Angeles Cid in Black Dress Stroke

Black Dress Stroke is my all-time favorite Angeles Cid solo performance! The sample photo gallery is hot, but it doesn’t fully illustrate the action. That’s what you have Caramel here for! By the 4th minute of the 14 minute scene, Angeles is fondling her big breasts and she’s getting her cock hard. At first, she was on her back, but then she’s on her knees on the bed with her enormous dick and full balls outside her panties. The camera swirls around Angeles so you won’t miss any view of her amazing figure. She’s not wearing the boots in the photo set, but rather a tall pair of beige pumps. Her panties are soon off and her monster cock is full erect. Angeles pulls her pumps off for a pretty long bare foot tease. She’s got a nice red polish pedicure with a glossy top coat. Foot lovers might not manage to hold their climaxes before hers hits. The final footage is in HD profile with full body and closeups on you know what. The scene ends with Angeles cumming on her flat tummy. The whole time, she concentrates on what she’s doing for you and not while watching a porn video. Don’t miss this one on

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