Eva Paradis on PervOut

When I raved about “Eva Paradis & Lance Hart: Nasty Sex” here on March 8, 2016, from the Eva Paradis XXX website, I thought it was the only performance of hers that co-starred Lance Hart, who founded the PervOut Network of Indie Porn. His empire is based in Tampa, Florida and it’s one of things that makes me the most proud about living in the Sunshine State as a 100% lifestyle kinkster. One of my favorite sites within the PervOut Network is Sweet Femdom and that’s how I found out that there was a lot more to the porn story of Eva and Lance. Suck Eva Paradis’s Cock, Foot Fetish Fucking, and Hardcore TS Fucking exposed me to a world of adult entertainment I’ve fallen head over heels in love with. Lance Hart’s PervOut as like a ’boutique’ of porn for a select few and I’m someone who feels most comfortable in this multi-genre network. With his movie star good looks, Lance Hart replied to questions about his sexuality by saying, “I’m a dude who had a long term girlfriend who happens to hook up with other dudes, girls and transgender people all over the Internet.” I would dare try to put a label on him as my wish is that no one would try to label me. Pornographer and/or porn performer extraordinaire is where it ends for me regarding Lance Hart’s sexuality. I’ve raved about Eva Paradis directly 10 times here on TS Dreamland, with countless tags including her work, so many readers already know how I feel about her. Eva’s work with Lance on the PervOut Network simply led me on a porn journey I don’t plan on ever returning from. I just can’t get over how late I am.

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