Welsh Tottie Anna-Maye on UK TGirls

Have you seen the 41 second video preview of Anna-Maye’s 4th video on UK TGirls yet? The last time I mentioned her, I provided a recap of her 1st three scenes; In her debut, Anna Maye wears a bondage collar and furry tail. There’s a lot of sensitive nipple rubbing and finger banging gets her dick hard. There’s more fur in video II, but not a furry animal type outfit. The last set a was black, white and grey clothing them. This one is Anna Maye looking stunning a white and beige outfit. She applies pressure to her prostate while beating off, spurts a little juice and licks it up. Now with two scenes under her belt, she performs for Kalin’s camera like a seasoned pro. With her third scene, Anna Maye said, “I’m 28 with blue eyes, toned n’tall….very tall in fact coming in at nearly 6’3. I love body art so tattoos, piercings and some minor body mods. I myself have only 2 tattoos but will be adding to that shortly as I will be continuing work on my sleeve. Piercing wise I have the odd one, but the favourite is at the top my back, just at the base of my neck. I love a good collar, the spikier the better and never say no to a leash to go with it. That coincides with my fetish for pet play and bondage, the second coming if I’ve been a naughty pet! My other fetishes are widespread and include other tgirls to name a few, although you will have to wait to see more to know more. I’m partial to the odd furry item of clothing, a good furry top feels amazing and always looks fancy! Mini skirts and long socks are a must especially with a good pair of boots. Hopefully you want to see more as there’s lots more to give!” In her third scene, Anna Maye re-introduces herself, back in black, in a London hotel room. She looks ravishing in a black bodystocking that doesn’t do much to hide her goodies with a super cool pair of black boots. Kalin did a magnificent job of filming her lithe form as she moves around on the bed, rubbing all of her fun spots through her outfit. She eventually removes her bodysuit and boots, leaving her only in her stay-up stockings and spiked collar. Then she gets down to the business of playing with the hard spike between her legs. In her 4th UK TGirls performance, she’s in the kitchen in a silver spiked collar, black dress, pantyhose, purple panties and boots. She removes her footwear and her top comes off next. After losing her pale blue bra and exposing her pretty hormone boobs, Anna-Maye is left standing in just her panties and hosiery. Her dick stands at attention and gets it from one of her delicate hands. Most of the rest of the footage is filmed with her completely nude. If she’s not beating off, at time her cock points straight at you, raging hard. A good, deep finger banging gets Anna-May so worked up that she wanks her erection until a torrent of creamy white cum splatters across the tea table. Some people like cream with their spot of tea.

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