Miss Koko Beans and Amy Space Kitten on Chaturbate

On November 7, 2015, I caught an amazing transbian webcam show! room=thosedamncows on Chaturbate is the home of 21 year old Miss Koko Beans, the self-described “spunky switch” of Philadelphia. To describe the 2 and a half hour show, Miss Koko had sweats on while playing a classic KRS-One jam with her cell phone and laptop on her bed. Moments later, she revealed a pair of one of the prettiest breasts I’ve ever seen and then got completely naked. Miss Koko has a ravishing body and she didn’t have to masturbate much to develop an erection. Perhaps she was getting horny thinking about the fox who was about to join her, a blue-eyed blonde named Amy Space Kitten. They both interacted very well with viewers who asked questions. Amy also developed a raging hardon while jacking off beside Miss Koko who then turned around to give us a dazzling display of her curvy ass. Amy slapped it soundly and Miss Koko then made her big dick swing back and forth when she turned to face us again. After moving around on the bed in a variety of positions, Amy knelt to suck Miss Koko’s cock. The camera positioned in front of them captured all this action. But Miss Koko picked it up to film POV cock sucking footage. With tips rolling in increasingly, Miss Koko bent over on the bed facing us while Amy began fucking her from behind! Amy really fucked Miss Koko with jackhammer thrusts and they gave us some super hot side and full-frontal views. Amy then pounded Miss Koko doggy style with her feet on the floor and one of them brought the camera in for a tight closeup of the penetration. With Miss Koko wailing loudly, Amy’s climax resulted in giving Miss Koko a creampie. Amy had to get dressesd to leave and before Koko signed off, she said, “I just had the fuck of a lifetime.” Next time you’re in the Transsexuals room on Chaturbate, be on the lookout for room=thosedamncows! Now I wanna see Koko fucking Amy. That happens, too. Follow @misskokobeans and @AmySpacekitten on Twitter or follow them on Chaturbate to catch their next webcam show. They’ve got archived shows on Chaturbate as well.

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