Two Tgirls: Mayumi Sparkles & Yuuki Trap

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In Teen Office Massage Girl on, Mayumi Sparkles, being the hard worker that she is at the Two Tgirls office, decided to have a nice massage during work hours to help alleviate some of that work stress. Teen tgirl Yuuki Trap shows up eager to relax and please her. At first, she thought she was going to have a nice massage, but things start to heat up when Yuuki’s hands begin to wander. After a sensual massage, Yuuki begins to suck off Mayumi. After a bit of that, they get in to the 69 position for a while before Mayumi ends up fucking Yuuki in her tight teenage tgirl butt. The video ends with Mayumi blowing a nice load all over Yuuki’s face. Being the good girl that Yuuki is, she eagerly swallows every drop that landed in her mouth! This is teenage tgirl Yuuki’s very first ever hardcore video! Aside from sucking Yuuki’s cock in a breathtaking 69, Mayumi is a total top in this scene. Hell, my Domme membership card would be revoked if cock sucking were a no-no. I can’t decide what parts of the actual fucking were my favorites! I love seeing Yuuki riding Mayumi in the cowgirl position with her hard dick bouncing up and down. It’s like Mayumi’s tummy is a trampoline for her cockhead. Then there’s butt naked badass Mayumi taking Yuuki’s cute butt in the doggy style position. Mayumi is so into her jackhammer drilling, slapping that ass hard when she’s not holding it in place. The ending, when Mayumi shoots her syrupy cum into Yuuki’s mouth is just everything! Don’t miss this fantastic hardcore transbian update in 4K, HD or Standard HD on!

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