Natassia Dreams and Pierce Paris

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“Busty Black TS Solicits White Rent Boy” directed by Aiden Starr from the Hot For Transsexuals #04 DVD stars Natassia Dreams and Pierce Paris. The official synopsis reads: Horny black TS Natassia Dreams calls an escort agency for some relief. This busty, bikini-clad trans babe wants to satiate her hard she-cock to avoid pitching an embarrassing tent at the beach! Clean-cut white stud Pierce Paris arrives, and Natassia eagerly sucks his big boner. He services his client with a blow job. Pierce gets on all fours, and Natassia bangs his tight ass doggie-style. He reciprocates by deep-drilling her booty. The interracial lovers rub their cumming cocks together in a mutual orgasm.

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I’m a huge fan of both Natassia and Pierce and this is a pleasure I did not see coming. I never know when iconic Natassia is going to pop up. The last time was in my car in August on Sirius XM radio. Her interview was fantastic! But I wasn’t surprised. She gives candid and informative insights in our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Natassia Dreams in January of 2016. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Natassia paired with such a fantastic co-star. Pierce Paris is absolutely dreamy and I swear I can almost sense Natassia’s excitement about working with him. I hope he gets recognized during this year’s award season. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about Natassia because she’s a legend. But sometimes voters just assume actresses are guaranteed to win something from name recognition. That seems to be a thing of the past. 

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Black TGirls Hardcore: Kami Piper & Soldier Boi!

Omar Wax presents super stud Soldier Boi ushering in the debut of a stunning new adult industry model, Kami Piper. This photo and video set comes with the applauded re-branding of monumental veteran adult site –! ALL Grooby websites are in transition and it all began with the renaming of what is now Grooby Girls – the longest running and world’s most successful trans adult website. I’m excited about this transition mainly because without the sister site, I wouldn’t have been inspired to make a career out of adult industry blogging and several black trans models would be unemployed. If Kami’s following work is half as good as her debut performance on, she’ll be getting plenty of requests for new work. Kami is required to display acting skills in this update on top of this being her first time in a major website production. She doesn’t appear to nervous about it at all. Soldier Boi is a perfect gentleman but he can fuck like nobody’s business. I’ve seen girls visibly nervous in their first scene’s with him. Kami deserves half the credit for that, of course!

The initial sex begins with high heel sandal removal and a bit of toe rubbing across the bulge in Soldier Boi’s pants. This evolves into actual clothed foot sex and when it ends, Kami had a hardon in her panties. Breast and nipple baring, caressing and oral devouring comes next and Soldier Boi is rewarded with an obviously skilled blowjob. Kami straddles the bed and has her balloon knot orally pleased and the full nudity is exquisite. The bulbous head of her erect cock rests above her belly button as Soldier Boi eases his erection inside her tightness in the missionary position. Then we’re in bareback fucking heaven with multiple position changes!

This could be my all-time favorite hardcore scene that Soldier Boi has starred in. Check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi and you’ll see that there have been several! The last thing I have to saw about this hardcore debut for Kami Piper is welcome to a refreshing, beautiful and bright new talent. The new name website name is refreshing too!

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Sister Aubrey Kate Punishes Priest Pierce Paris

Madeline Marlowe directs extraordinarily handsome and talented Pierce Paris in his second performance. It’s superstar Aubrey Kate’s 14th performance including one blazing hot one for

Before I even get to the film, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an opening interview that was such a turn on before. I usually watch them for background information although I didn’t need it for these two fine actors I’m quite familiar with. Or I might watch them for scene set-up so I know what’s supposed to be going on with the plot. This time I wanted to find out simply what Madeline conjured up in her deliciously dirty mind.

On top of that, the visuals and chemistry between Aubrey and Pierce are on fire, as is the taboo storyline. “Just keep doing the things you’ve been doing off-camera,” Madeline says half-joking before safe words and limits are established. I can’t complain about anything about this production. This is however one of those rare times when the preview is as hot to me as the full length movie before there’s any nudity exposed. Then the sex is of course out of this world. The official description reads: We start in a dilapidated room somewhere hidden in a dark and evil church.

In tight black latex pants, leather motorcycle boots, and a white priest’s collar, Father Pierce Paris kneels at a pew deep in prayer when suddenly Sister Aubrey Kate interrupts entering the scene looking dangerously sexy wearing a tight short black latex outfit looking like an evil slutty nun. Sister Kate grabs Father Paris by the harness and yanks him close and tells him she knows all the naughty things he’s been doing in his spare time. When Father Paris denies the allegations, Sister Kate chokes him with a flogger and tells him to suck her cock for lying to her. Sister Kate sits on the pew in front of him and pulls her white panties to the side. Father Paris sucks her cock deep and fast with enthusiasm in hopes to be forgiven. She turns around and buries Father Paris’ face deep in her ass. Sister Kate then wants Father Paris’ cock in her mouth so she deep throats his huge cock all the way down her throat, sucking him off while jerking her own cock. More punishment ensues for Father Paris as Sister Kate brings a lit candle over and pours hot wax all over Father Paris’ muscular chest and cock and then pours wax on her own milky white round ass.

With Sister Kate’s dick rock hard, she gets naked and bends Father Paris over. She fucks his ass deep and hard sending pounding echoes of skin-slapping-skin throughout the church as a warning to those that dare lie to the Reverend Mother. Sister Kate then gets comfortable and lays on a chaise lounge and makes Father Paris get on top of her to ride her dick. Wearing only a leather harness, Father Paris bounces on her cock enjoying every inch. Sister Kate then flips him over, grabs onto the leather harness on his chest and furiously fucks the cum right out of him. It’s all happening now on

Alexa Scout Hardcore with Soldier Boi

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Damien Cain presents a blazing hot TS Playground scene with gorgeous Alexa Scout addressing you as “Daddy” and asking if you like her outfit. It’s a classic stripper getup complete with pasties for her nipples and designed strictly for making dicks hard and pussies wet. It does the job quickly! So does her sexy dialogue when her lovely uncut cock falls out. Alexa knows you want to see her in this sexy outfit from the back also so she gets up and models it with her back facing you.

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Her feathered robe is so diaphanous that it would leave absolutely nothing to the imagination if she weren’t wearing panties. Correction! Her goodies just slipped out. Save your imagination for another time. You won’t be needing it much for the rest of this scene unless you’re wishing you were her co-star Soldier Boi. Alexa’s partner doesn’t arrive however until she’s posed explicitly on the leather sofa to heat you up to a fever pitch. With her shapely legs spread widely and drawn up in the air, Alexa does some cock stroking and fun spot rubbing that would make an orgasm-inducing 10 minute solo shoot. But it goes above and beyond with a storyline that provides the introduction of Alexa’s hung stud. Well, actually his big black cock enters the frame first with Alexa hovering above your surprise for her.

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Clever plot development that sets up the following action. Alexa Scout’s boyfriend helps make her BBC fantasy a reality. It’s no surprise that Soldier Boi’s beautiful black cock is raging hard before the making out begins. What cock wouldn’t be after watching horny Alexa carrying on like this for 10 minutes? After the foreplay begins, we’re only a third of the way through this fantasy interracial update! Our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi is a huge hit and so is the official website!

Sofia Cums Especially For You!

Gorgeous veteran model Sofia Ferreira glides into the living room area of producer Buddy Wood’s Southern California home in a long red gown and tall sandals with old Hollywood glamour.

High style and elegance are the first things I think about whenever she returns for an update. Sex is included of course! Sofia asks if we like her new gown, if we’d like to see what’s under it and if we can guess what’s under it.

Then she bares a big, round set of large knockers. This Shemale.XXX scene is heating up quite quickly! Sofia arranges the gown to reveal her big sexy bottom next and she bends over with the dress gathered about her waist.

She then begins rubbing the spot you’d most likely want to insert your erection deeply. Sofia rises to her feet to let her gown slip down off she steps out of it. A more naked butt show follows and she then stands up facing us.

Sofia jerks off flaccid at first and continues laying on the sofa fully erect. I can’t imagine any top not craving to fuck this beauty in the missionary position at this point. Sofia moves through a series of positions while jerking off furiously.

But she’s on her back when we know her climax is about to take place. Her tremendous orgasm occurs with warning and then Sofia’s cock fires jet after jet into the air to land as high up as her bosom!

I don’t know what’s sexier – the sight or sound she makes when she cums in the Shemale.XXX update. Sofia made her debut here back in September of 2012.

Asian TS Miran Butt-Fucks Hung Stud!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Scene Description: Japanese TS star Miran is a tan, blue-eyed doll with perky tits and a deliciously fit body. She teases in a sheer, fetish-style bikini and Gabriel gives her a passionate blow job. Miran moans when the hung stud pounds her asshole, stroking her stiff she-cock as he thrusts. She rims and fingers Gabriel, and then stuffs her stiff dick into his tight bunghole. Fierce anal pounding comes with ass-to-mouth fellatio. The kinky lovers trade creamy facials. The Trial Membership is only $2.95 for 3 DAYS and then $29.95 per month for

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That official synopsis is so less wordy than my usual lurid descriptions. It’s very concise and I just want to add a few words about the stars of this bareback hardcore blowout. The scene begins with beautiful Miran posing in her latex bikini and mesh and famed director sounding out how mind-blowing the sight of her is. The points of her nipples and the outline of her cock head are the most daring parts of this outfit’s eroticism. The crotch panel is dental floss thin and Miran is sporting an erection already from simply modeling for Joey’s lenses. Within the first 3 minutes. we see Gabriel D’Alessandro kneeling down and exposing Miran’s turgid hardon before his handsome face.

So here we’ve got one of the most celebrated trans stars from Japan about to get sexed up by one of the leading veteran male Latinx stars in the history of porn. Gabe fucks Miran and Miran fucks Gabe! She blows a huge load and his big cum shot comes next. The stunning Tokyo-based star who lost her accent in Canada closes out the scene with a brief yet informative interview for this update.

Poy – Big Black Cock

After a few clips of hung Poy posing seductively and slowly jerking off, she introduces herself in English. She’s a dark-skinned Thai trans but looks nothing like an American black trans girl of African Thai either (yet that’s most likely her true ethnic origin). But she does have an enormous dusky dick swinging beneath the hem of her red skirt.

This huge wang she’s stroking is uncut and she’s asking you to come suck it. Deep throating would not be an easy task. This scene focuses so much on Poy’s huge dick that it takes about two minutes for me to realize she has a pretty smile and nice long hair. Once she gets her skirt off, everything below her waist is bare.

She still has on a black top covering a rather large bosom. Her ass is small and curvy we see as she stands upon her bed. But we’re soon back to the focus on Poy’s schlong. Finally a few minutes into the scene, Poy bares and caresses her big boobs while her fap session continues. The head of her rod oozes copious amounts of pre-cum. Once her big tits are revealed, they’re clearly capped with cute little nipples. Auto focus pretty much spoils the effect of Poy’s cum shot, but apologies are made. I’m willing to forgive because there’s a huge archive of content.

Plus, this site is part of the network. That means full access to a truly astounding amount of Thai trans content. By the way, the easiest way to browse what the full network has to offer is to run through!

Thief Cum Bucket with 10 T-girls Bukkake

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A thief is dressed in all black like a classic cat burglar. He’s rifling through a dresser drawer looking for money and perhaps jewelry. The mistake he’s made is in bad timing. The hot Chilean model and producer of Latina Tranny returns to her room with a gang of other stunning trans girls. This busted thief isn’t turned over to the police. Instead he’s about to be used as a whipping boy and sex toy by this bunch of horny babes. Some of the girls kick off their high heels and trample on his back barefoot. I have some male friends that name trampling as their number one fetish. Most of them have a foot fetish but some just are only into the D/s aspects. It’s arousing also for at least one of the girls – one in particular wearing a with her cock out is developing a hardon as she takes her turn stomping the guy. I’m familiar with some of these stunning models and they’re not mean girls for no reason. But it’s amazing to see their dominant sides revealed in Thief Cum Bucket with 10 T-girls Bukkake! They proceed turn him onto his back and then sit him up to bind him completely helpless. The models are in varying stages of undress and some begin to expose stroke their cocks. Then all of them are jerking off right in front of his face! A couple of girls use writing utensils to tag his cat burglar outfit to further humiliate him. These beautiful ladies have every range of cock sizes available ranging from cute and pretty small penises to gargantuan monster schlongs! Of course they force the man to suck them off too. I don’t know what you’ll find sexier, the poor captive male forced to give blowjobs or watching all ten of them jerking off in a circle. Well, this is also a bukkake scene we mustn’t forget and some of us are primarily here to see the cum shots. The spunk begin flying not far from the midway point of this torrid scene! Mother Nature seems to have been in favor of this update being produced. She created so much time between each trans girl’s climax!

Nikki has created another masterpiece! Don’t forget you can also see her register free to catch her performing LIVE on

Black-TGirls: Beautiful Aqua Snow Cums!

Two weeks ago following her comeback scene, Black-TGirls subscribers voted Aqua Snow as the “Model of the Week” in their regular weekly poll. I’m not surprised because I raved about “Aqua Snow Returns” in case you’d like to read about it.

This is some of producer KilaKali’s best work with one of the finest Black-TGirls models ever. I cannot figure out why she has virtually no Web presence, especially now when there are so few well-known prolific black trans adult models in circulation now.

I don’t know what that’s about but let’s get to the video. This is the 4th update with this gorgeous slimmed-down 5’4 model. This petite teen Kansas City, Missouri resident originally from Atlanta, Georgia moves gracefully on the bed as she sheds her nightwear.

It’s a not quite as minimal as Aqua’s last performance that moved from the bedroom to the shower. She still doesn’t speak a lot. Aqua let’s her body do the talking. Deep finger banging makes her gasp and moan.

She makes faux kisses with her full, juicy lips and eventually settles down to produce a raging hard erection. This is followed by a heavily lubed stroke session. I actually like Aqua’s previous performance a little better except for the creamy white cumshot Aqua releases. With that in mind I guess both beautiful sets are equally hot. Judge for yourself when you get on

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Bailey Jay in Worship My Body

Scene Trailers

“Worship my Body” begin with a quick once-over in the bathroom of Bailey Jay in an off the shoulder white top, a flannel shirt wrapped around her waist, and tight stretchy blue jeans. The camera drops to her bare feet for a bit of toe wiggling and tip-toe posing before it rises back up again. It looks like an impromptu shoot with clothes strewn everywhere in spite of its high quality. She shares some dialogue with her hubby about her new boobs. She’s quite proud of them and she should be. Her former 34DDD tits were super hot but sadly her current bras no longer fit. While her baring ass she says she hasn’t worked it out in two weeks. Can you guess what I’m thinking?

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Never mind. Anyway, she has pre-cum oozing because she’s been shooting all day. Bailey Jay scoops up a bit to taste the same way she usually handles her cum at the end of her videos. The way her new tits jiggle really is quite wonderful especially when she’s jerking off. After a sequence of that, we see that her man is filming while laying on his back with his pants off.

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He’s in the perfect position to have his wife swoop down for some tea bagging and cock sucking. She sits back to stroke her swelling cock again. Bailey Jay openly states her cock size but it always looks bigger to me. I guess because it’s so thick and who states the girth?

At any rate, she looks incredible beating her meat in a crouching position with that white top about her waist. She leans down to give more head while masturbating and that does it. A few minutes later and she’s spurting a load of creamy white cum! No licking it up though in this update. They’re at a hotel room – not at home.