TS Kimber Lee: Kimberlee and Eric

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The Bavarian beauty Kimberlee makes a killer hardcore scene with my personal favorite TGirls Network male model ever. I don’t even normally find buff guys to be my type. I’m more into twinks and femboys and this man is one of the exceptions to that rule. He’s build like a 300 film CGI character come to life. When you put that together with the petite yet busty frame of the gorgeous model behind TS-Kimberlee.com, what you have is a dual display of anatomical excellence! “Baby, are you sleeping?” Kimberly asks the man in bed she spent the night with. She hops on the bed in a matching bra and panty set and tall pumps playfully and the man begins to stir.

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Kimberlee gives us a conspiratory signal to be quiet as she awakens him. Her pretty face and full breasts are a pleasure to see and fondle as he gets his bearings. Kimberlee throws back the sheets and the Adonis is sporting a big morning erection. Kimberlee says good morning to the cock also and gives it a few firm shakes. After getting some help in removing her bra, Kimberlee kicks off her shoes and stretches out to give the stud a blowjob. Kimberlee’s full lips look like they were simply made for sucking cock. She also uses her small hand to pump the thick shaft and then she takes a brief break to remove her panties.

Scene Trailer

If you haven’t read any of my numerous raves about her or visited TS-Kimberlee.com, you might not know that she’s tremendously well hung. Once she’s gloriously nude, her cock begins to swell. Finally the man’s red condom-sheathed prick is easing inside her from behind. Doggystyle sex follows a side saddle railing. It’s a rough ride but Kimberlee manages to jack her hips back hard against the big man’s powerful lunges!


The another position change follows and Kimberlee ride’s her lover’s dick with her own big sex organ slapping against his abs. Kimberlee also gets fucked in the missionary position. There was no way I was going to miss this super sexy update!


GroobyGirls.com: Cassidy Quinn Barebacked By Kai Donec!


ShemaleYum.com – the flagship site for Grooby – has been rebranded as GroobyGirls.com. “ShemaleYum.com is the biggest and most important of our sites, and this site had to be first otherwise we’d look hypocritical,” Steven Grooby said of the change. “We’d also look hypocritical if we didn’t re-brand the other sites and we have plans for all of them; we just ask people to be patient. Most of our sites already use ‘tgirls’ (a word which we helped define) or ‘transsexuals’ but for the rest we’ll change; we’ve an amazing domain for Shemale.XXX so watch for that.” 

In the first official rebranded scene on GroobyGirls.com, Cassidy Quinn comes to Kai Donec for a business loan. When he scoffs at her ideas, she knows how to get him to change his mind. She sucks his dick and he fucks her quickly, after a few different positions, she sucks his dick and then they cum in the shower!

In this Radius Dark production we have the 5th Grooby Girls shoot with Canadian beauty Cassidy Quinn (if we’re not counting her 4 sizzling sets on another hot Grooby site – Cassidy Quinn on Foot Fetish TS.

Her handsome partner on GroobyGirls.com is a relatively new male performer to the trans adult world, Kai Donec. The business plan “Cassandra” has in mind is way over the top and her business knowledge is way under expectations. Mr. Donec is willing to take time out of his busy schedule to sit down on the sofa with the client to give free advice.

During their conversation, she decides to replace her evaluation with a new business plan and to explore what sucking the loan officer’s cock might get her. About six minutes of an obviously amazing blowjob, Mr. Donec decides that his client should be allowed to borrow his big dick with her tight ass. It’s hard to forget how fine Cassidy Quinn is to look at, but I’m reminded by her performance with Kai of why she’s quickly become a top model/performer.

What a way to break in GroobyGirls.com – with a blazing hot bareback hardcore scene! I’ve seen the talented Mr. Donec in action before, but I firmly believe he’s got some good acting skills to add to his adult industry resume.  


Noon: Naked In The Kitchen!

I love the insight the producer of this exquisite Ladyboy-Ladyboy update provides saying, “I came across Noon in a mall. She was working in those small phone case shops. She was just 17 at that time so we exchanged our numbers and the day she turned (18) she sent me a message asking if she could come take photos! She did pretty good and was not that shy. She has a Thai boyfriend at the moment so she doesn’t want to share her contact info but keep checking here in case she changes her mind.”

I’m intrigued by the way this scene went into development. “Noon: Naked In The Kitchen!” is this stunning model’s Ladyboy-Ladyboy.com debut but the man who discovered and filmed her is the producer behind Franks-TGirlWorld where he captured her in a debut and cum shot follow-up scene! “Hung Noon Gets Naked!” was her debut there followed by “Cum Shooting With Lovely Noon“.

These titles alone are stretching out my panties, let alone the performances! But I digress. Noon’s kitchen performance on Ladyboy-Ladyboy.com She uses the small area more like a catwalk than a place to cook and eat wearing a white dress and clear mules with black platforms and sparkly heels.

If you’re not paying close attention you’ll miss the moment she flashes her bare cock and balls. She’s greeted and welcomed by Frank as she caresses her boobs through the shift. Noon says her name and age, adding that she’s from Bangkok, but not as a bar dancer.

Noon has an adorable face as you can see and I don’t think it’s odd or pedo that she still wears braces. I do like the way she licks her lips often and confirms that it’s true that she has a big banana.

Breast and nipple stimulation seem to be big parts of Noon’s arousal. One of my biggest turn-ons is watching her stroking her big cock with the fabric of her dress. We’ve seen it flaccid but not erect as of yet.

But just wait until you see the monster that Noon is packing between her lovely legs on Ladyboy-Ladyboy.com!

Shemales From Hell: Isa Potter & Marcus

Producer Khan presents a sizzling hardcore scene with veteran male star Marcus with the relatively new to the adult industry model Isa Potter. This Shemales From Hell update was a must see having been introduced to Isa on Brazilian Transsexuals in July in another hardcore scene with another trans beauty by the name of Giulia Palomares.

Isabelli had a spectacular follow-up solo performance on that site two weeks ago. To save you some time, you can check out the Isa Potter on Brazilian Transsexuals profile page for previews. But today’s focus is on Isabelli and Marcus on ShemalesFromHell.com.

First of all, there’s a lot of buzz about the fact that Isa rocks short hair. I’m biased and prefer longer hair myself, but Isa Potter’s facial structure and overall personae makes a short coiffure look exquisite. The color compliments her complexion beautifully too.

This scene opens with Isa and Marcus making out in bed. After baring and orally devouring Isa’s big boobs quickly, Marcus pulls down her cut-off denim shorts and black panties at the same time. His girl’s big cock is raging hard already and Marcus proceeds to suck it with no hesitation. Sorry if you wanted a warm-up before foreplay because all this happens within the first two minutes. Isa’s body is a chiseled masterpiece of athleticism and it’s a sheer pleasure to see her completely naked. She spends a lot of time going down on Marcus in return and I love seeing how stiff her big dick remains while she sucks his super-sized erection.

Isa strokes her boner while getting railed by Marcus in the missionary and side saddle positions. Isabelli makes the term “fully functional” seem like an understatement by straddling Marcus and fucking him just as powerfully as he managed to bang her lovely ass! Marcus is on his back beating off with Isa giving him her jackhammer thrusts when he loses his cum all over his abs. Gorgeous Isa shoots her creamy white cum across his face in this torrid ShemalesFromHell.com update.

A subscription to this site includes full access bonus memberships to Brazilian-Transsexuals.com and Trannies Fuck! That’s THREE SITES for one price.

Karina Shiratori’s Solo Fun!

I always seem to zig while most others zag but it is what it is. For instance, Karina (Misaki) Shiratori was and is my all-time favorite Japanese adult industry performer ever. That’s not to take anything away from the runners-up in my mind.

I just have a special place in my heart for Karina because I simply can relate to her for reasons yet unknown. Hiro is one of my favorite producers ever. Karina is a celebrity show-dancer who enjoys mainstream success in Japan. She is a Tokyo born and bred but her mother is from the North-east of Japan. Her stats are: Height: 160 cm (5’2″), Weight: 46kg (102 lbs), Measurements: 92/58/90 (36/23/35).

This is Karina’s twentieth ShemaleJapan.com scene! It begins with Karina facing us seated and dressed as a classic Geisha girl. Her small, dainty feet are bare as well as the lovely legs we begin to see more and more of. Then we get a peek at the pretty cock between her legs!

Can you imagine having your own personal Geisha girl with a robe that covers so much, yet she’s naked underneath? After presenting a long foot fetish and leg admirers show, Karina pleases firm breast lovers next. She makes them jiggle and sway as she caresses them and then she takes hold of her exposed cock.

Soon it’s fully erect and pointing upward toward the rice paper ceiling! There are sparse hairs curling around the base of the thick shaft and Karina’s cock head is now fully visible. It looks so needy of being sucked!

Karina’s masturbation continues with her standing and then she turns around for a devastating butt show. Then we’re suddenly transported into the sauna with this beauty jerking off completely nude!

If that’s not enough eroticism and photographic wizardry for you, we’re outside in the water with Karina. Go see this masterpiece theater on ShemaleJapan.com!

Shemale Strokers: Natalie Mars 3

I thought that this Shemale Strokers update featuring gorgeous Natalie Mars would be in interview format. I’m pretty sure that the way this scene is delivered is better. What about this trans porn megastar do we not already know? I this scene we get one-on-one interaction in less than two minutes, an erotic pseudo-dream sequence and shockingly abrupt removal stages of her colorful swimsuit!

I know someone out there is powerfully shooting their wad by the time she sits back on the sofa stroking her stiff cock when only wearing her white platform sandals! The official ShemaleStrokers.com synopsis reads: Stunningly gorgeous Natalie Mars met you at a party last night, and now she wants you to cum over and hang out. You rush over, but when you get there, she tells you she has something to tell you… well, maybe it will be better if she shows you.

She used to be an exotic dancer, so why don’t you sit back and let her give you a lap dance. As she rubs her crotch and gyrates her hips, do you notice anything different? You start seeing the outline of her lady cock in her bathing suit. She unties her straps and exposes her all natural titties. She strips completely–except for her white high heels–and now you can see her fat dick head and clenching asshole up close and personal.

Do you want to suck on her girl wood from behind while she bends over? She stretches her ass cheeks apart with pastel, painted nails. You turn her on so much that she starts wiggling her pretty toes and dripping precum.

You must be a natural born cock sucker! Then, Natalie takes a turn slobbering on your knob. It’s so messy that she drools all over chin, and you get lost in her beautiful bluish green eyes.

Finally, sitting with her feet pressed together, your trans girl Goddess strokes her lady boner until she spurts out a string of yummy, gooey, girl cum. There’s no way I could top a description the way ShemaleStrokers.com does it. Watch the Free Trailer when you get there. 

TS Kimber Lee: Cum On The Couch

MP4 Trailer

Sometimes I spell one of the world’s sexiest trans model’s name Kimber Lee and Kimberlee at other times. I just do whatever it takes to get my friends to witness all the updates on TS-Kimberlee. I love the two new Pink Door 2 and Cum On The Couch updates, but I find that the later is slightly hotter – just slightly! Perhaps it’s because Coco Cola an iconic symbol and also because she looks phenomenal in red.

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This solo masturbation scene involves Kimberlee stripping to a cool soundtrack in a sparsely yet tastefully living room area. Everything about the Bavarian beauty is petite except for her tits and dick. The first sequence is breast exposure and caressing. Kimberlee is standing when she pops the snaps loose on the lower panel of her swimsuit to let her cock and balls spill out. The couch is really a chair but who cares about details in cases like these? Kimberlee keeps you distracted from titles to stroke her massive prick furiously!

MP4 Trailer Gallery

She pauses to present her lovely bottom and proceeds with a finger banging show. Kimberly is a notoriously heavy cummer and she strikes again her with her artillery by shooting a big bead of creamy white cum. She rubs out the rest of her nectar slowly and some of it gets on her swimsuit and one of her bare feet. Kimberlee uses her left hand to scoop up some of her cream for a taste and a bit of it spills across her bosom.

$24.95 Price Break TODAY!!!

The places to go for this explosive content are Kimberlee.TGirl-Network.com, TGirl-Network.com and TS-Kimberlee.com! Today’s Special Offer for you is $24.95 for the first month instead of $35!

Pinko TGirls: The Surprise

MP4 Scene Trailer

“The Surprise” is another killer hardcore scene from Mr. Andréa Nobili who was born in Bologna, Italy in 1958. He has acted in 102 adult films, directed and written hundreds of adult industry masterpieces. Gorgeous Gloria Voguel and Giovanna Calvalcanti. Gloria, the more fair-skinned tgirls is Brazilian but I understand that she resides in Parma, Italy. I don’t have any information about the caramel-skinned fox but her name suggests she could be either Brazilian, Italian or a mixture of both.

On PinkoTGirls.com, the beautiful  roommates converse in Portuguese as they enter their apartment with a man mopping the floor. He’s surprised that they’ve arrived home unexpectedly. A sexy blonde is giving a blowjob on the TV screen and Gloria and Giovanna take seats on the sofa to watch. The guy she’s sucking looks like a very young Mr. Nobili. The young man doing housework keeps at his work, but the girls are getting horny. They whip their big stiffening cocks from their panties!

While they’re jerking off, the guy finally whispers Gloria a question. Apparently he gets the response he’s hoping for and the next thing you know he’s kneeling to suck Gloria’s large rod. Gloria can’t seem to decide what’s more exciting to look at – the handsome dude sucking her off or Giovanna’s massive erection. The guy gets to go down on Giovanna also and then she gives him head while he blows Gloria!

I’m hoping to see some trans lesbian action also and then I see Giovanna sucking Gloria’s big hard dick! She’s actually taking turns sucking her off and the hung man. She concentrates on devouring the guy’s hardon as he lays back and gets his ass penetrated by Gloria. After the scene proceeds and everyone cums, there’s behind-the-scenes shower footage with just Gloria and Giovanna having fun. This footage displays them naked and wet from head to toe – a chance to really study their beautiful bodies as they kiss and fondle each other. This is the real surprise to me about this PinkoTGirls.com masterpiece!

Black TGirls: Crona Valentine’s Fleshlight Fun!

“A very nice surprise for today’s episode of “Cumshot Thursday” series: Crona Valentine is back!” says the Black-TGirls profile message. “This Vegas hottie has been with us since 2013 when she made her debut and then went on releasing a few hot solo scenes over the years! She was more than happy to return as a star of our new series! She brought her toys with her ready for action! Watch her as she strips, pumps her ass with a pink dildo and then fucks her fleshlight until she shoots a thick load!”

We’ve just had another Cumshot Thursday and if you didn’t produce one yet, there’s still time before the week has ended! I think I had the honor of interviewing Crona for Transformation magazine at the time of her Black-TGirls.com debut. Twelve updates later she still looking as beautiful as ever (Is she even 30 years old yet?). It doesn’t look it.

She reminds us that she’s a nerdy type and that she’s into BDSM. Her striptease begins in under two minutes. When she exposes her lovely hormone breasts, there’s a tiny wet spot forming in front of her panties. Her nipples are no longer pierced but they will be again someday soon. Piercing is what made them hyper-sensitive.

Watching Crona undress should make your cock extra sensitive. Crona’s belly button is still pierced I notice just before she lowers her panties to expose her swelling cock. She gives us a nice and long butt show on all fours before her full frontal fap session continues.

Then she begins fucking her tight ass with a purple sex toy. This gets Crona’s cock nice and stiff but it’s raging hard during the Fleshlight fucking sequence. Crona pumps that baby hard and fast! Finally, the Thai and black beauty shudders in orgasm and streams of creamy white cum pour from the swollen tip of her thick, meaty erection!

Welcome back to Black-TGirls.com Crona Cookie and thank you for sharing your much needed release with us!

TGirls.Porn: Chanel Noir & Natalie Mars

Some intros are too good to require editing and this is one of them: We don’t fuck around here on TGirls.Porn and since our launch in late 2015, we’ve brought you some of the most lethal combinations of the planet’s finest transgirls in blistering XXX action. Today, our quest for the best continues in fine form with a glittering scene featuring two of the industry’s hottest products: Chanel Noir and Natalie Mars get downright dirty…

Chanel: “I was excited to work with Natalie Mars. She was super cute and kissing her soft lips was a great start to the scene. She pounded my ass so good that I had to return the favor. I actually enjoyed topping so much that I may do it again in the future! It was only my second time ever doing it.”

Natalie: “Chanel Noir was very beautiful and she took me pounding her ass like she’s done this before! I was pleasantly surprised that she decided to try her hand at topping me and did a great job. She really hit my spot when she had me on my back and I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!”

“We don’t fuck around here on TGirls.Porn,” is absolutely correct and that’s why it’s been my favorite website for at least one year now. It’s one of the few sites I find myself thinking looking forward to the next update often during the week. I never, ever expected to see Chanel powerfully fucking anyone.

Just because a girl happens to have a strong, cum shooting cock doesn’t mean they intend to use it to fuck someone with. Then comes this TGirls.Porn update with the relatively new model Chanel moving to the top of the porn food chain with Natalie Mars – jackhammer fucking her bareback! You caught that they fuck each other, right?! Okay, just checking.

I have a strong feeling we’ll be calling Natalie legendary someday and if Chanel stays in the industry long term, my prediction about her from my first rave about her will also come true. Watch the sizzling hot free scene trailer on TGirls.Porn.