TS Kimber Lee

When it comes to TS-Kimber Lee, I love her solo performances as much as her hardcore scenes. “The Lady Boss” for instance is labeled a softcore video because it’s a solo performance, but to me it’s anything but soft. She’s just called a subordinate who hasn’t been doing well in his job and she’s frustrated. She’s not just frustrated with her underling, but sexually frustrated at the moment, also. That’s nothing a little masturbation session can’t temporarily fix. So she exposes and caresses her large, firm breasts, hikes up her skirt and we see that she’s going commando today. I don’t know if she could actually get away with going around like that in public because of the size of her cock. Even flaccid, it would creat a tell-tale bulge. As she sites in her office stroking it, we see it expand to massive proportions. Kimber Lee’s cock almost looks out of proportion to her petite form. The wide angle footage is as incredible as the HD closeup views of this sex kitten from München, Bayern. If you haven’t seen Kimber Lee jacking her big dick up and down until a huge load of creamy white cum spurts from the head, it ought to be on yout To Do List. If you’re not the jealous type, there’s also a hardcore scene I’d like to mention. “Hey baby, wanna come over and fuck me?” Kimber Lee asks Wolf Hudson on her cell phone. A moment later, he’s at her place getting his big cock sucked. The German beauty gives the best deep throat sucking she can manage. That means about the upper third of Wolf’s dick. Within three minutes, Kimber Lee is riding it in the cowgirl position. Next, Wolf rails her tight little ass on the sofa doggy style. Watching this babe from is best when you’ve got the sound turned way up. She makes the most exquisite sounds when she’s getting laid. You get the best view of her incredible body when she’s bouncing up and down on Wolf’s monster cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Kimber Lee’s big uncut-cock flops around all over the place. At the end of the scene, she removes the condom from her mate’s member and takes a big load of cum on her tongue and pretty face. She even laps some of it up and licks her fingers when Wolf’s mission is accomplished. This is far from the first TS-Kimber Lee hardcore sessions I’ve seen. But if it were my first, I’d be sold on her from that point on.

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