Phoebe Longoria on Black TGirls

Phoebe Longoria of Missouri sounds like Erykah Badu to me in her new Black TGirls video. But I’ve never heard Erykah say, “I just want a big dick inside of me,” before. Phoebe asks if you’ve missed her and if you haven’t seen her before, this is your lucky day. The skimpy lingerie she’s wearing is Phoebe’s idea of a wedding dress. She gets on her hands and knees on the bed to show you exactly were she wants you your cock and she’s not showing her juicy red-painted lips. She’s completely naked within four minutes of her latest Black-TGirls video. Phoebe wants to do a hardcore video and she’s obviously getting excited about how things would turn out. She asks if you’d like to see her cum and with a wicked giggle, she says sucking is what her expanded cock is made for. Phoebe would actually like more than one big dick surrounding her. After pointing her painted toes in your face, she licks her lips and opens her legs. Then Phoebe lays back to stroke her extra-long schlong fully erect. It looks like she’s using lotion to masturbate. You get a full, wide angle view when she makes her big prick bounce up and down on its own. The inside of her fist has such a long way to travel from base to tip. I’m surprised she doesn’t need two hands to beat off with. Somehow that one talented hand causes an eruption of pearlescent cum to flow from the swollen head of her cock. It stops for a moment but then she squeezes more cum across her thigh in this torrid Black-TGirls update.

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