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Beautiful Eva Paradis is awoken from her nap by handsome Lance Hart kissing her high-heeled feet and moving his way up her curvaceous legs. He caresses her full breasts through her bra as they French kiss and he sits up on the bed to remove his jacket and t-shirt. After more kissing, Lance bares Eva’s boobs and devours them. She withdraws her semi-erect cock from her panties and Lance kneels down to suck it to a full blown erection. She’s complimented sexy face and his beautiful ass and promised, “I’m going to fuck you so hard,” with her sexy Italian accent. All clothing is removed except for Eva’s tall Louboutin sandals and she sucks his cock in return. Lance mauls Eva’s fim ass while she sucks hi big, stiff prick. He then rims her while jacking her off from behind. She lies on her back and the fellatio continues. Skull fucking Lance makes Eva’s organ raging hard. They slap their erections together and stroke them until Eva tells Lance she’s ready to fuck him. He scrambles toward the foot of the bed on his hands and knees. Next he’s taking a deep, hard fucking from Eva. I’ve only described half of this exemplary hardcore scene on the official Eva Paradis website that you can also download from the TGirl Network.

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