Sadie Kross of Finland

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I’m hoping you’ve read, or will read my UK partner’s latest thought-provoking and sexy update, the PornOCD Interview with Sadie Kross. Their in-depth conversation gave me insight about what makes Sadie tick and reminded me of how lucky I am to get to run this site with PornOCD. Sadie Kross is a fan favorite on UK-TGirls, and I think she’ll be one here on TS Dreamland too. I predict a lot of updates about her in the future. In her 5th scene on UK-TGirls, Sadie is studying for an oral exam, but she’s not digesting the material well enough. She devises a way to pass without aceing the test and begins to practice. She bares the lovely breasts she plans to bury the professor’s boobs in and comes up with an even better plan. Sadie reaches for a long double dildo and practices with it orally. She wonders she can deepthroat his cock if it’s about the size of the toy she’s handling and we get to see how well she does. I have no doubt that he’d be completely satisfied. Simulating fellatio gets Sadie’s big cock hard and what’s a girl to do but beat off while she imagines sucking a real dick? Sadie’s performances get better and better with each update. Her voice sounds super sweet and her photographer Kalin of London compliments her stunning looks superbly. There’s some good humor in this scene until it’s time for thing to get serious. Sadie’s performance with the huge sex toy goes way beyond oral. This professor is going to be one lucky guy who gets more than just a blowjob. Get to know more about this fantastic model / performer and watch or download all of the Sadie Kross videos and photo sets on UK-TGirls.

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