Bonnie Addison on UK TGirls

I’m a little late with devoting attention to the hostess of Her personality is submissive and I could see that in her UK TGirls debut here. She has four photo and video sets on the site, and I think they’re all fantastic. But the “Bonnie: Back in Black” scene filmed by Kalin of London happens to be my favorite. I love Domination and submission and I think that if you do too, and you’re a top, you’ll get the feeling while watching the this video (which you can see a video preview of on UK TGirls) you’ll get the feeling that Bonnie enters her sub space. It’s a special place D/s where a submissive gives their trust to a Dom(me) and might be in need of physical and emotional assurance before returning to “vanilla space” after a session or scene. Bonnie describes herself as passive only during sex, but she’s totally functional when turned on as you can see in the photos above and on UK TGirls. Bonnie personalized crystal collar and fur-lined cuff aren’t just for show. This is the real deal – not a pretend bondage-themed solo video. She looks exquisite moving through a variety of poses and there’s a killer masturbation sequence. There’s dildo insertion and Bonnie strokes herself furiously until she cums. You don’t have to be a top to love it, but if you are one, don’t miss this scene and all of Bonnie’s on UK TGirls. Don’t forget to check out her personal website, especially if you’re in the London area and in need of a hot puppy girl.

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