Carole Penelope on Brazilian Transsexuals

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen gorgeous Carole Penelope on Brazilian-Transsexuals. It’s the first solo set I’ve seen of her after watching her getting railed by Geane Peron. That video began with mutual breast loving followed by Carol sucking Geane’s big cock fully erect. Geane gave Carol a skull fucking when she stood up on the bed. Geane loves cock too, and she sucked Carol’s as she jacked off. They switched again and then it was Carol’s turn to jerk off while sucking. Just after the midway point of this transbian scene, Geane began fucking Carol doggystyle. Both of their undulating asses looked incredible as they screwed and I loved the frontal side saddle banging and cowgirl riding also. There was a lot of intimacy in this scene and the chemistry between these girls was magical. Carol was so turned on by her lover’s pounding that she ended up shooting her cum on her tummy while taking Geane’s big dick in the missionary position. Geane pulled out when her climax was about to hit. She stroked her massive cock until she spurted a big cumshot to mingle with Carol’s cream. She then sealed their torrid lovemaking with a sweet kiss. Carol Penelope also got plowed by Marcus on Shemales From Hell! She was just as passive with Marcus. I actually don’t think she had much of a choice in the matter. In her new solo video on Brazilian Transsexuals, Carol poses in a bright pink bikini and begins rubbing her big boobs while flashing her pearly whites. She simulates getting fucked and presents her big round ass in an invitation I don’t think you’d be able to resist. Carole licks one of her pink nipples and the next thing you know, her bikini is totally off. She strokes her fully erect cock furiously while laying down facing the camera. The views are from below and full frontal until she masturbates on her knees on the chaise lounge. With one hand, she spreads her tremendous ass cheeks and still manages to jerk off with her other hand. Then Carole lays back down to lick a nipple again. At the end of the video, all the sudden she’s getting fucked and then she squirts her pearlescent jizm on her tummy. Was that the Brazilian-Transsexuals principle photographer Louie Damazo fucking her? If you find out, let me know.

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