Jonelle Brooks in Hot For Transsexuals

In “Hot For Transsexuals,” provocative niche director Aiden Starr who is a gorgeous cisgender female pairs transsexual beauties with hard males for power-exchange fuck dates. Gorgeous Jonelle Brooks sports the type of sensually thick lips women go to great lengths to duplicate, big boobs and a raging hard prick when she’s aroused. She issues a physically dominant fuck, bending Chad Diamond in half to pummel him as her imposing figure envelops him. Radically tattooed Honey Foxxx’s big black cock leaks pre-cum. “Come here, little boy,” summons the dominant Boriqua bitch, and bearded white sub Mike Panic mounts her thick pole, sweating to handle her girth. Blonde Nina Lawless, pretty of face and jacked body, can bounce her thick erection with no hands. Mike worships her stocking-clad feet and she demands sodomy, “‘Face down, ass up.'” For cumming too soon, Nina feeds him his sperm and creams his beard with ribbons of syrupy spunk. Glamorous blonde TS Tyra Scott submits to muscular, bearded Brock Avery. They deep-throat each other and share 69. With his meat lodged up her ass, she jacks off, a flashy band on her ring finger. Tyra straddles his chest for a BJ and backs onto his meat for frenzied sodomy. He buries his face in the semen he’s splattered on her ass. In the scene with Jonelle and Chad, a beginner Domme could learn a lot from this versatile trans superstar. That’s if she can get through the through the first nearly four minutes of the hostess without creaming before Chad shows up to suck her cock. This scene is full on Domination/submission, just without all the BDSM props and setting. Chad is totally humiliated verbally and physically. Yet his cock remains porn star hard while he’s thoroughly debased and bareback fucked silly. This isn’t an S&M-like scene. It’s the real deal. Check out all the previews of “Hot For Transsexuals,” on Evil Angel.

Tiffany Reya on Shemale Strokers

Tiffany Reya walks down a suburban street and stops to introduce herself. This is not only her first Shemale Strokers video, but her first adult industry performance ever. Indoors, she explains that she’s from the Midwest and briefly lived in New York. Tiffany likes nature, eating seafood so being in Seattle is a plus for her. She also likes traveling and looks forward to visiting Mexico City to practice some of the Spanish she’s studied. Tiffany started with hormones about 2 and a half years ago and she loves the effects they’ve had on her. Her bobs are 34B cup, but she’s considering getting implants. I’d never try to tell another girl what she out to do or not do, but I think her breasts are perfect the way they are right now. Tiffany started out as a bottom, who loves getting spanked by boyfriends. But these days, she also loves getting her cock sucked by girls and guys and fucking. She has fun as a switch eating pussy and turning the tables on girls and on guys as well. She goes on to describe on of her favorite sexual experiences with a guy and it’s so sexy! You’ve got to hear how she got fucked. When Tiffany’s cock is exposed from beneath the hem of her dress, she goes into an amazingly erotic description of what she’d love you to do with it. At first you’re not going to see how long it is when fully erect. It looks very thick at first, but when Tiffany is insanely aroused, it grows even longer. “Would you like me to get naked for you, baby?” she asks and her striptease is to die for. She stands there wearing only her pumps with her hardon staring you right in the face. Then she lets her hair down and begin caressing her succulent looking tits. The closeups on her face while she jacks off are ridiculously seductive because it’s truly beautiful. Her totally nude body and simulation of getting fucked is absolutely sick. Tiffany’s dirty talk is hot as fuck and so is her Shemale Strokers cumshot!

TS Raw: Fernanda Diaz in Pink Bikini Bareback Ride

The Ladyboy Gold network features at least 8 brand new exclusive updates per week. One of those updates is from one of my favorite new websites, TS Raw. Fernanda Diaz aka Fernanda Cristine was born in São José dos Campos, Brazil and currently resides in Rio de Janeiro. She’s one of my favorite performers and she has a most perverted new photo set and hardcore video on TS Raw. Fernanda pees when the video opens, but soon she’s posing on the bed and stripping out of her pink bikini. Some mystery man fondles her big tits while she undresses. Fernanda bends over teasingly, exposing her round curvy ass to the lucky stranger. She gets an instant erection from his finger slipping inside her. Fernanda gets her big cock stroked as she writhes and gyrates on her knees. Then the man’s big stiff dick appears before her smiling face. Fernanda’s prick points up from her loins as she performs an aggressive blowjob and handjob. Next, she hovers over the guy to rub their stiff pricks together. She’s more hung than her partner Raj, but that’s often the case when Fernada stars in a hardcore scene. In less than the midway point, the man gets to fuck one of the most remarkable asses I’ve ever seen in porn bareback. It’s a wild doggystyle ride that evolves into the reverse cowgirl position with a full-frontal view of Fernanda’s big breasts bouncing and her huge, hard cock flopping around all over the place. She switches into cowgirl so we can see her amazing ass getting pounded again. Then she stares at us directly as she gets banged side saddle. Now she’s getting railed completely nude while stroking her large boner. The view of Fernada squeezing her dick between her tanned thighs while getting fucked is just insane! She’s on her other side for the next side saddle ride beating off until she cums, blasting a creamy white load of cum across her tight tummy. Raj shoots his spunk across Fernanda’s big breasts. Don’t miss this torrid scene on TS Raw! You can also find “Pink Bikini Bareback Ride” on Ladyboy Tube which is part of the Ladyboy Gold network.

Kylie Maria in POV with Christian XXX

You can see from the first photo above how the gorgeous hostess of enters the bedroom. “I kinda wanna put that big cock in mouth,” she says and then we see it. You can see that it’s gigantic. Kylie goes about sucking it with her own dick raging between her sexy legs. She looks into your eyes often while on her knees as that’s what POV (point-of-view) videos are all about. After Kylie and the host of Pure-TS move onto the bed, she rubs her erection against his, spritzes on some lubricant and soon she’s riding the porn king’s mammoth organ bareback. Christian strokes Kylie’s boner while she rides him and her hard spike stands straight up at times and bobs around this way and that. This is a 24 minute scene so you might cum while they’re fucking in the reverse cowgirl or missionary position. But I think you’ll enjoy it more if you wait until Kylie shoots her spunk wiht her big breasts heaving before you release yours. Christian waited until Kylie climaxed before pulling out and blasting his cum on her pierced tongue. I had to reduce the original photos here because the actual sizes (approx. 2592×4068 px) are enormous!

Annie Lionheart on Shemale Yum

Annie Lionheart from Brooklyn introduces herself in a naughty schoolgirl getup on Shemale Yum asking if you want what’s under her skirt. She means the pink panty clad ass beneath her tartan plaid skirt. She warns that you must be quiet so the two of you don’t get caught and proceeds to strip and straddle the bed. “Baby I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” she purrs you get to see her puffy nipples and the bulge in her panties. Annie withdraws her hard dick and asks you to suck it for her. She moans softly and jerks off with a quick hand. Now she’s only wearing her skinny tie, knees socks and her panties are just barely on. You can see her rosebud even before she pulls her undies off. Next, Annie begins sucking on a glass dildo. Her socks are removed and all she has on is her tie when she lies back on the bed to fuck herself with her toy. She leaves the dildo embedded inside her for quite some time while giving you a devastating rear view. Annie’s masturbating is getting louder and jacking off makes her toes curl. You’d better quiet down before you get caught. Don’t miss Annie’s third magnificent set of Shemale Yum.

Krissy4u – Great Gaping And Cum

These are a few sample photos from a new set on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl (reduced from original size approx. 1200×1800 px)! About them, our Pacific Northwest hostess with the mostest said, “I have always wanted to try one of those hollow anal plugs that leave your ass wide open, and I finally went out to get one. I also picked up a steel cock cage because I’ve always wanted to try one of those out as well. They’re both featured in the latest gallery update to hit Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, and I have to admit, using them was a new and strange experience! The anal plug really does leave you feeling pretty exposed and I have to say, it took me quite a while to get used to the “gaping” feeling it left me with. The steel cock cage is quite heavy and feels very different from the plastic one that I currently use. This Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl gallery was a lot of fun to shoot, but you can’t really tell how uncomfortable I was during it! I’m sure I’ll get used to my new toys though, and you’ll probably be seeing them pop up every now and then on the site! Come check out this entire gallery over at KRISSY4U – NAUGHTY ASIAN TGIRL!”

River Stark on Shemale.XXX

I wore a ridiculously pretentious sweater over the shoulders outfit in my latest photos on my FetLife page. After watching gorgeous River Stark on Shemale.XXX, I was inspired to return to more of an official Dominatrix presentation. Keep in mind that I’m not thinking for a minute that I could fill out an outfit the way River does. But I love her style so I just have to bite her move. Blackula films River wearing a red blouse, black corset and tiered mini-dress. She shows off her amazing 36D breasts and encourages us to start getting ourselves off, too! She says that tugging and pulling on her pierced nipples feels good and then she shows us the ridiculously sexy panties she’s wearing. But that was just a tease, and a tortuous one at that. Bring your eyes back up to her boobs and watch her slowly remove her blouse. River’s body is in incredible shape. She asks if you’d like to fuck her tight little ass and marks it red with her riding crop. Then she reveals her bodatious ta ta’s she knows you’ like to fuck. I haven’t even described half of this incredible solo scene yet. You might lose it when you see River pulling her panties past her tall sandals and off. Wait until you see her big, gravity-defying cock, though. I also recently watched the amazing performer on Chaturbate in room=riverstark and her live show was totally different, yet equally hot! She approahed her bed with pasties on her nipples and her big dick bobbing and swaying before her. A fan bought her a bottle of Dior’s Obsession and she loved it. Next, she whipped out a Fleshlight toy she hadn’t fucked yet. If you happen to have a smoking fetish, you’re really going to love her on Chaturbate. At any rate, River didn’t waste much time stroking her large member and fucking her new toy! River Stark is a killer performer and model. Keep your eye on her for more this sizzling performances this year.

Khloe Hart and Christian on Devil’s Film

Christian XXX is making out with Khloe Hart and they’re both standing until he kneels down to suck her cock in the Devil’s Film Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #03, Scene #04 with these two trans porn legends. Khloe returns the favor on her knees with her dick swinging up and down and a tight close-up displays her pretty face before the camera moves into POV perspective. It really works if you have a massive white cock like the man behind Pure-TS. There’s a lot of kissing and intimacy in this scene as this is far from the first time they’ve worked together. There’s another scene with Khloe getting fucked by Christian on Pure-TS and she fucks him in Big Boss Fucks Her Job Applicant! Khloe’s ass looks phenomenal once again in the Devil’s Film as Christian bangs her on the sofa from behind. Her voice sounds incredibly sexy too as she begs for his big dick. Khloe takes some hard slapping and her deep tan can’t hide the marks his hand makes. Khloe strokes her hard spike while Christian pounds in and out of her from behind next. She looks exquisite from head to toe in that bodystocking and tall sandals. A cowgirl ride soon follows and Khloe swings her petite form into reverse with her dick bobbing, swinging and spinning before our eyes. “I love sitting in daddy’s lap,” she moans and starts jerking off furiously while bouncing up and down on her man’s powerful thighs. Khloe takes her facial in a classic Christian XXX favorite position… on her knees. Don’t miss this torrid hardcore scene on Devil’s Film. As for the photo set, how does 580+ hi-res images grab ya?

Diamond D on Black TGirls

Diamond D is from NYC, but she visited South Florida for her Black TGirls debut with Jack Flash. One of her fantasies was to have South Beach sex with two guys at once. I’m not sure if she made that happen, but I doubt she’d have a hard time finding willing men to help realize her dream. She’s originally from Barbados but she has no island accent because she was raised in the Big Apple. The “D” in her name stands for delicious. She loves to shop, thus the name Diamond. She was a little worried that her top wasn’t on straight, but she removed it at her photographers request instead of fixing it. You don’t need me to tell you how amazing her tits look. Diamond’s ass is not only perfectly rounded, but the skin is virtually flawless. It’s that way all over her svelte form. When Diamond strokes her big cock, she moves her hand quickly and her tight abs flex – she’s so physically fit! Don’t miss the dynamic debut of Diamond D on Black TGirls!

Chanel on TS Playground

This beauty’s name is also spelled “Chanelle” and she has an apartment in Bang Na, Thailand. A reputable source said that she’s bottom only and “cums hard and plenty of it.” After seeing Chanel on TS Playground, I know the last part is definitley true! She exposes her big breasts quickly and allows her low-slung balls to escape from her mesh, boycut panties. Chanel’s large, uncut member is also as hard as it can get when she withdraws it. She turns around to give an explicit view of her lovely bottom, then sits down to stroke her cock while gazing into the mirror. Her prick is slightly curved to the left and pointing way up in the air when she lets go of it. Next, she stands up to caress one sensitive tit and ereaser-like nipple while jerking off slowly. Then she gives her other boob equal attention and makes her big dick do some erotic dancing. She slaps her swollen cockhead against the standing mirror and bends over to display her rosebud again. Chanel points her erection towards us from behind, then flips back over to masturbate facing us again. The mirror is on the floor soon and you know what’s going to happen soon. But first she decides she loves the feeling of those panties against her erection. Or perhaps she’s just playing hide-and-seek-with it. Chanel has uttered a few words in English, but now she’s only moaning and jacking off faster than before. Then she splashes the mirror with a torrent of creamy white cum. You can watch the preview on TS Playground.

Joanna Jet and Ashley Ryder

When you get to the hyper-sexual Joanna Jet landing page, you can watch a preview of the eight and a half minute Me and You 168 – Bar with Girl video and see the British trans icon’s swollen cockhead spurting creamy white cum in the trailer! Her Bahama’s series continues with more solo and hardcore photo galleries and movies. I’ve just watched Joanna’s hardcore video with Ashley Ryder and loved it! It’s Ashley’s last day at the resort and she visits bartender Joanna for one last drink. While sitting at the bar, she opens her curvy legs to show that she’s not wearing any panties. She hops on the bar to give Joanna a closer look. Joanna has offered Ashley a drink on the house. Her favorite drink happens to be pussy on the rocks. She rubs Ashley’s pretty quim with some ice and proceeds to take a taste of this delicious looking cocktail. Soon it’s time for Joanna to show her horny customer exactly what type of other services she can provide. She swings around the bar and hops up on the counter with a bulge beneath her skirt. Ashley is suprised to see that Joanna has a huge boner beneath her denim miniskirt and crothless bodystocking. Not only is she suprised, but so delighted, she begins sucking on Joanna’s big cock. She also gets an amazing fuck from the incredible Joanna Jet! I’ve also had fun watching Joanna’s other hardcore scenes with Ashley including Shemale meets Female #5 and Shemale Exposed – Boss & PA! Watch all the video previews and sample photo gallery updates and you might even find yourself cumming before you subscribe to this massive archive!

Kimber Lee Launches Official Website

I’ve been waiting to see this for quite awhile now. TS-Kimber Lee is now open! I first saw this beautiful performer as a blonde in the TS Kimber DVD on AEBN in 2013 and I was blown away. I also saw this München, Germany native under her second pseudonym Kimberly Jordan. She was named Shemale Club Model of the Year in 2014 and her hardcore performances completely blew my mind. I’ve seen everything this sweet young star has already on her magnificent new website. I hope you’ll enjoy these video and photo gallery previews. I also know what’s to come soon. Join the exciting new TS-Kimber Lee today.

Emmy Jagger on Femout.XXX

Femout.XXX continues to be one of my favorite websites and photographer Radius Dark has found an incredible new model named Emmy Jagger from Portland, Oregon. Her debut photo set and video absolutely blew my mind. I usually don’t get as excited about first time performances as I do seconds and thirds and this is a big time exception. But I’ll tell you why this one was so hot to me. She has a great voice to listen to while describing the origin of her name and fashion sensibilities. Emmy is originally from Arkansas, but I didn’t detect a Southern accent from this BDSM aficionado who’s a self-described switch. She tells us how long she’s been on hormones and that her pretty boobs are very sensitive. Emmy’s piercing blue eyes are brought out by her nautical-themed, pinkish hairdo. She slips out of her dress and when she sits on the bed just wearing her panties, her big cock is already stiff. She wastes no time stroking her think, pink member and soon she slips a “rocking horse” butt plug inside her sexy ass. Emmy looks incredibly hot completely naked and the sounds she makes while beating off might have you cumming faster than you wanted to. But wait until you see Emmy using a pump on her already stiff dick. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such an amazing debut. Don’t miss gorgeous Emmy Jagger on Femout.XXX!

TS Massage: Nina Lawless and Magdalene St. Michaels

Trans-erotica studio director, Nica Noelle, began her career at the age of 19, working at a psychodrama house in New York City. Afterwards, she became a columnist for underground adult magazines, but soon switched to porn after she began writing for adult magazines. She’s in my top list of all time favorites and her brilliant new TransSensual website is way up there, too. Nica Noelle commented on her new release saying, “Massage themed movies are among my favorite to shoot because I can really focus on the sensuality, tension and build up leading into the actual sex scene. I had fun tying a few of the scenes together here, so it has a bit of a ‘feature’ feel even though the scenes can also stand on their own. The cast is beautiful, and the sex is on point all the way through. The fans are going to love it!” In this special massage house, professional masseuses are powerless to resist their gorgeous TS clients. TS Massage is now available for streaming and I’ve just watched Scene #03 with TS Nina Lawless and Magdalene St. Michaels playing Mrs. Woods, a woman of a certain age in a sexless marriage. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about the massage until Nina gets aroused by the sight of Mrs. Woods lying naked face down. Her client has fallen asleep and Nina, who has undressed completely, works on Mrs. Woods by lying on top of her. The client awakens and is surprised by the feeling of a penis against her body. When she turns around and rolls over to see that her nude masseuse is a hung transsexual, she’s completely aroused and the two begin to kiss. She sits up on the massage table and takes Nina’s huge cock inside her mouth and begins sucking it. These ladies are both two of my favorite porn stars. Watching Nina proceed to perform cunnilingus on and fuck Magdalene, is one of the most sensual and beautiful TS/GG scenes ever. I’ve been a fan of Magdalene for many years, and no other transsexual performer in the industry thrills me more than Nina Lawless. The actual fucking doesn’t start until the third quarter of this scene, but it’s powerful and a coital masterpiece I don’t imagine I’ll ever forget.

Venus Lux and Mona Wales on TS Pussy Hunters

Here are five different formats in which to preview a bonus TS Pussy Hunters scene you can also see on Kink On Demand. Two of my all-time favorite porn stars play models in this hardcore video in which Venus Lux fucks the bitchiness out of Mona Wales. Incidently, Venus lost her genetic girl virginity on this incredible site and you can see when that happened by clicking on her profile on TSPH. As for Mona, she’s no stranger to transgender porn and I think she’s a great supporter of the trans community in general. Back to the scene, both young ladies are totally convincing as runway models. After the catwalk footage, Mona confronts Venus about sabotaging her last walk. Unfortunately due to technical issues, part of this scene has been lost, so you get a short bonus update. I’m sure that whatever footage was lost was incredibly hot, but this video is spectacular anyway. It doesn’t hurt that Mona and Venus can act well. I also love that there’s bondage in this scene along with total nudity. Who doesn’t want to see two incredible babes this gorgeous butt naked at some point? At any rate, the chemistry is great right down to the closing TS Pussy Hunters interview.