Alexia Angel on UK TGirls


This 26 year old Norfolk beauty Alexia Angel likes video games, but she want’s to play a different kind of game with you on UK TGirls. She looks stunningly bright with glasses on and possesses curves to die for. Alexia also has incredible hormone boobs and she also has the sexiest pubic hair. I didn’t even think I liked pubes! The wrinkled foreskin covering the head of her uncut cock looks like a fun project to work on orally to get her hard. When Alexia says she’s kind of shy, oh my God, it’s so convincing. Yes, she’s an adult entertainment performer, but she’s new. If I’m a fool for believing she’s shy, so be it. Back to those curves, I suspected she’d have a really nice ass. But nothing could have really prepared me for how nice it really is until she turned around on her chair naked. Let me warn you, when you see Alexia fucking herself with a dildo while stroking her erection, you might not make it to the end of her scene without cumming. What a cutie pie!

Jasmine on Ladyboy.XXX


30 year old Jasmine looks absolutely exquisite as she stands on her bed and turns this way and that in her nightie with a throbbing bulge in her panties. Her large set of gorgeous breasts are exposed next in this Ladyboy.XXX video and it’s not long before Jasmine let’s her big dick spring out of her undies. It almost seems impossible the way her heavy dick stands up so high on its own. She turns around and slaps curvaceous her ass, then gives some explicit views of her fun spot. Then it’s time to sit back on the bed and jerk off. The swollen head of her pinkish-brown prick looks as if it’s been polished. Jasmine takes off her fishnet stockings to show off her long legs and dainty feet next. Then she gets up on all fours on the bed to help you imagine fuckign her doggie-style. Then she cups one of her full boobs and concentrates on making herself climax. If you’re hoping for a creamy white cumshot from this Bangkok beauty, that’s exactly what you’re gonna get.

Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction




Porn icon and mainstream actress Yasmin Lee returns to TS Seduction to make a successful Wall.St broker her bitch. But she’s talking directly to you while domination Jimmy Bullet in this POV scene. “Get your fucking dick out, motherfucker,” she orders and she thinks it’s cute when she sees it. What else would you expect her to say about it? Have you seen the size of Yasmin’s cock? Even flaccid, it’s bigger than most male penises. I wouldn’t even dare compare myself to Yasmin Lee, but I can totally relate to a Mistress who likes to suck cock. I also like to slap my stiff cock against a submissive’s. Wait until you see how hot she looks in just her stockings and panties as she unties Jimmy’s tie and opens his shirt, telling him to suck on her finger the way she’s going to suck on her dick. She strokes her big, stiff cock and says, “Tell me you want me to fuck your pussy.” Then she forces it in bareback! I think you’ll love the way Yasmin is focused on you while fucking Jimmy silly. She also doesn’t just demand foot worship – she fucks with them, too. Watching the way Yasmin climaxes in this video, I wasn’t thinking we’d see the cum pouring out of her cock. But we do and I’m reminded of why, in my humble opinion, Yasmin Lee is still the reinging Queen of TS Seduction. Cute Jimmy is like the Peter North of Kink. Do what Yasmin says and next time you’re fucking your wife or girlfriend, think about her fucking you.

Brittany Jane on Shemale Yum


Photographer Remy X Kitano presents her dazzling new video and photo set of 23 year old Southern sweetheart Brittany Jane on Shemale Yum! She’s a talker with a sweet voice and a horny gleam in her eyes. Wow, when she moans from caressing her breasts through her t-shirt and bra, I think it’ll keep you focused if you weren’t already. Brittany’s nipples are so sensitive! She’s been on hormones for three years and her boobs are incredibly soft, yet firm looking. When she slips out of her dress and starts stroking her pierced cock, there’s precum oozing from the tip. Don’t worry, the piercing is just passing through the skin! But I digress. She wants you to know how her precum tastes and she tries some. She also tries laying back on the leather sofa and fucking herself with a clear dildo! As Brittany Jane comes close to shooting her cum, I remember why she’s so great in front of the camera. Practice makes perfect. She has that hot little room brittanyjane on Chaturbate! Follow her there so you won’t miss her next mesmerizing performance.

Mari Sora on Shemale Japan



Photographer Hiro takes the new businesswear video through so many changes I didn’t see coming. Also, I could not have predicted the way Mari’s cumshot would have been like. I knew that her spunk had a long tunnel to travel through but…. you just have to see the ending. Having seen the video before the photo set, I didn’t know about the submersion footage to come. This is Mari’s third Shemale Japan performance that does nothing to disple the myth that the third time is a charm. I’ve seen so much transsexual porn that it takes a lot to surprise me these days. I was mesmerized by this video and in awe of the 100 image photo set it comes with. Go from the office to the Jacuzzi and cum with Mari Sora on Shemale Japan.

Safari Star on Bob’s Tgirls



This photo gallery preview is from the new “Turquoise Dress” set that goes with the “Glass in Her Ass” video on Bob’s Tgirls. Safari Star enters the room looking absolutely incredible, sits on the red velvet chaise and pulls off her Louboutin pumps. She exposes her lovely breasts, pulls her cock out of her panties and watches some porn. She did that also in her previous solo scene when fucking her Fleshlight until she fired a big cumshot. I’ve got that mp4 preview if you missed the full video. Safari jerks off hard and fast once again and the closeup footage is masterful. At about 6 and a half minutes into the scene, the music stops because she’s really getting into it and moaning loudly. That’s when she lubes herself up and starts fucking herself with the glass dildo! It’s a long one, baby. If you’ve got a stiff cock between your legs, I don’t know how you would not crave having it pumping in and out of Safari Star at this point. She turns around to show you what it would be like to fuck her doggie-style for quite some time. This hung beauty is porn star perfection!

Mandy Mitchell and Bianca Stone



Mandy Mitchell is back! That means a tremendous void in TS and fetish porn for quite some time has been closed. She has an incredible role play scene with her gorgeous genetic girlfriend Bianca Stone in the “Anal Training and Tail Play” video that comes with 250+ hi-res images! Have I seen it? Of course! is one of the best TS porn sites that’s ever been launched. I’m also a big fan of kinkster Bianca Stone who has bought some tails with butt plugs, an inflatable dildo and more sex toys home to play with. I love all the foreplay that leads up to the creme de la creme of this video for me – when Bianca fucks Mandy with a giant strapon dildo about 19 minutes into this 27 minute scorcher. Bianca strokes Mandy’s legendary cone-shaped erection while she rails her in the missionary position, doggie-style and well, I don’t want to give away everything! Mandy’s incredible website is part of the mobile only and the mobile & desktop versions of the T-Girl Network.

Bianka Nascimento







Bianka Nascimento comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently lives in Ireland (Dublin). I should have guessed that Bianka Nascimento would have her own SMC Productions site launched after she was named T-Girl Network Special Featured Guest of the Month. I loved her performance in an incredibly hot threesome with gorgeous Italian Eva Paradis who lives in London and ruggedly handsome Martin Mazza from Madrid, Spain. Bianka and Eva were dressed for a night on the town, but their attraction led them to the bedroom. When Martin came out of the cold and entered their swank apartment, they stripped him down quickly and Eva forced a cocksucking while Bianka primed him from behind. They switched positions so Bianka could get a blowjob and then they both skull-fucked him. Eva got blown again while Bianka banged the lucky bastard. Eva got her turn as well, then Bianka took his ass again! This 18 and a half minute fuckfest closed with a big, double cumshot on Martin’s chest. In one of the interracial videos, BBC stud Anthony strips Bianka nude and gives her a massage. She sucks his big black cock on the massage table and gets her pretty face slapped with is when she kneels beating off on the floor. He slaps her ass and her cock is raging hard as he penetrates her from behind! She looks incredible as the muscle stud continues to fuck her in a variety of positions. In another IR scene, Steve Black is another BBC stud in a hardcore scene with Bianka. After finding himself in the wrong room, he’s actually in the best room he could have been in. Bianka reveals the growing surprise between her sexy legs after sucking Steve Black’s massive prick. They’re 69 footage is hot as fuck! The sight of Steve fucking Bianka in an array of positions is absolutely exquisite. Another beautiful SMC contract star, Angelina Torres and Bianka met Martin Mazza in his office. This powerful business man was used to being the one in control of most situations, but when he met the two stunning transsexuals, they turned the tables on him. Martin was crunching numbers on his laptop one day when in walked Angelina and Bianka clad in bras and pantys. They forced him in a bedroom behind the office and his cock was already stiff when they pulled his pants down. Angelina’s dick was hard also and Martin was made to suck on it. He was also forced to suck Bianka’s stiff cock, then both at the same time! Angelina was so turned on, she held Martin’s necktie like it was a leash and fucked him while he sucked Bianka’s hard prick. He was verbally humiliated and called a “bitch” several times. Angelina sat back on the sofa skullfucking him while Bianka railed him sidesaddle. Then Angelina fucked him again! Both ladies took turns again with their new sex slave. Angelina coated his bearded face with a load of cum and he was finally allowed to climax. Bianka was so hot watching Martin’s cock explode that she spurted jets of creamy white jizz on his hairy chest. See it all on

Bailey Jay Dirty Couch BJ




The couch is indeed dirty, but I’ve seen the Bailey Jay video and quickly forgot about it. She shows off the big boner between her legs and wastes no time sucking on her hubby’s hot hardon. She teabags and strokes him while stroking herself and her sensual moaning and whimpers kick into gear. Matt starts moaning too. How can he help it?! He’s holding the camera for POV angles and getting side footage by switching hands. He also manages to get some closeups of Bailey’s beautiful face, full bare breasts and throbbing member. I wasn’t disappointed that they’d released a blowjob video because I’ve seen him fuck her a few times before. “Dirty Couch BJ” is a reminder of all the amazing content to fap to on the spectacular Bailey Jay website.

She-Male Idol Kendra Sinclaire and Nina Lawless



Kendra Sinclaire and Nina Lawless are perhaps the best transbian performers I’ve ever seen. Their 51 minute performance on Joey Silvera’s She-Male Idol absolutely blows me away! Take a look at the mp4 or Flash video preview to see Kendra gagging on Nina’s huge cock and taking it bareback! They’re always fucking each other bareback because they’re real-life girlfriends. They tend to cater towards very hardcore sex involving large dildos and extreme gaping and foot fetish type videos that you may not regularly see in mainstream porn. If you can’t get enough of Kendra and Nina on She-Male Idol, head over to!

Tiffany Starr and Crystal Sopen


What does one do when one of their favorite porn stars ever continuously makes porn with their favorite veteran stars and newbies? They share with their friends about it and hope to be get into similar situations. The one I’m talking about is the hostess of Tiffany Starr XXX and her ingenue of total hotness is someone I first saw as crystalsopen on Chaturbate. She’s an incredible webcam performer, but until today, I’ve only seen her solo performances. But with Crystal’s solo work embedded in my mind, I wasn’t surprised to witness how great she is in a hardcore scene. In the new video, they’ve had a lousy time at a nightclub which leads them into hot transbian sex on Tiffany’s bed. It starts out with passionate kissing, mutual breast admiration and the groping Tiffany’s stiffening cock. Tiffany tells Crsytal all the things a girl wants to hear while her dick is getting sucked on. Soon, she’s inspired to return the oral favor for Crystal. Both of these chicks are seriously hung, by the way. Crystal’s pretty prick grows progressively harder as she sinks down on Tiffany’s magnificent member. The postion changes in this 20 minute bareback scene were more than I could have even asked for. I loved watching both ladies shoot their cum. One of the climaxes was a torrid creampie. Watch the full video for yourself today on Tiffany Starr XXX

Pure-TS Luna Rose and Christian


There’s a pretty good chance that Christian XXX of Pure-TS has slept with every hardcore transsexual performer you’ve ever wanted to sleep with. I’m using the term “slept with” as a euphenism because sometimes he fucks them and sometimes they fuck him, or they switch. In this case with the beautiful White/Pinay Luna Rose, she’s the bottom. Christian said about this 24 year old L.A. babe, “… Flawless face and complexion, nice big fake boobs, a perfectly round and plump ass (all natural she said), and her cock even got rock hard when she gets turned on. I am serious when I say that Luna Rose is going to be a big star in this biz soon.” Who am I to disagree, especially after seeing her performance with the porn king. It’s amazing to watch how much of Christian’s enormous cock she can suck while making it look easy. After Christian says the best part of buying Luna’s panties is taking them off, he has her sit back on the bed and gives her a loving blowjob. This is when I was reminded that Luna also has one incredible set of tits. This video runs just over 28 minutes. Christian sinks his mammoth tool inside Luna before 9 minutes into the scene. You’ve got to see all the position changes leading up to the point to where Luna blasts her cum and Christian adds his spunk to hers. THe HD quality on top of the sex leaves me no choice but to rate this yet another A+ Pure-TS scene.