a creamy white load of cum across her desk. The volume surprised Nikki herself! “What a nice surprise, I had a lot of spunk,” she surmises before the video ends that you can also find on

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