TGirls.Porn Alexandra Vexx & Sasha Hail

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After watching the 2:45 minute trailer with Alexandra Vexx and Sasha Hail in the new TGirls.Porn update, I just had to download the full-length video on this Transgender Film Festival 2016 Best Membership Clips Website” winner. Alexandra is just about to start fucking Sasha Hail and I’ve never seen this gorgeous Irish newcomer getting railed before. The TS Dreamland exclusive PornOCD Interview with Alexandra Vexx informed me of how great she is as a top. What I like most about the beinning of this scene is the way Alexandra suddenly pushes Sasha on the bed after their sweet kiss ends. This would be unexpected if I hadn’t seen Alexandra in action before. Apparently she doesn’t like things to get too mushy. It’s so sweet when she says that Sasha is so pretty and Sasha replies, “Not as pretty as you.” But I like it even better when Alexandra tells her to shut her mouth. I don’t know if Sasha is more aroused by Alexandra rubbing her foot across her panty bulge or the rough way she’s being handled. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two because when Alexandra pulls Sasha’s panties down, her large uncut cock is already almost as hard as it can possibly get! Both girls are circumsized and stiff uncut cocks always mesmerize me. So does Alexandra’s magnificent cock sucking skill. Sasha’s talent at giving head is great too and the frottage footage is extra special. Watching these two big veiny dicks rubbing against each other with oozong pre-cum is everything. Actually, everything to me is the fucking footage that ends in the most complimentary way Sasha could have made it even if she hadn’t said anything. Check out the video preview on TGirls.Porn of this tremendous hardcore scene shot by Kalin in London to get a better idea of what I’m talking about. Wait until you see what happens in the photo gallery, too!

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Joanna Jet Me and You 196 – Table Quickie

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“My first thought when I see a pool table is to get naked on it of course,” says British AVN Awards Hall of Famer Joanna Jet in her latest addition to the continuing Caribbean series. But she’s not yet naked as she’s going to tease and seduce you first. Since your parents are going to meet her today, she can’t greet them with a huge bulge in her short-shorts. She can probably get away with meeting them in her skimpy halter top, but not with a boner. When she pushes her denim garment down and kicks them off with her tall platforms, her cock is straining against the fabric of her pink panties. “I don’t want your momma to see me with a hardon,” she states and urges you to remove some clothing also. Joanna needs you to make her erection go down and here’s how she plans to make that happen. You might as well jut turn around and bend over. Since her shlong is standing at a 45 degree angle, she could fuck you while you’re both standing up. If she shoots her hot cream deep inside you, she won’t have the problem of a tell-tale bulge between her legs during your parent’s short visit. They don’t know why you’re dating an older woman and they don’t know she has a cock for you to suck on and get fucked by either. When they see the pool table, they’ll have no idea that Joanna was posing on for you completely naked while jacking off. They’ll be arriving in about 3 or 4 minutes so she grabs some lube and pours it across her raging hard prick. What would you do to prevent Joanna from shooting her creamy white cum across the floor? Ooops, looks like you missed and they’d have to be blind not to notice. Rule #1 is whenever Joanna Jet reaches orgasm, you should always be there to catch her big cumshots. You can watch a video preview on her website in scene updates. 


2016 AW-Award Chaturbate Nominees

On May, 2016, Chaturbate announced that the website and broadcasters have received 24 nominations for the 2016 AW-Awards. The award show which focus solely on Live Cams will take place in Mamaia, Romania June 8, 2016. Congratulations to all the nominees!


To stay on topic for TS Dreamland subscribers, special congratulations to nominees Exxxotique of Miami, Florida and Mrs Kelly Pierce of Chicago, Illinois. If you’ve never seen them performing LIVE on Chaturbate, you’ve been missing out on some incredible performances. Get to know them and if you already do, say congratulations!



Perola Negra on Black TGirls

I’ve been a fan of gorgeous Perola Negro since Louis Damazo first presented her in 2009. He also filmed her Black TGirls naughty maid set recently. This beauty from Porto Alegre, Brasil has possessed a range of body types I wanted myself since her adult industry debut through today. Black TGirls isn’t the only site you’ll find Perola on. She’s a megastar who’s also made spectacular performances on Brazilian Transsexuals and on Franks T-Girl World. “Naughty Maid Perola Negra Strokes Her Huge Cock!” on Black TGirls begins with Perola working the feather duster in the bedroom. Mr. Damazo’s tight closeups on her beautiful face bring out her pretty green/gray/blue eyes. You can see that her voluptuous body is absolutely ridiculous in the photos, but it’s even more astounding when she crawls across the bed in motion. Within about two minutes, you’ll see Perola standing on the bed stroking her big erection. Then she’s sitting on the bad jacking off. By this time she’s completely nude except for her jewelry. Perola continues to present her lovely form in a variety of sitting, standing and reclining positions. Then she lies back to concentrate on releasing on of the biggest creamy white cumshots I’ve seen in a long time. I highly recommend that you check out Perola’s huge archives from all the great websites I’ve mentioned to see her magnificent transition journey over the years.

Alexa Scout in Transsexual Girlfriend Experience

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First I watched the beautifully filmed trailer, then downloaded the full DVD for each deliciously torrid scene of Transsexual Girlfriend Experience which is perhaps the most couples-oriented hardcore video I’ve ever seen from Devil’s Film. It was directed by Jim Powers who has directed 658 movies from 1994 – 2016. The four scenes in order include Alexa Scout, Franchezka, Chelsea Marie and Aubrey Kate. In Scene #01, Alexa is a fashion designer who was up all night working on her line. Her sweet boyfriend purchased a massage table to pamper her with. He helps her get undressed before she lays across the table completely nude and her body is insanely gorgeous. So is her face for that matter and the erection he sucks on during this intimate massage. Alexa sucks her boyfriend’s cock in return and then the fucking begins – good, hard naked fucking. The theme of having gorgeous, intelligent and witty a transsexual girlfriend hits is mark right on target with its Alexa Scout and the entire trans woman cast under Mr. Powers’ visionary direction. Head on over to Devil’s Film for more trailers and images. 

Two Tgirls: A Date with the Babysitter

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When Sydney Farron returns home to babysitter Mayumi Sparkles after a bad date, things heat up! Tired of shady guys, Sydney wants to find out what it’s like to be with another girl. Mayumi the inexperienced teen babysitter is more than eager to find out with her. The two begin making our innocently before Mayumi gets on her knees and begins sucking off Sydney. After a bit of that, Sydney fucks the babysitter in a variety of positions such as Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggy Style, and more! The video ends with a HUGE cum shot all over Mayumi! This is the official synopsis of the latest 4K, HD, SD, options of the latest video. Once again the site’s gorgeous and multi-talented founder Mayumi almost left me with nothing to talk about. But I always get to add a a few details of things that amaze me personally. For instance, I’ve seen Sydney’s blazing hot solo and hardcore performances before, but I didn’t know she could top like this. I’m a major fan of her previous work though, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised. Mayumi takes a good long and hard pummeling with some serious spanking, too! She always amazes me how roughly she can stand being handled. That’s important to those of us who get a little bored with just regular foreplay and fucking from time to time. These beautiful Floridians remind me of the best things about living in the Sunshine State. If you thought all the best porn was only found on the west coast and in Europe, you need to get to where Mayumi and her foxy friends successfully dispel that old myth.


Sample Photo Set

Lemon from Southern Thailand has been in Bangkok for three years attending university. I think she looks super cute with the braces, but she has a mature appeal about her, too. That’s a nice balance for this beauty who returns to Ladyboy.XXX and was also featured on Frank’s TGirl World (click here for a sample photo set from Frank’s). She plays with her pigtails and lifts her t-shirt at the beginning of this Ladyboy.XXX shoot to quiclky expose her lovely hormone boobs. That stunning physique of hers is still accentuated however by the sexiest shorts known to mankind and tall strapped sandals. When photographer Terry zooms in on the bulge in her shorts, her erection is ready to make an appearance. It’s really an amazing tucking accomplishment she’s seemingly mastered and you’ll see what I mean when you watch the video. Now topless, she lets her uncut cock escape and grasps it firmly and when she turns her back to present her perky little bottom, you’ll see the close attention Lemon devotes to personal grooming. The ball sack peeking out from the bottom of her denim garment is flawlessly smooth-shaven. She eventually loses the magnificent shorts one her thick dick is raging hard. Lemon is not shy about giving explicit views of her fun spot while standing and sitting on the floor in this smoking hot Ladyboy.XXX scene. Lemon’s debut was hot as well and it was more of a sexy business woman shoot. After pulling down her panties and showing off her ass, Lemon began jerking off with her dress shirt still on. Then she just kind of allowed her stiff prong to hang there and swing around while she continued undressing. If you appreciate full body eye level footage of beautiful trans girls with boners gazing directly at you, you’ll want to grab her debut also. Lemon does a lot of walking around with a boner before she sits on the leather sofa to remove her high heels.

Kelly Klaymour Update

It’s hard for me to decide what impresses me more about what Kelly Klaymour is doing with her websites between the content and the tech she utilizes. Ultimately it always eventually come down to the sex with me, but I’m incredibly impressed both and her virtual reality adventure with To describe some of the videos in the most recent order, let’s take a look at and begin with “Switch Fucking” featuring Kelly sinking nude on the strap-on dildo of Rizzo Ford, who worked in a sex shop before entering the adult entertainment industry. The green-eyed brunette watched a lot of great porn of established stars to get a better idea of how to enhance her own performances. I’ve been a fan of Rizzo’s for about 3 out of her 5 year adult career. Once I found out about her work, I went backwards to her earliest work, enjoyed more up to date content and here I am raving about her amazing sessions with Kelly. This incredibly creative sofa sex scene allows us to watch Kelly give Rizzo the same treatment with her big, real life phallus. In “POV BJ” Rizzo sucks Kelly to completion in a spectacular letterbox format. “Pussy Lube” is a solo scene with Kelly and her fleshlight and it comes with a massive, creamy white explosion at the end. After a smoking fetish scene with Rizzo, there’s a foursome with trans star extraordinaire Stefani Special and cisgender bay area fox Freya French. “Flogged, Hogtied, Humiliated” is an authentic brand of Domination/submission that only lifestyle BDSM aficionados can create. If you like ropework, watching Stefani employ her skills will serve as a Shibari 101 home video course with the assistance of Freya who can switch her roles from dominant to submissive with the ease of seasoned master as well. Stefani’s wicked technique with flogging is on display, enhanced by Kelly’s nudity and Freya’s tormenting teasing. A behind-the-scenes segment is added that shows the foundation for this scene in development. “Rizzo Dominates Kelly” is up next and it includes duct tape for Kelly’s wrists and ankles. Kelly gets flogged and railed by Rizzo’s trusty strap-on again, but it’s shot differently than their previous strap-on scene. No foot fetishist will be able to resist the sploshing food crushing scene with Kelly and Rizzo smashing grapes with their heeled and bare feet. I’m practically writing a short story here, so move on to the next page of updates on to watch previews of the next incredible scenes from the gorgeous Kansas City native and winner of the 2015 Transgender Erotica Awards Best New Face and her hot ass friends.

Dirty Webcam Show with Eva Paradis & Sylvia Rubi

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Eva Paradis XXX
Eva Paradis TGirl Network

Eva Paradis is straight, yet so incredibly versatile. For example, her “Dirty Webcam Show” with Sylvia Rubi of Barcelona, the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain, makes it seem like she’s exclusively attracted to cisgender females. Now I know better than that, but cannot see how anyone isn’t attracted to either of them. It’s filmed like a sharper version of a live broadcast, but delivers the same freshness and passion I love about live shows. Sometimes I feel that with recorded shows, something is missing. Not here and in fact, everything I wanted to see happen, happens; mutual breast admiration, kissing, pussy play, cock sucking, foot sex, and Hitachi magic wand insertion. Silvia reaches climax while stroking and sucking Eva’s cock. Eva fucks her with the wand extension and all this happens before Eva begins fucking her doggy style and wait until you see how Sylvia makes Eva cum! This xxxplicit dirty webcam show is available on Eva Paradis XXX and with the Eva Paradis XXX TGirl Network multi-pass.

River Stark, Robert Axel & Francesca Le

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She-Male Perverts #03

Although I went directly to the actual scene to see River Stark and Robert Axel sucking and fucking each other first, I like the behind-the-scenes video too. It’s also directed by Francesca Le who got to taste River’s cum near the end of the sizzling hot She-Male Perverts #03 scene. She actually showed her pretty face in what I guess one could call a cummy cameo. The Evil Angel filmography of actress/director Francesca Le lists 204 scenes. The BTS scene interview tells us a little about how much River enjoyed her scene with Robert who really knows how to give it to a girl who wants it hard. It’s a truly powerful railing, but River didn’t take it easy on Robert, either. The gorgeous trans star also updates us on her own photographer both commercial and for porn. I’ve raved about her work before with another major studio. The interview is post-coital and River is just sporting a bra and a hardon. She obviously could have gone straight into another scene and I’m glad that River mentioned that trans woman cum tastes different because I can attest to that fact. River goes on to discuss how professional Robert is and about more of her preferences and personal lifestyle a bit. In the full-length scene, a good portion of the beginning is River posing with a boner. I’m so glad that River and Robert switched for this incredible production. The official text reads: Sexy, busty, tattooed TS River Stark shows off her slender build and bodacious boobs in her bright-colored bikini, strutting to the music, boasting a bulging she-penis and stroking herself. Indoors, director Francesca Le inspects River’s rock-hard cock via blow job. They welcome stud Robert Axel and trade sloppy, deep-throat favors — Robert bends over to take the length of River’s shaft up his asshole. She power-fucks him and takes a hard anal reaming from the dark-skinned Adonis. She spurts cum while Robert drills her rectum, then drops to her knees for a creamy facial load in She-Male Perverts #03 available for download and streaming on Evil Angel.

Stunning Casey Kisses

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If you haven’t already seen gorgeous Florida’s Casey Kisses on Shemale Yum, don’t miss her debut. I’m a little confused because when I saw her on Chaturbate in room tscaseyhaze_xxx about a month ago, I could have sworn she was from Texas. This shoot was filmed by Omar Wax which leads me to believe I’m on the right track and that she’s new to the Sunshine State. I’ve also seen that she’s performed on webcam more recently on Streamate in room tscasethaze_xxx. I think that part of the reason her major studio is so good is because of her previous live experience before the camera. Mr. Wax uses his camera to film Casey stripping and masturbating both seated and standing and captures her great looks in a variety of original angles. There’s great full body and tigh closeup footage of this young, hung beauty. Within the first eight minutes, Casey is totally nude and her body is to die for. She also has a sexy voice which I remember from her live shows. I don’t know for sure if she’ll be filming next in Florida, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she appeared on Shemale Yum again filmed by Jack Flash next time. Don’t quote me on that, however. Casey Kisses is absolutely stunning no matter who she shoots with, even if she’s doing the shooting herself.

Quiz in Hung Bombshell Barebacking

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Ladyboys Fucked Bareback
Ladyboy Tube

24 is the age beautiful Quiz states when asked by the man who is about to have sex with with her on Ladyboys Fucked Bareback while filming all the action. She lies back on the bed smiling widely. I don’t know if she’s a little nervous or just happy to be so good looking. The guy pulls her panties aside to show off her cute, sexy ass. Quiz is easily one of the finest models I’ve seen on the Ladyboy Gold network yet. I’ve seen so many hot babes here over the years. After getting primed with lube, Quiz stands up on the bed to pose a bit more with her impressive and thickly foreskinned girl-cock hanging out of her undies. She says her height is 167 cm. She grabs her thick erection and strokes it a bit. Now I see why she’s smiling so much. Her American partner has a wonderful dick, too! Quiz slurps on his dong taking is down to the balls in POV footage. Soon, she takes the slick cock in her and rides it cowgirl style and then in reverse cowgirl. Her puckered prize slides down on the bare dick until she’s balls deep. Quiz’s hard cock swings while she wildly bounces. We get views from the from and back as Quiz rides. Next Quiz is fucked missionary position. She jerks off her dick, then gets fully into her own orgasm. Huge healthy ropes of sticky cum shoot from Quiz’s rod directly in your face. It’s a gorgeous sight and the POV dude is ready to cum soon, but he fucks her in the missionary position again. His cock unloads giving Quiz a creampie. I love this Ladyboys Fucked Bareback update. I also love the incredible range of content on Ladyboy Tube.

4K Video with Nala & Young Gunz

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In the first 4K Grooby video ever, when beautiful Nala meets super cute Young Gunz, they confess that they’ve been checking each other out. This is a torrid and sharp Shemale.XXX scene filmed by Omar Wax. Nala likes his ink, his hair, his chain and his body. Young Gunz takes off his shirt upon request and explains his tattoos, then Nala explains what hers represent. These two don’t embarrass themselves at all during the acting sequence. It’s refreshingly natural. So is the kissing with Nala sitting on the young man’s lap and the big erection that’s exposed between Nala’s lovely legs. It’s a pretty amazing feat for her to managed tucking all that hard cock with the fishnet dress she’s wearing. The sight of Young Gunz spanking Nala’s perfectly rounded ass might make you lose it before they even get down to the sex. Nala has her guy’s pants and boxers down moments later and she sucks his dick balls deep as it expands. She moves off the chair and sinks to her knees on the floor to give his schlong her full, undivided attention. Then she sits back up on the chair calling Young Gunz a fucking slut before resuming her cock sucking. You know about her dominant side from watching Nala’s previous seven Shemale.XXX scenes, right? At any rate, Young Gunz devours Nala’s sensitive breasts while stroking her big schlong next. He also leans down to give her head before standing behind her and thrusting his cock inside her tight ass. In less than half of this scene, we’re off to a tremendous fuck that continues in the bedroom in a variety of tantalizing positions. This 4K Shemale.XXX hardcore scene is simply exquisite.


Shelbi Trutch on Femout.XXX

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“Hey, I’m Shelbi. You may or may not have seen me walking in and out of my house down the street. Innocent looks and the constant talk about cute outfits, music and geeky subjects only masks the debauchery I find myself in behind closed doors, hehe. Care to have a look, it may hold a surprise you weren’t expecting.” That’s the introductory phrasing from Shelbi Trutch of Texas who has two scorching sets on Femout.XXX. I love her pro shoots with photographer Omar Wax, but she’s a fantastic live performer as well. It’s been about two weeks while since I’ve seen Shelbi Strutch broadcasting as shrutchy on Chaturbate. But I haven’t forgotten how her live work, interacting with fans must have helped with her natural performance wit ha major studio. When I checked out her Chaturbate bio, it took me to her Tumblr site where it states that she’s a 25 year old bisexual femboy who can’t wait to be on hormones and that she’s a versatile switch. That combination is one of my biggest attractions. Shelbi aka Adora looks great with hardly any makeup on and she possesses a succulent budding set of hormone breasts. She also has a killer ass, that she slaps hard, and legs to die for. Shelbi is pretty vocal, especially when grabbing the bulge in her shorts, and she has a sweet voice. I guess there was no way I could have known she was posing with a butt plug inserted in her cute bottom until she started grinding on her hands and knees on the floor in her debut. This chick has moves like someone who’s worked in a strip club. I don’t remember seeing all that on Chaturbate, but she has a lot more room to play around here. When Shelbi stands up to stroke her erection, the head is so large in proportion to it’s turgid shaft, her cock reminds me of a microphone. And wait until you see Shelbi squeezing with her thighs from behind with another glimpse of that butt plug on Femout.XXX. Then there’s her marvelous follow-up “Downright Dirty with Shelbi Trutch video and photo set. I’ll go into that later since I’ve already taken up so much space with this post. Don’t forget to look out for her in room strutchy on Chaturbate.


Bianka Nascimento & Allan

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Before I saw the torrid hardcore scene with Bianka Nascimento and Allan, I saw the solo scene with Bianka stripping and jacking off by the pool. She tells us how she gets so excited thinking about naked guys on the beach. She looks ravishing with shades on, a sheer lacy one-piece and tall pumps by the pool. She bares and fondles her large breasts, then simulates fellatio with the arm of her sunglasses. The closeups on her lovely face and bright eyes are exquisite and so is her completely nude form as she strokes her cock to a full erection. Bianka takes a brief dip in the water and continues jerking off. If you’ve been craving to see another video with Bianka playing with herself naked from head to toe, you must get this.

MP4 Trailer

In her scene with handsome, muscular Allan, Bianka is already grabbing his boner through his briefs as the kiss when it begins. As for the oral action, Bianka does most of the cock sucking and Allan devours her with a rimjob. Doggy style is the first position he fucks her in. You simply must subscribe to either the official Bianka Nascimento website or get a TGirl Network multi-pass for the entire lineup of legendary SMC stars. For more of this top trans star, take a look at the Bianka Nascimento Filmography on Adult Empire. Her body of work is incredible!

Bianca Nascimento Filmography 

Two Tgirls: Mayumi Sparkles & Yuuki Trap

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In Teen Office Massage Girl on, Mayumi Sparkles, being the hard worker that she is at the Two Tgirls office, decided to have a nice massage during work hours to help alleviate some of that work stress. Teen tgirl Yuuki Trap shows up eager to relax and please her. At first, she thought she was going to have a nice massage, but things start to heat up when Yuuki’s hands begin to wander. After a sensual massage, Yuuki begins to suck off Mayumi. After a bit of that, they get in to the 69 position for a while before Mayumi ends up fucking Yuuki in her tight teenage tgirl butt. The video ends with Mayumi blowing a nice load all over Yuuki’s face. Being the good girl that Yuuki is, she eagerly swallows every drop that landed in her mouth! This is teenage tgirl Yuuki’s very first ever hardcore video! Aside from sucking Yuuki’s cock in a breathtaking 69, Mayumi is a total top in this scene. Hell, my Domme membership card would be revoked if cock sucking were a no-no. I can’t decide what parts of the actual fucking were my favorites! I love seeing Yuuki riding Mayumi in the cowgirl position with her hard dick bouncing up and down. It’s like Mayumi’s tummy is a trampoline for her cockhead. Then there’s butt naked badass Mayumi taking Yuuki’s cute butt in the doggy style position. Mayumi is so into her jackhammer drilling, slapping that ass hard when she’s not holding it in place. The ending, when Mayumi shoots her syrupy cum into Yuuki’s mouth is just everything! Don’t miss this fantastic hardcore transbian update in 4K, HD or Standard HD on!

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TSplayground: Deborah Mastronelly, Spencer Fox

MP4 Trailer
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Flash Preview
TS Playground

On his first night in Brazil, handsome Spencer Fox gets to suck, get sucked by, fucks and get fucked by beautiful Deborah Mastronelly. He introduces them both at the beginning of their torrid TS Playground scene. Deborah says she’s never had sex with an American guy before. I know most of Spencer’s work and that she’s in for something really special. I also know that he’s going to have a wonderful time with this Brazilian trans porn icon. Spencer exposes one of her breasts, compliments her tan line and begins to devour one of her nipples. He pays attention to the other pretty boob too and there’s a huge boner hidden in his shorts. Deborah gives him a good cock sucking when he discards the shorts and when she unsnaps the buttons of her sexy leotard, Deborah’s thick cock is also stiff and pointing up toward the ceiling. She doesn’t even need to touch it because Spencer quickly lowers his shredded body on the bed to give her head. Deborah resumes sucking Spencers’s dick, then rides his face. Then Deborah straddles Spencer facing him and he works his bare cock inside her. After lots of position changes and more oral fun, Deborah begins fucking Spencer about 20 minutes into this scene. After taking the same kind of pounding he delivered, Spencer tops Deborah again. I’m pretty sure that both cumshots at the end of this TS Playground instant classic would make Peter North do a double take.

Domino Presley & Richie

Sample Photo Gallery

Megastar Domino Presley has mastered the art of adult industry multi-tasking with a new hardcore with super cute Richie on Shemale Yum, her own ts-dominopresley website and dominopresleyxxx Chaturbate webcam performances. Buddy Wood films Domino greeting Richie, undoing her pants and opening her legs for a moment. She’s sitting on the bed and gives us a Basic Instinct rapid flash beneath her dress. It’s not a Sharon Stone-like pussy of course, but a package peeking out of a pair of black panties. Richie’s big dick is already hard when it springs out in the open and into Domino’s hand. After giving him a brief blowjob, Domino stands up for some help getting out of her dress. She then crouches down to suck on his stiff tool again. As soon as she lays back on the bed and pulls off her panties, this hot man is ready to fuck, but he worships the beauty with a rimjob before sinking his rod inside her bareback. After a missionary railing, he hits that magnificent ass side saddle. I could go on about what happens from that point until Domino takes Richie’s creampie, but I’d rather that you stream or download the full scene on Shemale Yum and see for yourself.

Koko, Amy, Brittany & Jen Chaturbate Trans Foursome!

thosedamncows on Chaturbate

I can’t believe what I saw on Chaturbate last night! Miss Koko Beans and Amy Space Kitten were already two of my all-time favorite webcam teams performing in the thosedamncows room. I’ve raved about them here before. Well, they had a foursome with two other beauties I’m a huge fan of, Brittany Jane and Jen Damage! I love Chaturbate broadcasts so much that I created my own TS Dreamland Cams white label site for branding purposes and to urge my friends and trans fans I have yet to get to know to tun in. When I signed in, these four beauties were fully dressed. That’s the beauty of checking in regularly. The four babe bared their butts and added a bit of spanking first. The first girl to expose her cock got a finger banging and then got naked. Then more clothing was shed and two other sexpots went topless. Soon all four were nude or damn close to it and one hottie got her cock sucked. I’m not going to say who did what to protect the innocent, but once the suckee got an erection, she began fucking the one who made her big dick hard. The girl getting fucked while standing then got blown and she was railed. The pretty girl who was doing the fucking then began fucking another girl! Someone else got a strap-on fucking and then a chick got her salad tossed while she was making out. Nipple clamps were brought in and a very useful Hitachi magic wand vibrator. My favorite part of the cam session came when all four girls began making out and sucking each other off. Actually, that was my favorite part before the fucking resumed! I saw this incredible foursome in room thosedamcows where I’ve loving Miss Koko Beans and Amy Space Kitten getting it on for months. Next, I discovered gorgeous Brittany Jane who cams live in room brittanyjane. I’m now a fan of the jenndamage hostess, too! This was the first Chaturbate trans girl live hardcore fourway I’ve ever seen. It was better than I could have ever imagined.

Joanna Jet in a White Babydoll

Sample Photo Gallery

I highly recommend that you watch the Scene Trailer of Me and You #193 White Babydoll that the sample photo set above comes with. Just go to “Scene Updates” on the landing page for the video preview. She released two smocking hot videos on the same day and when I watched Shemale does POV #4 – Housemates with Joanna Jet and Liberty Harkness, it seemed like old times again. It recalled erotic memories of their 2011 scene in the Shemale Tranny Hunter DVD. IN POV #4, Liberty enters Joanna’s room while filming. She catches Joanna by the window wearing a white onesie and black skirt with a big bulge in the front. We see that Liberty is also wearing a white onesie, but with a grey skirt when Joanna takes the video camera. Since they don’t have to get to work just yet, Liberty models for Joanna, turning around to raise the hem of her skirt. She has an amazing ass and the front view is magnificent as well. I guess the British call onesies and singlets ‘combinations’ because I’ve never heard that before. The actual POV or point-of-view action begins when Joanna withdraws Liberty’s smoothly shaven cock and balls and begins sucking away. Naturally, Joanna strokes her cock to a full erecting while giving head. Then she takes the camera back when Liberty gets down on her knees to return the favor. I think you’ll love the exposed breasts in the frame during each blowjob and closeups on their pretty faces while they’re sucking each other off. I don’t know how one can make such a fantastic video while fucking bareback, but this is exactly what happened. You can watch the trailer on

Jamie French & Stefani Special

I haven’t seen TS Jamie French and Stefani Special this hot together since the Trans6uals DVD last year. That’s one of my all-time favorite transbian flicks I just had to have. I don’t know who Ryan is and what he did to be rewarded with a video in his honor, but he’s one lucky dude. Everyone is lucky who gets to see this hot pair kiss. Stefani pulls Jamie’s short-shorts and panties off, kisses her perfectly pedicures toes and takes Jamie’s cock into her mouth. She carefully fondles and tea bags Jamie’s smooth-shaven balls while sucking her dick until it’s raging hard. A rimjob is included in all this fancy manipulation and hard skull fucking and Stefani lays back to receive her reward. Stefani gets her stiff cock rubbed by Jamie’s oiled, pretty feet. In fact, Stefani gets an even longer foot fuck than Jamie’s male partner did in the recent Throat Whore video! Just when I think this scene could not possibly get any hotter, Stefani slides down on Jamie’s erection. I didn’t know that Jamie was gonna fuck Stefani too! They fuck bareback and I’m thinking it’s going to end one way, but then I”m pleasantly and erotically surprised. Watch it or download it on the official TS Jamie French website.