TGirls.XXX: Kami Kartel

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People often freak out when I tell them I’ve met Kami Kartel in person in our home state of Florida . They ask if she’s that good looking in real life and my response is always, “Even better.” On top of that, I met her when she was under the weather and she was still smoking hot even though she wasn’t feeling well.

Before I go into detail about last week’s TGirls.XXX debut for Kami, I should let you know about her links to past performances including Kami Kartel on in solo and TS/Male hardcore action and trans lesbian hardcore action – Aspen Brooks & Kami Kartel on TGirls.Porn.

Her July 6, 2018 appearance on TGirls.XXX captured by Radius Dark comes with an introduction that reads: “Kami Kartel is here! One of the hottest Grooby Girls’ debutantes of 2017 makes her first TGirls.XXX appearance in a brand new “Cumshot Friday” episode presented by the award-winning producer Radius Dark! For all these months Kami has been with us – she keeps looking hotter and hotter every time she returns! Watch her fucking her Fleshlight and stroking her cock until she cums just for you!”

It’s kind of hard to watch someone masturbate and cum when you consider yourselves pals, let alone to review their performances. I just kind of go into a friend zone or I feel like I’m watching a sister undress and masturbate. But I managed to somehow get through Kami’s entire scene. I can tell you in an unbiased way that she obviously does and exemplary job at making old and new fans fall for her right down to her post-Fleshlight fucking, cum-laden climax! Don’t miss this sweet angel on TGirls.XXX and the other sites I’ve listed.

TransAngels: Sarina The Sex Doll

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Description: Michael Del Ray has been waiting for his Sarina Valentina doll to arrive all day, and she is an absolute masterpiece. Big tits, a thick juicy ass, and gorgeous blonde hair – she’s what he’s always dreamed of! Before he can get a word in, Sarina is on her knees putting her luscious blowjob lips to work on her master’s big dick. Sucking on her voluptuous boobs gets Michael ready to go, sliding his cock past her pretty tgirl dick, deep inside her tight ass! Pounding away as his doll, Michael finally pulls out and sprays his new toy in a warm load.

How realistic is Sarina The Sex Doll on featuring the superstar behind It’s pure fantasy aside from the fact that I’m sure that many of us would actually fuck a doll model after her if it were realistic enough. She’s a porn icon for goodness sake! The first part of this video consists of Sarina concentrating on you and stripping for you before the scripted action begins. But her pink, pretty nipples is as far as that goes, so you’ll have to wait for more of her naughty bits.

It would take more than taped dorky eyeglasses to make me believe that Micheal Del Ray is a goofy looking nerd, but I’m going along with the story just fine. I’m loving watching him fondling his doll’s big boobs and watching her eyeing the huge bulge in his pants. Sarina wastes no time sinking down to take his big dick inside her mouth and it’s swollen almost rock hard when she begins blowing him.

Sarina is busty enough to easily handle occasional tit fucks and Michael looks so cute sucking her cock and tossing her salad. A dominant nature seems to take hold of him suddenly when he begins fucking Sarina doggy style. She looks like a sex goddess while riding Michael’s large prick in the reverse cowgirl position with her sex flopping up and down! The cowgirl ride is a showcase for her big, tight ass.

The glorious man-cum moment comes in the form of a cream pie that Sarina masturbates to until she announces she’s cumming too. Don’t miss this torrid update and be sure to visit!

Pervert Mouth: Kayleigh Coxx Catches a Peeping Tom with a Foot Fetish

MP4 Scene Trailer

This scene isn’t a stretch for Lance Hart considering what he’s been up to on from his PervOut network. Bottoming for Kayleigh’s real life cock as oppossed to a strap-on from a cisgender female as a most of his co-hosts there is the biggest difference. That’s not to say that Lance hasn’t worked with several trans women however. Perhaps that has something to do with the electrifying chemistry between Lance and Kayleigh here on TS Seduction!

The description reads: Curvy blonde newcomer Kayleigh Coxx can’t wait to get out of her clothes after a long day at the office when she catches peeping tom Lance Hart admiring her lingerie and bare feet from outside her bedroom window. Lance tries to apologize and offers a foot massage. Kayleigh is a working girl and can’t pass up a good food rubbing. Lance has a foot fetish and can’t help but worship Kayleigh’s feet. He licks, sucks, sniffs and kisses her toes and the bottom of her feet.

He also removes her high-heel shoes and gets a good whiff of perfumed leather and lady sweat. Kayleigh lets him do a little ass worship. Lance finishes undressing Kayleigh then rims her back door with his pervert tongue. She gets so aroused she soon has his dirty pervert mouth wrapped around her cock, demanding that he get her hard. Now Lance must prove his cock-sucking skills by giving Kayleigh a blow job. When it becomes apparent that Lance is enjoying himself a little too much (I love this cock!), Kayleigh orders Lance to take his clothes off and to bend over for some over-the-knee spanking. A perfect ass for spanking. Perfect for other things too, but first Kayleigh lets Lance experience the joys of face-sitting. Kayleigh can’t help but go down on Lance’s cock while he buries his face deep in her ass. The dirty pervert’s cock tastes good. In a hot sixty-nine,

Lance sucks on Kayleigh’s cock while she strokes and sucks his massive hard-on. Now that Kayleigh’s cock is good and hard she flips her home intruder over. She threatens to call the police and demands an apology for creeping outside her window. He promises to never do it again. Kayleigh sinks her cock into his tight asshole and pounds it deep and hard, doggy-style. She flips him over onto his back and jerks his cock as she again buries her cock into his ass.

Lance no longer knows or cares if he is being punished or rewarded. He must taste his own ass on Kayleigh’s hot, wet and throbbing cock. Fucked relentlessly, Kayleigh tosses Lance off the bed headfirst where he lands in a piledriver, Kayleigh pounds, not only his ass, but his whole body with her cock, while she throttles his own hard cock until he comes. She then finishes on his chest, rubbing her bare feet in her own cum, smearing it over his pervert mouth and face. See it now on the network – specifically from TS Seduction!

TransAngels: Kayleigh Coxx in Grilling & Drilling

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: On a sunny day, there’s nothing Kayleigh Coxx loves better than distracting her sister with a barbecue while she steals her new boyfriend! Sneaking off to the kitchen under the guise of getting snacks, the only snack Mason Lear is getting is a mouthful of Kayleigh’s tgirl cock! After sucking each other hard, Mason bends his busty blonde hostess over and slowly slides his big dick deep inside her tight asshole. With his oblivious girlfriend just feet away, this slim stud pounds Kayleigh as hard as she can take it, pulling out at the last possible second to unload all over her face as she finishes herself off at the same time!

5’8″ (173 cm), 120lbs (54 kg), superstar trans beauty Kayleigh Coxx is a Eugene, Oregon native who’s had one fabulous adult industry year! That’s about as long as she’s been in the industry and she’s been on a trajectory straight to the top since she hit the scene.

Kayleigh loves guys but mostly bottoms for men even though her lovely 7″ cock is fully functional. When it comes to genetically born females and other beautiful trans girls, she’s totally verse.

Kayleigh shows off her wicked sense of humor and acting chops perfectly in this update. Her interaction with her co-stars is well-timed and the opening sequence smoothly lays out her hardcore performance with handsome Mason Lear.

This is the first time I’ve seen Mason in action and I don’t know how Kayleigh feels about this, but I consider him an exciting new addition to trans porn. I hope Mr. Mason stays in the game. New male talent is refreshing. The oral sequences take up over half the scene, but there’s plenty of time left for the actual fucking. It begins with a forceful doggy style drilling and evolves to missionary pounding. Kayleigh’s cock is rock hard as she gets railed on her back. For those who have a thing for sexy feet, Kayleigh loses her pumps by the time she takes Mason’s big dick in the reverse cowgirl position. The side saddle sex culminates in a huge cum shot which Kayleigh devours greedily in this masterpiece!

One more thing before you go. For Kayleigh’s private Snapchat join KAYLEIGHCOXX84!

GroobyGirls: Alice Kollars

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Bio: The very young Alice Kollars loves the outdoors, watching birds, shooting targets, but when she became an adult, she entered a two year, 24 hour BDSM relationship. She’s 5’10” and extremely cute. She’s got a southern accent that really goes well with her looks. She seems like much more of hardcore performer than solo.”

“Seems like she could really use a good domination. She describes herself as “bisexual, submissive, loves anal stimulation, wearing collars with a leash, vanilla sex, blow jobs, nipple play, sex with multiple people, and sex with heels on! Stunning Alice Kollars!” has producer Radius Dark’s stamp on it to the point where I guessed that the gorgeous young model was from the Oregon area. Her debut statement reads: “Today we have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous Grooby Newbie to the world! Meet Alice Kollars! This girl is absolutely stunning!”

” Just discovered by Radius Dark, this young doll loves the outdoors, watching birds, shooting targets… She’s 5’10” and extremely cute! She’s got a southern accent that really goes well with her looks. Alice describes herself as “bisexual, submissive, loves anal stimulation, wearing collars with a leash, vanilla sex, blow jobs, nipple play, sex with multiple people, and sex with heels on!” Looking super cute in her school outfit, Alice introduce herself, shows off bare feet, spreads and fingers her ass and plays with her cock! What a beauty!”

Her encore performance description reads: “Talk about cute! Alice Kollars is a super cute Grooby Girl who loves wearing collars and leashes and is in a 24/7 BDSM relationship. She has a delicious body, that smile tho… She enjoyed being on Radius’ leash for this scene and it shows!”

This is Caramel @tscaramel on Twitter and what I really love is the contrast of each video. In her debut, Alice wears a lace white top with a tartan plaid schoolgirl skirt and she’s barefoot. Deep finger banging leads too breast play and then Alice suspends her cock with an original cock and ball device that she’s also able to fuck herself with.

You’ve got to see this! In the encore shoot Alice is dressed like a slinky BDSM cat and this helps to reveal her true sexual nature. But it’s not long before Alice is stripped down to her leash and collar. There’s even more deep finger fucking in this set and Alice gets to rub one out! Alice Kollars on is absolutely exquisite!

T.Porn: Shiri Allwood Fucks A Watermelon

MP4 Scene Trailer

25 year old Las Vegas, Nevada resident Shiri Allwood shows how to create your own content and market it on the all new T.Porn website! In case you missed it, the MP4 trailer is here. Attention models, this following message is for you! “If you are self-producing good content and showing it on places like ManyVids, Clips4sale or other platforms, then you know that your content can sell very well in the first weeks it’s up as your core customers buy it – then the sales start to drop off for that scene. This is why models and production companies are constantly producing new content. When you are ready and the content isn’t making as much as it should, we’d like to license it.” That’s the official word from the producers of T.Porn! About the Site: We’re looking for HD or 4k ‘selfie type’ (you’ve filmed yourself) or produced content that you can license to us to use on the site. We will pay you $100-$150 for use of each of your scenes. You can continue to sell and use your scenes anywhere else. The scenes will always belong to you. We will give links on the site to your personal sites, pay sites or social network account. Send visitors to the site and make another 50% on every membership sold! DOUBLE DIP! This is a win/win situation. Those of you producing multiple scenes can get $1000s in cash instantly or be able to make extra revenue, without compromising your core revenue. Complete the simple signup form. Upload your clips on the following page. Your clip goes into the members side of T.Porn and a profile is created on the tour of the site. You are sent a link and for any sales made from that link (promote on your social network pages) you are paid 50% of the sale and all rebills. We will remove your content from any pirate sites that may be illegally showing your copyrighted content when we see it.”

Angeles Cid: Twice The Fun

MP4 Scene Trailer

The brunette beauty jerking off with a bath towel next to the hostess of is the hostess of Her measurements are 5’3″, 104lbs / 47 kg, 36D-23-34. She describes herself as pansexual and that’s great in this case considering that there’s also a man involved here. Some gorgeous masked man has his sexy ass upturned right next to Tania. Angeles is stroking her 10″ cock with a bathrobe on, but she removes it quickly. The object of her lust at the moment is the stiff cock between Tania’s legs. Blonde Angeles bares Tania’s boobs and the brunette gives the mystery man a rimjob for a brief moment before laying back on the bed masturbating. Both girls focus their attention on the guy’s bubble butt and Tania moves in again face first. Then the guy turns around to suck her fat cock. Angeles is so turned on by this threesome that when she releases her heavy tool, it stands upward from her loins. Angeles continues watching and jerking off and the totally naked, busty fox suddenly decides to straddle the man on all fours. Is she going to fuck him doggy style? Not just yet if so. She’s going to teases his ass with her huge cock by rubbing it with intense frottage. Then she snaps on a condom and penetrates his tight ass while Tania face fucks him forcefully! Then the girls trade places after Tania gets a condom over her big cock too. Angeles sits back and jerks off while watching Tania fuck the sexy bottom male hard! The man schooches up to help make Angeles cum while she strokes her enormous dick. Then Angeles shoots a big load of creamy white cum on his back. Tania withdraws her erection from his tight ass and jerks off furiously while the guy flips over onto his back. Tania masturbates over his chiseled chest and six pack as he strokes his own cock. He shoots a big load upon his tight belly and it almost looks as if Tania’s first blast of cum shoots way past the bed! I’m so glad I didn’t miss this torrid threesome on!

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TransAngels: Janelle Fenne Cheeky Clean

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: No one makes doing the dishes look better than busty, blonde babe, Janelle Fennec. But all those soap studs frothing up as she churns that sponge gets her in the mood to get a little dirty and start playing her he big, pierced tits! Stepping out of her jeans while hosing herself down in the kitchen, Janelle seductively whips out her thick tgirl cock and slowly strokes herself! Spreading her juicy ass wide, this horny cutie puts her finger to work as she gently rubs her tight, little hole. Barely able to stand any longer, Janelle drops to the ground and finishes herself off all over herself!

Hi from Caramel @tscaramel on Twitter. I can’t top the sexiness of that synopsis, but I can go into a bit more detail. This awesome site now pumps out two scenes a week – one solo and one hardcore. It’s a welcome new erotic treat to get used to.

Janelle’s horny ass isn’t at all shy about finger banging and jerking herself off into a frenzy. And the production values are mind boggling. Director Tom Moore presents the highest quality with the top caliber talents in the industry on!

TSPlayground: Emma, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

I guess that Emma is doing a cosplay bumble bee thing. It’s not doing anything for me but Emma is cute as a button. The mask thankfully comes off in under one minute. Yep, she’s super cute! She’s busty with a snatched waistline and her legs are spread open to reveal an ample panty bulge. The front panel is pretty sheer and fishnet stockings adorn her curvy legs. Emma is posing on the back and she provides a tempting rear view after her full frontal presentation. She goes topless first with her luscious orbs before showing more of her cute little butt. Flipping to face us again, Emma rubs her pantied crotch and exposes a rather thick uncut cock and a big set of smoothly shaven balls.

Sample Photo Gallery

Emma strokes herself off until she develops a threatening erection. Whether she’s on her back or on her hands and knees, Emma poses in a way that suggests that she needs to get fucked. Once her prick is fully hard, it has a slightly downward arc. The head almost fully emerges from it’s foreskin. When Emma pumps her dick again, pre-cum beads at the swollen head.

Flash Scene Trailer

It’s so much fun watching Emma masturbate while on the bed, but it’s refreshing to see her doing it standing too! Just keep in mind that she’s sitting on her haunches when she’s about to make her shenis spurt cum across her little cosplay mask.

Her big creamy white lines of cum are in sharp contrast against the black and yellow fabric and there’s instant replay footage at the close of this gem.

TGirls.Porn: Chelsea Marie & Jenna Creed

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Description: Two highly in demand ladies who just love to fuck next up on the home of all things tgirl and porn as Grooby Girls Chelsea Marie and Jenna Creed lock lips and thrust hips for an afternoon of smoldering all girl antics brought to us in a slick 4K package by Radius Dark.

The photo set from this update is one of the best I’ve ever seen. That’s why my previews of it are so minimal. I want you to sign up to TGirls.Porn to see the more explicit images. Conversely, it’s also one of the websites best updates ever. If you only make yourself cum while watching a trans porn scene this week, make it this one with these stunning veteran stars Chelsea Marie and TS Dreamland interviewee Jenna Creed. You can divide your pop shots by sequence if you want to. There’s the tremendously sexy buildup of the foreplay sequence with blowjobs shot full on and in POV fashion.

There’s intimate kissing and lots of gorgeous leg exposure when you suddenly catch the image of Jenna’s stiff cock being stroked by Chelsea within the first minute! Chelsea has her eye on Jenna’s gravity defying prick with its head pointing up toward the ceiling as she removes the brunette’s brassiere. She hefts her mate’s pierced nipples and full breasts and gets her own sucked as she jerk’s Jenna off.

Next, Chelsea sits on her heels while Jenna stretches out on the bed to give her head. They continuously take turns sucking each other off while jerking off. About 16 minutes in, Chelsea assumes the doggy style position and Jenna eases her bare cock inside the fuchsia-haired babe’s tight ass!

Watching Chelsea’s big schlong flopping around all over the place is foreshadowing to what happens as she gets fucked in multiple positions. It’s not difficult to realize when watching the time of this recording that Chelsea is going to give a bareback fucking similar to the one she just got. Find out which beauty blasts her cum first in this spectacular TGirls.Porn update!

TSPlayground: Melissa Pozzi Set 2, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

I first saw gorgeous Melissa Pozzi about two years ago on another site; one that features dominant Italian and Brazilian trans women equally. In that scene, she topped some poor bastard into oblivion. This video gives you an idea of some of the things this lean, busty and seriously hung star can do. When the scene opens, Melissa is posing full frontal in white lingerie with her massive dick swinging gently. She cups one full breast and strokes her semi-erection slowly before turning around and finger banging her tight ass. In a very short time, Melissa’s cock expands to its greatest proportions. It’s actually a bit scary unless you’re used to receiving schlongs like this. Within four minutes, Melissa is literally fucking her own ass with it!

Flash Scene Trailer

Even when Melissa stands up to jerk off with both hands, there’s so much cock left that she can’t manage to fist! At about the 13 minute point, Melissa sits and makes her enormous hardon lurch and bounce on its own. Three minutes later, she’s jerking off frantically and she’s shuddering hard. Soon, thick ropes of cum fly out of her big swollen cock head! Melissa makes an erotic show out of tasting some of her cum before leaving the room with her still hard dick swinging all over the place. Then there’s a close up instant replay of her cum explosion! This scene is an original masterpiece the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else on the Net.

Kimber Lee Presents… Jerk And Pee

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“So, guys. Now we’re in my bathroom,” is what you’ll hear after about nine minutes of watching beautiful Kimberlee stroking her huge, stiff uncut cock! You’ll see her in a POV perspective looking down as she lets loose a long stream of pee past her pedicured toes in the tub. Circling back to the beginning of this video, the Bavarian stunner introduces herself, announcing that she’s shooting in Germany.

Sample Photo Gallery

She looks amazing in a one-piece swimsuit and open toe pumps, but I think you know that already. Next comes a leg admirer and foot lover display with the crotch panel of her garment not quite doing its job of covering up Kimberlee’s goodies. She bares her large bosom by just parting the top of her swimsuit a bit. She then lays down in profile to show of the shape of her sexy ass and flips over again to tease us with her bulge. It looks so big when she lays on her back, allowing one smoothly shaven ball to escape.

Sample Photo Gallery

Sitting upward, she talks dirty while developing the deepest cleavage possible. She wants you to tittie fuck her. Then she tosses her gorgeous legs up in the air and exposes her tiny starfish! She rubs it and considers how nice your dick would feel inside her tightness. She’s frenzied with horniness at this point! Kimberlee finger bangs herself with two fingers and also makes herself gape.

Video Preview Gallery

Then she finally withdraws her semi-erect cock and asks if you want to see her get it hard for you. We’re almost at the midway point as Kimberlee’s masturbation goes deeper and deeper and she gets her big schlong harder and harder.

Take the tour and be sure to check out!

Blog written by @tscaramel on Twitter

DeliaTS: Sweater & Silk Stroking Video

NOTES FROM DELIA’S WIFE: Wearing soft blue satin-y silk string bikini panties and silk thigh high socks, every hard erect part of Delia’s tight body is on display … and making her super horny while she feels herself. Her nubby sweater has no closures to contain her big D-cup breasts … even through the thick knit, her big hard suckable nipples are visible teases making us want to reach inside and play with them: which Delia does. Delia writhes and twitches in a horny frenzy, rubbing the swollen ridge of her stiff clitty through the shiny silk of her sexy underwear. As she rubs and writhes, we get glimpses of her turgid pink tip and sometimes see her whole she-cock spring out when she pulls her panties away from her body. Delia moans describing how wet her sexy panties are making her. My panties got just as soaked shooting this sensual scene as Delia’s did! She got SO worked up I wasn’t even prepared for her gushing orgasm, but don’t worry; we captured it all. Including the part where she licks her cum off her hand. 😉 -Trixie

Trixie Fontaine of is Delia’s wife and producer in case you’re new to trans porn. You get full acees to Trixie’s site when you subscribe to and vice versa and that’s quite a package! Speaking of package, in the “Beige Sweater & Blue Satin Panties”video, you’ll get to see a more than ample one after watching Delia tweaking her big nipples for awhile. A big bulge and a wet spot develops in Delia’s undies as she writhes and moans through her torrid breast play. After watching about three and a half minutes of this highly arousing content, it sort of feels like you’re watching edging – orgasm denial. It’s a tortuous No Fap session that eventually and thankfully comes to an end – a big creamy end!

TransAngels: The Nubile Nerd

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Nerdy babe Ryder Monroe is getting restless at work, she just can’t resist the urge to play with her tgirl cock! With everyone out to lunch, this slim cutie decides to put on a show. Seductively stepping out of her overalls to reveal a juicy ass, Ryder playfully strokes herself while squeezing her petite tits on her desk. There’s no telling when other people might come back, so she’ll have to be quick! Flicking and toying with her nipples with one hand, the other is busy working her shaft, and fogging up her nerdy glasses as comes closer to orgasm.

One of this week’s two updates on is the incredible Ryder Monroe, a star I interviewed on Caramel’s TGirls back in 2011 ( She’d gone on hiatus to pursue a music career and she’s jumped back into the adult industry looking even more fantastic than before if that’s possible. There’s only one problem I have with this video and photo set. You can’t slap glasses and overalls on a cool cucumber like Ryder and make her a believable nerd, but I’m not mad at TransAngels! It’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m more than willing to just go along with it.

There’s what I sometimes call an erection development posing sequence that runs about a minute and a half with nothing overtly sexual happening. She beings rubbing herself between the legs, but there’s no actual nudity until after the first two minutes. Then we get some bare breasted action – lactating action at that! Ryder creates a stream of milk from her nipples and apparently it’s pretty tasty judging by her post-sampling smile.

The slow motion evolves into normal speed and the music fades for us to concentrate more deeply on Ryder’s fap session. You’re going to have to wait awhile before you get to see Ryder stroking her cock. But it’s so well worth the wait! Then you get the torrid combination of lactating and jerking off. Hang out until the end of this update to see beautiful Ryder Monroe cumming!