Mariana de Castro on Brazilian-Transsexuals

This major star, born in Curitiba, Brazil, goes under the name Mariana de Castro in her new Brazilian-Transsexuals video and photo set. You may also know her as either Mariana Perucio, Mariiana Fregueredo De Castro or Nicoly Lopes. In her latest scene, someone is hammering away while Mariana shakes her ass outdoors. There’s also some audible sawing. I can’t help but wonder how many guys in the construction crew nearby would like the be hammering Mariana’s full bottom and sawing their tools in and out of it. She’s posing on an outdoor furniture and, except for her heels, she completely naked in the first few minutes of her new Brazilian-Transsexuals video. With her big tits splayed across her chest as she lays back jerking off, her thick shank is stiff quickly. She looks up at you every now and then, but she’s clearly intent on making herself climax. After midway through the scene, Mariana turns around to display her perfectly rounded ass again. She never stops beating off and turns to face you again. Suddenly you’re transported to what looks like indoor footage of Mariana about to nut. Her swollen cock head is almost beet red and there’s a mystery man beside her jacking off. Perhaps it’s her Brazilian Transsexuals photographer Louie Damazo who gets to spill his spunk across her tits. One of my favorite performances with this beauty is a threesome with Fernanda Cristine and Gabriela Ferrari on Shemale.Porn. I’ve also seen her fucking and getting fucked by male performers Raj and Marcus on Shemales From Hell. She was also railed by superstars Bruna Butterfly, Bianca Hills and Adriana Rodrigues on three separate occasions on Brazilian Transsexuals!

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