Two Tgirls: Casey Sparkles & Korra Del Rio


Casey Sparkles, also known as Casey kisses and makes her first ever hardcore scene on She’s relocated to Florida which makes the Sunshine State all the more hot for webmaster Mayumi Sparkles and myself! Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s sexy hostess of was flown in to do some mutual sucking and fucking for this monumental event. In the video, Korra is fanning out over meeting Casey and sitting on the bed with her. Casey accepts Korra’s compliments well and also a sweet kiss. Since it’s so hot in Florida, the only sensible thing for these girls to do is start shedding some clothing. After some digital and oral mutual breast admiration, they’re stripped down to nothing and next to nothing. They’re both totally nude when Korra helps Casey out of her panties and takes hold of her cock. Then she proceeds t olick the tip and begin sucking the swelling shaft. There’s a very good reason that cock sucking is called “blowjob” and Korra really goes to work on Casey’s dick. Now sporting a big, raging erection, Casey pulls at it while Korra gives her a rimjob. Then Korra is eager to get her cock sucked and that happens, too! Korra jerks off while sucking Casey off again which leads to her sinking her hardon into Casey’s sexy ass from behind! She gives her a tremendous butt undulating, tit jiggling fuck that evolves into a missionary position railing. After a side saddle ramming, it’s time for Casey to fuck Korra. We get two cumshots before it all comes to an end. Downloads are available in 480P (SD), 328.31MB 4K (Ultra HD), 8.61GB 720P (HD), 664.95MB, 1080P (Full HD) ans 1.48GB on!

Delia-TS fucks Nina Lawless

She is one of my favorite performers on the scene today and it was really amazing working with her,” says Delia DeLions of Nina Lawless. “We had some great chemistry and it really comes across in this passionate scene.” I’ve downloaded and watched this bareback hardcore scene from Delia-TS and I’m keeping it stored forever. From the moment they start grinding their panty bulges together while sitting on the bed, I knew this would be a killer scene. Their French kissing was sensual and loving and Nina looked so gorgeous laying back to suck Delia’s cock stiff. Ravishing Delia transformed the scene from kind and sweet to torrid with her frottage and the blowjob she returned. Her finger banging and stroking of Nina’s cock kicked things up another notch. Nina returned oral favors again and the moment of truth came when Nina raised her incredible legs to receive Delia’s beautiful bare cock. If you miss this transbian instant classic on Delia-TS, watching the perfect balance of romance and power fucking with two seriously hung, busty and beautiful transwomen must not be your thing. Also check out the new official website!

TGirls.Porn: Kinky Kora & Cyn Savage

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The post-coital kissing, cuddling and frottage at the end of this TGirls.Porn scorcher surprised me the most about this set. Photographer Radius Dark takes us a bit beyond the hardcore sex and cools it down with intimacy and passion. That might not be a big deal to most porn viewers, but I love seeing this sort of development between adult performers. The opening footage with Cyn getting aroused in anticipation of Kora’s arrival has impact and provides a little warm-up time to build up to the main event. Aside from technical expertise, it’s easy to just film people sucking and fucking. Even if there’s no plot, at least some sort of story unravels in the best of the best porn. Although this isn’t a BDSM or fetish scene, there’s a strong element of Domination/submission. Kora is the one in control and there’s no topping from the bottom from Cyn. Kora: “I love other tgirls. They just know how to work it. They also give amazing, fucking head. T-girls, on average, are more willing to do kinky things like bondage, marking, wax play, etc. I also like they way their curves are proportioned. My favorite body part on a girls is her ass. I love to eat ass, I love to smack ass, and I like to fuck them. I’ve had several sexual encounters with other tgirls but ramming my cock inside Cyn was special – the way she moaned as she forced her little hole back onto me made me just wanna explode right there!” Cyn: “Other tgirls know how to fuck me. I love their fantastic dicks. They know how to use them! I love it when they cum on me. My favorite thing to do with other tgirls is kinda kinky – I love to leave markings, like bruises and things like that. I also like giving blowjobs. It’s amazing sucking someone off and seeing how they respond to it. I love hearing them moan as they pull my hair while I’m sucking them off. Kora felt so good inside of me, I just didn’t want it to end! Hopefully you guys will have me back so I can do it all over again for TGirls.Porn!”

TsSeduction: Danielle Foxx, Venus Lux & DJ

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I totally get it when they opt for a life outside of the adult industry and respect it. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I was really disappointed when Danielle Foxx went into early retirement, but I’m so glad she’s back! She’s now on TS Seduction for the 6th time and this is her first post-op performance on the site. Another favorite of mine is Venus Lux, Danielle’s co-star with dozens of Kink performances between TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters. The cute guy who plays Danielle’s husband is lots of fun and he delivers a solid performance if you’ll pardon the pun. The theme is a time-tested classic one we’ve seen many times before, yet with a trans twist, obviously. The story mirrors one of Danielle’s real life loves of seeing men getting fucked. DJ feels uncomfortable during the therapy session with Venus as the counselor, but all those feeling begin to dissipate while he’s on his hands and knees on the bed naked. He gets a salad tossing and cock sucking from Danielle as Venus directs the action. DJ is obviously expecting strapon sex from both beautiful women, but he’s surprised to discover that one of them has a cock as real as his own is. The surprise is a highly pleasurable one for DJ who gets spitroasted with Venus fucking his face and Danielle banging him from the back doggy style. She gets a taste of the counselor’s rigid cock also when she pauses her pumping. Danielle wrecks this man’s butt with her tits and ass jiggling all over the place. Then as he goes down on her pretty pussy, Venus destroys his rump. My favorite part might be seeing Danielle getting pummeled by Venus while sucking DJ off. Or it could be when Venus fucks DJ again while Danielle rides his face. At this point, it’s all just a sexual blur to me until I watch this TS Seduction instant classic all over again. DJ has been on Kink sites several times before. You can find more of Danielle’s incredible work on and for more of Venus, go to!

Ms Dimond Dyack Strokes Her Huge Cock

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Kansas City, Missouri native Ms Dimond Dyack is a total top. In her third Black-TGirls video, her full breasts are already exposed through her mesh top, but she totally exposes them quickly. She moans softly while tugging at her thong. The ratio of her trim waist and wide hips will have you anxious to see her turn around and when she does, wow! Ms Dimond’s ass almost looks like it was built in a factory. When she shakes it, there’ not a doubt in my mind that it’s all natural. Let me warn you, it’s almost painful to watch if you’re a top like she is. I’d suggest to any bottom who has the chance to be with her, do it in a room with a floor to ceiling mirror on the wall and one on the ceiling. Who would want to miss the sight of this ass flexing and grinding while she’s fucking? Incidentally, Ms Dimond looks almost exactly like a friend of mine who lived in NYC and introduced me to the ball scene, but I digress. Her striptease is nice and slow and she begins playing with her cock when seated in a chair with her bare feet planted apart widely on the carpeted floor. She eventually stands up again, this time totally nude. Then she sits back down to stroke her cock. It really is huge when it’s fully erect. This is one of the strangest Black-TGirls videos I’ve ever seen, but that only because she’s a dead ringer for a close friend from the past. It can’t be my friend however because she was dark chocolate and a total bottom. At any rate, Ms Dimond Dyack is simply exquisite!

Chanel Santini In Kinky Hardcore With Jasmeen

Don’t go looking for the official Chanel Santini website just yet. But you can find “Chanel Santini in Kinky Hardcore with Jasmeen” on TransErotica now. You’ll also find “Chanel Santini Creampies Jasmeen” on TransErotica. I could tell you all about both videos, but let’s focus of the kinky hardcore update today and I’ll get to the creampie scene in a future update. Chanel is a Domme who has captured the intruder Jasmeen and knocked her out with chloroform. When Jasmeen awakens, she’s tied and ball-gagged on a sofa in a luxurious apartment. There are a few things I didn’t know about Chanel. First, I didn’t know how convincing she could be as a Mistress until I saw her administering verbal humiliation and rubbing her pussy and swatting it with a riding crop. Chanel pleasures and torments Jasmeen’s large breasts and nipple in the same manner. She holds gagged Jasmeen by the neck firmly as she sucks one of her nipples. She proceeds to rip the bodystocking Jasmeen is wearing with her long talons and exposes her pretty petals. Then she spreads Jasmeen’s lovely labia wide and moves in for the kill face first. This is when the second thing I didn’t know about Chanel happens. She’s straight in her personal life, but I wouldn’t have guessed she’d be so incredible to watch with a cisgender female star, or that I’d ever see this happen at all. The chemistry between Chanel and Jasmeen is magical and the balance of glam and BDSM is just right. This is my favorite porn niche and the killer footage for me is watching Chanel fucking Jasmeen bareback completely naked. The pairing of the hostess of and Chanel Santini is absolute casting genius. Until TransErotica announced the official launch of Chanel’s website, this scene plus the creampie set is available now. You can also watch Chanel LIVE on Chaturbate. Her webcam broadcast channel is

Mandy Mitchell, Bianca Stone & Freya Wynn

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“Here’s the incredibly hot video of Bianca and myself banging hot 20 year old TS sensation Freya Wynn. This fantasy role-play starts out hot and just keeps getting hotter. Bareback and strap-on fucking, blowjobs, cougar and kitten. One of my favorite scenes in quite a long time.” That’s what Mandy Mitchell said about Mandy and Bianca Bang 20 Year Old TS Freya Wynn! Mandy and her cis female wife Bianca finally have a date night with the promise of hot strap-on sex and more. Bianca already has her harness on with the huge toy jutting from her thighs. Mandy isn’t wearing panties under her dress and the gorgeous brunette girlfriends begin making out. But suddenly a stranger knocks on the door. Bianca responds to see this young skateboarder who needs tools to fix her board right then things were getting hot an heavy. Bianca might be able to help but she warns Freya that she and her wife kind of have a thing going on at the moment. Meanwhile, back at the sofa, Mandy has to hide the rock hard cock she’s been stroking when Freya comes in. While Bianca searches for tools, Mandy is polite enough with Freya, yet obviously frustrated. The tools aren’t the right fit for the skateboard and since Mandy and Bianca are already so worked up, they open up about the tools between their legs. Freya accepts the invitation to be driven home later. She confesses that she likes Mandy’s cock and Bianca’s simulated phallus and gets down to proving it. Bianca could have actually found the proper tools, but her sneaky mind compelled her to use the dildo, a vibrator an Mandy’s stiff tool to fix things instead.