Grooby Continues Initiative of Site Rebrands

Rhett Pardon
May 21, 2018 1:50 PM PDT

LOS ANGELES — Grooby announced today the rebranding of several of its popular membership sites to the new, and domain names. The process is part of the company’s initiative to update its terminology to more accurately reflect the current social climate, which started with the rebranding in 2017 of its flagship site,, now called, according to company owner Steven Grooby. “We said it would take a year to do this, and we’re a little ahead of schedule,” Grooby said. “Apart from the changes to the paysites, we’ve changed a lot of social network accounts, free forums, and longstanding blogs. “I’m happy to report that the response from the members, the models, and the industry have been mostly very positive and that our leadership seems to have encouraged other companies to make similar changes. We’ve been asked to advise on a number of dating, tube and clips sites, and are all looking forward to continuing to work closely with the many trans performers on how to create the content and brands that they want to produce or be associated with.”

Grooby’s newest rebranded sites include: (formerly; (formerly; and, (formerly Founded in 1996, Grooby is one of the leading producers of trans erotica. In addition to operating over 30 membership sites, the company produces nearly 50 DVDs a year and hosts the annual TEAs (Transgender Erotica Awards) held in Hollywood, Calif.

Grooby Productions operates a huge variety of transsexual websites catering for many different tastes and desires including:

3W Trans –

Black TGirls Hardcore –

Black TGirls –

Bob’s TGirls –

Brazil TGirls XXX –

Brazilian Transsexuals –

Canada TGirl –

Darkside.XXX –

Femout.XXX –

Futa.XXX –

Frank’s TGirl World –

Grooby Girls –

Jordan Jay – 

Krissy 4U –

Ladyboy-Ladyboy –

Ladyboy.XXX –

Russian TGirls – 

TGirl 40 – 

TGirl Japan –

TGirl Japan Hardcore –

TGirl Pornstar – 

TGirls.Porn –

TGirls.XXX –

Transex Domination –

TS CastingCouch

TS Domino Presley –

UK TGirls –

Wendy Summers –

Trans500: Giana Becker – Ms.Big Booty Becker

Video Preview

Description: Giana Becker is by far one of the sexiest girls we have here on She’s back in this hardcore Big Booty Banging scene. That ass is simply just fucking perfect. Let’s get right to the action folks! Giana Becker in ‘Ms.Big Booty Becker”.

Sample Photo Gallery

It’s kind of funny to me to see a video remastered because when the site was launched, I thought this was the most HD porn out there. But as we know, technology continues to rapidly advance. Perhaps this killer scene was released at a time when the branch of the network wasn’t yet as popular as it is today. By the way, it’s included in your Trans 500 network membership.

Gianna is introduced to us shaking it out by the pool in a sinuous fishnet outfit, a thong and skyscraper high pumps. Although she wears braces, she looks about drinking age and her striptease reveals nudity very slowly and gradually. There’s a lot to unpack here. Especially when her veteran male performer partner Capo shows up.

She exposes her naughty bits, her lovely breasts and succulent looking uncut cock after a few minutes. Somewhere after the eleventh minute, Capo follows his outstanding dusky boner to the beautiful dancer with oil to apply to her big, curvaceous ass! He gets his BBC sucked after mauling her tight ass and devouring her pretty tits. Capo gets Giana naked from head to toe indoors and has another feasting on Giana’s big ole’ butt.

Then she slowly sinks down on his massively thick cock for what builds up slowly to a tumultuous pounding. Giana’s fully erect cock is pretty large in its own right and it’s so erotic to see how it flops around during the reverse cowgirl sequence. Find out what happens next with this torrid update on!

Black-TGirls: Nubian Barbie’s Climax!

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

Nubian Barbie shared Model of the Month for May on with Amber Flawless. They’ve both made stunning debut sets and they both have encore cum shot updates live on the site now! The white down comforter and red bodysuit she wears enhance the color of her skin as she poses before and on the bed.

Omar Wax brings a totally different style to the Nubian Barbie debut I raved about on Caramel’s TGirls that you can read here. There’s a different color palette but Barbie does her killer twerk again. Her cock manages to escape her lingerie and shake wildly beneath her as she gyrates her hips and ass.

When she strips nude, she teases by hiding her cock between her curvy thighs. This torment comes at you with Barbie standing and then laying on her back. That’s the position she’s in when she begins playing with her lovely rod.

More rump shaking makes me recall something she said: “From one look you may think that with all this ass I like to bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I do but I 100% like laying into a firm or soft muscle butt!” Nubian Barbie aka Brionna Pleasant said it and I’ll just let it penetrate your mind.

The first three quarters of the video make it seem like Barbie is in need of getting fucked. But the last quarter of this update is where you can tell what kind of railing she could do. Her cock is raging hard and she doesn’t hold back from thoroughly enjoying her climax.

TGirls.Porn: April Gillespie & Elsie Sommers

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

Description: Another bout of tantalizing antics await here on the world’s premiere TS on TS site as we unveil April Gillespie (formerly Annie Trappington) and her cute young partner, Elsie Sommers. Two hung and horny real-life lovers, one popping Radius Dark production – it’s all here and now on TGirls.Porn!

Portland, Oregon has a lot of different nicknames and is sometimes referred to as the “City of Roses” or even “Rose City”, but another popular nickname is PDX. PDX is probably one of the most popular online and in print nicknames for Portland Oregon. It refers to the International Air Transit Association airport code for the Portland International Airport in the city limits. Many Portland businesses include PDX in their domain names to refer to Portland in the Portland area.

This is where you’ll find real life girlfriends April Gillespie and Elsie Sommers. I was first impressed by April’s Femout.XXX performances under the name Annie Trappington. Then her trans lesbian work on TGirls.Porn with Angel Be’Natti and Lucy Sioux blew me away. The chemistry with those partners was amazing but with Annie and Elsie, it’s pure magic.

I first saw April and Elsie on a webcam show two weeks ago and I’ll share the link with you after this TGirls.Porn scene review. Mr. Dark presents the girls kissing and pre-heated so to speak. They’re in a sort of school girl mode that starts and stops with the cute little tartan plaid skirts. They chat flirtatiously while making out and stripping each other. The first big dick we see belongs to April. But Elsie’s full nudity comes first and she’s the first girl to develop a hardon. Well, that’s a result of April’s firm stroking.

Annie goes down on Elsie and there’s a lot of big cock in this room. It’s hard not to notice how well endowed they both are while watching them take turns blowing each other. Their POV techniques are easier to study when they’re laying down as opposed to standing.

It’s hard to tell who the top and bottom is in this relationship if there is one. That’s because of the prowess they display in fucking each other! Elsie drill’s April’s tight ass first and then April tears up Elsie’s cute little butt. This TGirls.Porn update is precious. To see them together LIVE register free on my favorite webcam site through the profile!

Kacy TGirl: TS MILFs Share Stepson in Vegas!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Kacy TGirl has released its first faux-cest title as well as its first 4k production. TEA Trans-Man of 2018 Eddie Wood and Kristen Kraves play with Kacy in “TS MILFs Share Stepson in Vegas!” Its Sin City indeed with blowjobs all around, finger fucking, transsexual spanking, french kissing and TS and Trans-Man fucking! “It was a production of firsts since Eddie was my first FTM and I had not yet performed with Kristen,” said Kacy. “Eddie came up with the story line and directed so it went as easy as 1, 2, 3-some!” she added. “A fun shoot and a chance to get to know Kacy that we built upon in a later production,” said Kraves. Kacy has learned that the faux-cest genre is popular, but also must be marketed and distributed carefully. “One of my sales platforms rejected the vid as violating policies even though it only depicts relations of the step parent and adult child variety.” said Kacy.

It doesn’t surprise me that Eddie cam up with the story line because I’ve seen his erotic writing talent’s credited in the damnedest places online. What surprises me is that there’s still a platform that Kacy couldn’t promote this scene on. I was unaware that we we still living in a puritanical world where relations of the step parent and adult child variety were forbidden. This blog doesn’t abide by those rules so allow me to tell you more about “TS MILFs Share Stepson in Vegas!”

This is sort of a follow-up to the “TS MILFs Nite In of Kissing, Sucking & Fucking!” with Kacy and Kristen Kraves from early May 2018. In this scene, the two gorgeous and super busy friends have finally made time to catch up for some girl talk over glasses of wine.They begin chatting about guys they’ve been seeing and the fun they have sexually in lurid detail. Their discussion is a major turn on and it’s obviously getting t o Kacy who begins rubbing one of Kristen’s luscious legs. Kacy’s hands begin roaming elsewhere and the slow and sensuous build-up leads to a hardcore trans lesbian 30+ minute masterpiece! You can download th full video in four different formats on

Kacy and Kristen’s blazing hot scene is followed by a cumtastic cum solo video with Kacy you must not miss. “TS MILF In Pantyhose With Dildo Strokes and Cums” is my current favorite solo scene. It’s beautifully filmed and it has a great soundtrack that doesn’t get in the way of the action.

Now enter Eddie Woods with Kacy and Kristen. The Vegas hotel Eddie is staying in has screwed up his reservations and Eddie has to share a room with his stepmom Kristen and his Aunt Kacy. He’s on the phone telling a friend that he might end up fucking his stepmom once again if all three of them weren’t sharing a room. There’s a possibility that Eddie could seduce his Aunt also because there seems to be a connection there.

The ladies return to Eddie’s hotel room after painting the town red and the sisters are obviously going to share one of the two beds. While Kacy is out of earshot freshening up, Eddie expresses his desire to get it on with Kristen even though his Aunt is there. Kristen is uncomfortable even talking about that, let alone doing it. Eddie promises to behave and Kristen drifts off to sleep.

Eddie is still awake with his horny thoughts however, and to his surprise, Aunt Kacy emerges from the little girl’s room in lingerie ready to play. They’re deeply engage in sharing oral sex favors when Kristen wakes up and decides to join in the fun. Find out what happens next in this deliciously kinky update on

Canadian TS Star Tasha Jones Passes Away

TORONTO – Canadian TS performer Tasha Jones has passed away, XBiz .com disclosed today in an article here. Jones, who passed away on Saturday, was 35 years old. The adult star’s cause of death was not disclosed at post time.

This is Caramel Black, the owner of TS Dreamland and I’m shocked and saddened by Tasha’s passing. I’ve had the great privilege of chatting online with Tasha and on March 2, 2016, my special guest Scott presented his exclusive Interview with Tasha Jones here on this site.

Read the complete remembrance, including photos of Jones, on here.

Cumshot Monday: Rianna James!

Description: Rianna James is a gorgeous Canadian model introduced to us by Vee Soho earlier this year when she made her debut on our Canadian sister-site. A little bit later, she was one of the first models to shoot an exclusive scene for our brand new website! Today, she makes her debut in this week’s “Cumshot Monday” episode! No better way to start a new Grooby week than watching this beauty posing, stroking her cock and cumming just for you!

“Hey, so you’re here for the cum shot special,” are the first words out of super sexy Rianna’s mouth when this scene produced by Vee Soho begins. This is Caramel and reviewing this update here also happens to provide a segue my 2016 Interview with Ms. Rianna James.

Rianna is totally prepared to cum for you today, but she let’s you know that she’s going to make you work for it. This Vancouver and Victoria and British Columbia-based fox is not just a model, but a webcam pro, webmaster and a dominatrix. Every bit of that power comes through in this performance.

When Rianna tells you to suck her cock for her, she knows you want to even before she shows it to you. She fondles it through the fabric of her black, pleated dress. Then she raises the hem above her fence net stocking clad thighs and there it is – her amazing, stiff cock. Rianna then bends over on the bed and when you get a clear view of her bare bottom, it looks like she’s got a bit of an all over tan. Does she sunbathe in the nude? It looks like it and she’s not wearing any panties to keep her from freely beating off.

The dress she has on is like a frock Marilyn Monroe would wear, but in black. There’s deep cleavage on display and Rianna’s nipples look like they must be as hard as her prick is at the moment. When she bares her lovely breasts, you’ll know that your suspicions were correct.

Soon she’s down to a dominatrix corset and her fishnets and platform heels. Later on, she’s removing her tall sandals, showing off her matching mani/pedi. Then she thrusts her painted toes directly in front of your mouth. She also rubs her toes with her own rigid staff. The ending of this superb update involves a platter and a whole lot of spunk! Rianna Jame’s can also be seen on and on the new!

TransAngels: Hard At Work

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Being the boss isn’t always easy, sometimes Chanel Santini has to punish her employees when they get caught masturbating on the clock! Verbal warnings go nowhere, but oral warnings mean Chanel gets to wrap her luscious blowjob lips around a big dick! Even when it’s about sucking a dick, Chanel is always in control! Bending the horny intern over his desk, Chanel fills his tight ass with every inch of her big tgirl cock! Stretching out his asshole in every position she can think of, Chanel graciously lets him unload all over her face but not before getting a mouthful of her big tits!

Fucking Tony Orlando is something I’ve fantasized for years. Do I even need to mention how happy I’d be for a night with Chanel Santini! Well, this is real life and Chanel got to fuck Tony’s cute, tight ass and it’s playing now on Trans Angels!

As the plot of this update unfolds, Tony is a businessman on his lunch break watching a previous hardcore video. Chanel can hear the obvious porn coming from his laptop and enters his office to take a look at him. He was thinking his headphones were plugged all the way in. They’re not and he’s so busted by his hot brunette boss.

Chanel is offended by what he’s doing and even more so when he tries to grab her ass. What she’s really offended by is that he’s not watching the scene she stars in herself fucking a man! He’s shocked but surprised in a good way since this is a genre he loves anyway.

Tony is torn between watching Chanel fucking on the screen and the sight of her pulling her swollen cock out of her panties as she stands beside him. As he sits at his desk, Chanel’s big dick is poiting right toward his face at a forty five degree angle. But she moves to the other side of the roon to do a seductive striptease.

The gorgeous boss faps her big dick, bouncing it on the best and letting it snap up against her flat tummy. She doesn’t mind that Tony is jerking off. In fact, she crawls across the desk to give his schlong an executive suckng! He returns the favor by giving Chanel a rim job and a thorough cock sucking. She’s towering above him on the desk on her knees as he tea bags her balls.

Moments later, she’s got Tony bent over the desk, driving her big bare cock up his tight ass! I always love seeing Tony getting pummeled, but this is the first time on Trans Angels. It’s phenomenal the way he takes this beauty’s hard thrusts in a variety of positions. Chanel eventually strips her perfect booty down to a garter belt sans stockings. Both of these exquisite performers spray large spurts of cum all over each other!

EvilAngel: Chelsea Marie and Janelle Fennec

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Glam TS Fucks L’il Blonde T-Doll” sufficiently sums up the 5th blazing hot scene of this production. Trans-Visions #12 is the DVD it’s on from master director Joey Silvera. The full description reads: In ‘Trans-Visions 12,’ TS porn pioneer Joey Silvera travels Brazil, Thailand and the USA to capture intriguingly femme, startlingly functional trans beauties … in intimate solo action, and in play dates with men, women or each other! Joey brings platinum blonde TS bombshell Domino Presley to horny Gabriel, who eagerly dicks her tight rectum. Domino ejaculates all over his face. Transgender beauty Natalie Mars fucks all-natural biological girl Ariel McGwire. Ariel sucks Natalie’s nylon-clad toes and uses anal toys to stretch the T-girl’s butthole. Ferociously glamorous, busty, tanned and well-hung, Brazilian trans babe Keylla Marques masturbates to climax. White stud Kai Bailey buttfucks petite, adorable Nonny as the young Thai ladyboy makes herself cum. Tattooed TS glamour girl Chelsea Marie sodomizes pale blonde T-tramp Janelle Fennec in a lewd session of cocksucking and anal fun. Kai bangs Asian trans slut Micky, making her butthole gape and her she-dick spurt in orgasm.Joey Silvera’s ‘Trans-Visions 12‘ is a single-disc DVD with cumshot recap, cast list and filmographies.

Sample Photo Gallery

The Chelsea Marie and Janelle Fennec scene is my favorite by far from Trans-Visions #12. The chemistry and lust between these actresses is the most convincing to me and I shouldn’t even have to mention the caliber of eye candy. It begins with Silvera focused on and introducing Janelle with his usual hyperventilating when he’s filming a hot model. She’s fully dressed in luxurious lingerie until about the middle of the second minute. That’s when Janelle exposes her firm tits and stiff dick.

Flash Scene Trailer

Then comes Chelsea with her big erection placed near Janelle’s upright pecker. There’s cock head rubbing and nipple licking. After a few moments of sucking Janelle’s cock, Chelsea moves upward for a passionate French kiss. Then Janelle goes down hungrily on Chelsea’s throbbing boner. Chelsea fiercely sodomizes Janelle after giving her a rim job. She jerks the blonde’s hard dick while railing her and there are multiple position changes. After Janelle cums on her own tummy, Chelsea laps it up and shoots a wad in Janelle’s mouth. This update is fire!

TGirls.Porn: Chanel Noir & Sydney Farron

Description: Here’s a dream pairing guaranteed to make your mouth water. Chanel Noir and Sydney Farron are two of the hottest products in the biz today – both absolute stunners and superstars in their own right, we’ve pulled out the stops to get them together and under our lights for a blockbuster, all-girl romp here on TGirls.Porn. Truly unmissable….

Producer Radius Dark brings us right into the action with these two beauties intimately cuddling in bed. If you’re looking for trans lesbian realness, you’ve got it from jump with this update.

Sydney is the curly-haired fox in the blue bra and panties kissing Chanel as she’s in the upper position on the bed. Jacksonville, Florida’s Sydney has also had a hardcore scene with Natalie Mars on TGirls.Porn. She’s also been featured on,,, and TGirls.XXX.

Denver, Colorado’s Chanel Noir has been featured on, TGirls.XXX, and on TGirls.Porn. This update is a “talkie” which adds to the eroticism of watching the girls making out. Chanel seems to adore the way Sydney rubs and sucks on her sensitive nipples. It’s obvious by the erection that develops that she loves Sydney’s cock sucking skills as well.

Sydney develops a raging hardon while sucking Chanel off and the vision of both beauties completely naked is out of this world! They rub each other’s boners together and Chanel goes down on Sydney next. By the time these babes get into the 69 position, I realize this is going to be one of my all-time favorite updates!

Sydney is well known for her amazing topping abilities and she gives Chanel the bareback ramming of a lifetime! The girls pause to kiss while fucking and one of these fantastic performers shoots one of the biggest cum shots in the site’s history. Then her partner blows a creamy white load of cum too! You can watch the free scene trailer on TGirls.Porn.