Trans500 Daniella Martinez in Super Fucking

Daniella Martinez is a gorgeous young petite Colombian transsexual who was incredibly cute in her basketball-themed Trans500 debut. I watched it, since the download option wasn’t available back then and thought it was a good porn scene. But I didn’t think it was as outstanding as some of the site’s other videos, so I didn’t blog about it. To my surprise, the producer brought her back to introduce the branch of the network. “The whole Super Ramon concept actually started while we were shooting content in Brazil and completely by accident,” said veteran producer-director Josh Stone, co-owner of Trans500, the studio that brought Super Ramon to life. “Ramon and I were just sitting around brainstorming, trying to be creative and come up with new ideas that would make our content really stand out, and we decided to do a scene with Ramon as a superhero.” They’ve decided to make the act a regular part of the Trans500 lineup. “The scenes were very high rated on our membership site, and from there Super Ramon was born. The series became an instant hit for us on the Trans500 website as well as DVDs, so we felt it only made sense to create the official Super Ramon website,” he added. Ramon is funny, I’ve got to admit, I’m there to see hot chicks like Daniella Martinez, whether it’s solo or hardcore. Besides, the Trans500 star that pitches a tent in my panties is Castro Supreme. That’s a whole different subject, though. Here the Trans500 preview videos and a photo gallery of Daniella, who we get to see completely nude this time, while getting fucked by the monster cock:

Shemale Japan: Megumi In The Middle

Megumi’s 7th Shemale Japan performance was one of my favorite solo set with Megumi. She was dressed in a tiny gold bikini and heels, posing seductively on her bed and lathered up in the tub before laying back to make herself cum. This 5’7″ (170cm) Osaka Prefecture sex kitten was born on November 23, 1991 and she made her debut in August of 2014. In October, Megumi really put her 6″ cock to use switching with her man in a riveting hardcore scene. Her latest video, complimented by over 15 hi-res photos, is a torrid threesome and my new favorite Megumi scene. While one guy kisses her, the other is intent on baring and worshiping her cute little feet. Megumi is ticklish as hell, so she gives him a foot job while the other dude gets her undressed and prepares to get blown. After everyone gets sucked off, Megumi fucks the foot loving guy while sucking the one with the cool ink. Then she lays back to get spit roasted with her fierce dick hard as a rock when she gets a facial. Make that two facials, plus a big blast of cum from Megumi who gets jerked off while kissed. Check out all the updates and video previews on Shemale Japan!

Andrea Nobili Productions Foxy Gloria Fucks Her Man

Somewhere within the 3rd minute 27 minute “Foxy Gloria Fucks Her” man Andrea Nobili Productions video, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian speaking Gloria Voguel has bared her big cock and begun stroking it. Next, her man emerges naked to get a blowjob. He’s pretty hung and Gloria manages to suck his dick balls deep. Her schlong is standing straight up when he decides to return the favor for this 25 year old, 5’7″ busty fox. Gloria isn’t wearing the corset she sports in the photo set in the actual video and she’s got a nice, firm midsection with a pierced belly button. After the foreplay session, Gloria is ready to fuck her man and she goes in hard and deep. After a few position changes, the male performer gets to fuck Gloria while she jerks off! Her tool is fully erect at this point and looking more massive than ever. Creamy white jets of spunk fly out across the dude’s face while he teabags her tautly drawn up balls and Gloria makes her man suck her dick clean before he cums. You can watch a video preview on Andrea Nobili Productions. I don’t have a lot of information about Ms. Voguel, but I do know that she resides in a “discreet apartment” in Paris, France. The bonus site for this incredible website is Andrea Nobili Girls.

She-Male Idol: Bianca Cordelly, Gaby Abelha

We’re not a She-Male Idol director Joey Silvera’s house this time, but in a posh Brazilian hotel room. I thought that Bianca Cordelly and Gaby Abelha were eating their ‘pre-sex meat’ in a restaurant at first, but they were lunching at a wall partition. Then I saw the bed they eventually laid upon nude about five minutes into the scene. Bianca’s cock jumps around in her panties while Gaby and a hung, lucky fucker with a boner in his pants play with her luscious breasts. Soon, Bianca and Gaby’s big dicks are attempting to defy gravity as they suck and teabag their guy. Not only does he get railed by both of these Brazilian beauties, he gets to do some fucking too. He screws both Bianca and Gaby! Heavy cummer Bianca clearly could have gone another round. She bones up again while the dude banged Gaby. This is a sizzling She-Male Idol exclusive. Click on scenes for all the updates.

Tasha Jones Launches Club Tasha XXX

I’ve recently had the honor of doing an interview with Tasha Jones that was published in the Christmas 2014 Issue #92 of Transformation Magazine. Congratulations to Tasha on the launch of her brand new official Club Tasha XXX website! Multi-talented Tasha is the most followed Canadian transwoman on the Net. As a member, you’ll have full access to all of her videos and photos. The main benefit is her webcam shows which are never the same. In some of them, Tasha will just be alone with her toys and please myself for my fans to enjoy. But other shows, she’ll have someone come over and join her for some very naughty sexual fun. “My idea for my new site is like my life, I want my website to be real,” said Tasha. “I want my fans/members to be able to enjoy my sexual adventures as much as I do.” The videos I love the most currently are the shower solo scene, the massage scene and the live sex show will be hard to replace as my #1 favorite. It’s a killer Kennston Productions video by porn star and director Michelle Austin (tsmichelleaustin on Chaturbate) who helped make my interview with Tasha possible. Take the Club Tasha XXX tour!

Delia TS Beauty and The Beach

I’m about to tell you about the Beauty and The Beach, but first a thought about the photo set. Her gorgeous wife Tasty Trixie edited it down to 134 photos, and I just realized how hard that must have been. When you photograph Delia DeLions, it’s hard to snap bad pictures. It was hard for me just to choose only six of them for this post as not to blow out my bandwidth. I left out the explicit one naturally because I want you to join Delia-TS. You’ll feel good about supporting a fantastic independent website that rivals the best of all of the major adult studios I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen them all. That though takes me back to the new video. It’s an exquisite, erotic solo scene shot on a windy day. When Delia bares and fondles her breast in public and withdraws her cock from her panties, there’s just nothing like it. She strokes herself fully erect and has what seems to be a mind-shattering climax. She looks so happy tasting her own cum at the end. Like I said before, Delia-TS is exquisite.

Kylie Maria, Holly Parker and Christian

Here are 7 original size photos from the 190+ image set on KylieMaria.XXX that accompanies the 29 minute “Schoolgirls Kylie & Holly Will Do Anything For An A” video. Professor Christian XXX of Pure-TS has Kylie Maria under his desk sucking his huge cock while unsuspecting Holly begs for a big bump from her current GPA. It’s one of the best threesomes online and I highly recommend that you check it out. “I’m so excited, I’ve finally got my own place where I can interact with all my fans!” said Kylie Maria in December, 2014. “In addition to all the great content I have planned, I also will available to answer questions from fans and keep you up to date on my life in the porn industry with the kind of personal perspective you won’t find on other mega porn sites.”You can watch the Video Preview and more on KylieMaria.XXX now!

Mos and Christian on Ladyboy Gold

Little Buns Lingerie Bareback is a torrid HD video and photo set with Christian XXX of Pure-TS and Mos, a 21 year old, 5’5″ (165cm), 99 lbs (45kg), 33C-24-32 transsexual. This is her second Ladyboy Gold set. The video opens with Mos dancing slowly with Christian standing behind her. As with most recent LBG videos, the male is never entirely focused on. So Mos begins to strip and then sinks to her knees preparing to suck Christian’s cock. He has a monstrous tool as it is, but it looks even bigger when petite Mos handles it. She has braces, but that doesn’t stop Christian from forcing not just a blow job, but a fierce skull fucking. Mos tells him she loves his cock and she doesn’t seem to be intimidated by it which surprised the hell out of me. The beginning of this scene is like a BDSM flick without the props and gear. It would definitely fit into the Domination/submission niche. It’s not easy for Mos to sink her cute little ass all the way down on Christians big dick, but is that easy for anyone? I really get the sense that although it must hurt, Mos truly loves being impaled. They move from reverse cowgirl to doggie-style fucking on the bed where Christian pins one of her arms behind her back and slaps her ass while fucking her. The missionary POV footage is incredible and the more Christian dominates Mos, the more she seems to want it. Her uncut cock looks bigger than the reported 6 inches when shot at close range, smaller when it’s spinning around like a hard, horny propeller. At the end, I’ve never seen anyone who looked more hungry for a man’s cum. You can watch a video preview of this scene on Ladyboy Tube.

Joanna Jet Me and You 145

I’m trying to recall the last video before Me and You #145 and photo set Casual in Denim where this British mega star’s cock was ready to cut diamonds with from the very beginning. Don’t let that mislead you into thinking that Joanna Jet isn’t as horny as ever or any less functional down there than before. I think she just wanted to remind us that her big cock isn’t hard every second of the day. I’ve seen her in this lovely room before and I believe it was back in December. Do you remember Joanna’s spectacular pantyhose set? Well, her long sexy legs are bare in the new video. In the one I mentioned, she was wearing a white halter top and tartan plaid skirt with gold open-toe pumps. In Episode #145, the Bahamas series continues with Joanna asking if you’d like her to jerk her cock and shoot some cum. Even flaccid, it looks extraordinarily long, but it become fully erect quickly. She pours some lube into her palm and tells you she’d like to stick her dick into someplace warm. That’s before she starts fingering herself. I’m not going to tell you everything she says to turn you on. But I know I’m not spoiling anything by telling you this video ends with a big, creamy white cumshot. After all, it’s that what we’ve come to expect from the iconic Joanna Jet? You can watch the video preview on her website!

Bailey Jay Killer Shoes

Bailey Jay has a new pair some Killer Shoes and she also proudly shows them off in her mesmerizing Booksmart Butt Slut Lady video. At least for a little while. You’ll be hard pressed to find a recent video of this beauty not going barefoot by the end of it. No pun intended. The scene begins with Bailey Jay unzipping her jacket to expose her large breasts in a sheer top and panties that lower quickly. Her big cock is fully erect and in your face as she strokes it hard and fast. When she crouches down, that big stiff pecker stares at you at eye level. Next comes a purple suction dildo that she begins fucking herself with. Bailey manages to unzip and remove her little boots without removing the sex toy. Once she makes use of the toy’s suction on the floor, it’s easier to jerk off until she works the creamy white cum out of her stiff dick. She’s so incredibly prolific and there has never been a better individual website better than TS-BaileyJay. You can join her site alone or the desktop and/or mobile version of the T-Girl Network.