Amira Garcia Strokes

Award-winning photographer Radius Dark encourages his gorgeous model to move into the room with the bright lights and to get up on that big bed in “Amira Garcia Strokes Her Big Hard Cock!” and she does just that. This is her Shemale Yum encore performance. It’s magnificent and so is Mr. Dark’s ability to get Amira to talk about herself. This way you get to learn what turns Amira on the most sexually. I’ve lost count of how many times she says “daddy” and “papi” so I imagine if you’re a lucky guy, you’ll hear that a lot coming from her. Amira says she gets the most compliments on her booty and her legs. When Amira says she hopes you like cocktails, she doesn’t mean alcohol. She’s referring to that lovely protrusion peeking out of her pink panties. You’ll see how horny this petite Peruvian is when she sits up on the bed with her dick expanding in girth and length before your very eyes. All this sexy talk is making it grow, but Dark asks her to display more of her “fun box” and she eagerly complies. Amira also exposes her pretty hormone boobs and lies back to masturbate But she needs to get more comfortable and pulls off her black booties. If you have a weakness for small, high-arched feet, you might lose it before Amira gets her panties all the way off. Mr. Dark zooms in for some great close-up footage of his subject and there are subtitles to describe Amira’s original preferred method of masturbation. I’ve seen Amira come this way before on another great site. I also love seeing her doing it again for Shemale Yum. After Amira’s climax, she tells us why she loves making herself cum this way.

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