Bailey Jay Pics and Videos

Bailey Jay is “Cock Obsessed” in one of her new videos. I need therapy for that condition myself. I hear you, girl. Click on the images below to see how she handles her problem. I’m predicting that will be the most downloaded individual transsexual model website of the decade. Her mainstream popularity strides won’t hurt, nor will the fact that she’s still making naughty solo and torrid videos with her husband and GG and other TS stars and newbies. If you haven’t been keeping up with Bailey Jay, take her tour and see what you’ve been missing. What I love most about the new photo sets is that they’ve become more integrated with the video scenes. Also, the movies aren’t long and dragged out. We do not go to to be awed by her for her thespian ability. As for personality, there’s plenty of it in the scenes. But if you want more of that and to learn more about what makes her tick, that’s what her podcast is for.

Robbie Racks on Shemale Strokers

TS Robbie Racks moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to transition, to do porn and to escort. She says that transgenders are pretty well-treated there. She’s been transitioning for about three years. When Robbie initially started on hormones and developed B-cup breasts, she wasn’t satisfied with their size, so she got DD implants. I’m sure that her clients absolutely love them. If you happen to meet Robbie in person, keep in mind that she loves Italian food, coconut rum and pineapple juice. Robbie prefers versatile men. Robbie also loves the adventure of deciding who is going to top and who is going to bottom. Robbie strokes her cock during her Shemale Strokers interview and it grows raging hard as she talks about the sex she likes. When she stands up to strip, her big dick points straight at the camera. She loves the consistency of cum, the thicker, the better. If you have the opportunity to fuck Robbie, she really loves silicone lubricant. She’s got a sexy voice, especially when describing how she likes her large member sucked. Pull on her cockhead and don’t be afraid to squeeze the base firmly. Don’t be afraid to humiliate Robbie a little, too. Last night, before a guy shot his cum on her big tits, he wrote the word “slut” on one of them. She asked, “What’s the matter? Don’t you know how to spell ‘whore’?” At this point, she’s sitting on the sofa with her dick pointing upward. Robbie takes off her stripper platforms and asks you to help take off her stay-up stockings. Sometimes she likes wrapping stockings tightly around a hard shaft. It could be hers or it could be yours. The sounds Robbie makes when she shoots a load of cum on one of her tan thighs and the way her body convulses makes this one one of the most exciting climaxes you’ll see on Shemale Strokers. You’ll also find Robbie Racks having hardcore sex with two legendary performers, Shavonna Starr and Christian XXX on Pure-TS.

TS Jamie French DVD & Video

There’s a two part video on TsJamieFrench entitled “Unused” I failed to mention. You’ll have to go to the second page of the updates to September 2014 to stream or download it in whichever format you prefer. The 132 image “Rock Star” shoot isn’t just a poser set. If you don’t know anything about Jamie French, she really is an actual pro-rocker. She’s always been a badass (with a killer ass I might add). For example, she fists herself and uses a speculum the the following image comes from. To further illustrate my point, the new DVD she directed, produced and starred in Trans6uals is a big success! I own it and you should, too. I’ve gone into details about Trans6uals on Caramel’s TGirls on May 15, 2015. Back to “Unused” on TsJamieFrench, the cinematic quality shows how Jamie had what it takes to eventually produce a killer DVD. The co-star is the prolific performer Smith, and if you prefer seeing Jamie with men over the multitude of gorgeous transsexuals she’s been playing with lately, I think you’ll love it! I was fascinated from the very beginning of the Letterbox Widescreen format of the video with Jamie heading in her halter sweater, tartan plaid skirt and platform sandals to Smith’s hotel room. While they were kissing on the bed, Smith pulled out Jamie’s big erection, she reciprocate and moved up along his body half naked with feline grace. I think I may have learned a new trick or two about sexy faces you can make while sucking cock and swallowing cum from her. The bareback fucking was absolutely incredible! Take a walk down memory lane and watch or download “Unused” on her official website. “Trans6uals” is available on Adult Empire!

Mako Aiuchi on Shemale Japan

With 14 sets since 2012 under her belt, Mako Aiuchi is killing it on Shemale Japan. She’s modeled several times in and out of schoolgirl and in French maid uniforms. But she’s amazing to look at also in and out of sophisticated evening wear and office attire. Her bikini and high heel sandals set in one of my favorites. This time, she’s back in cosplay mode, as you can see from this sample gallery. Photographer Hiro had Mako posing before the mirror while he filmed her latest video, doing upskirt teases from behind and facing us to raise the hem of her tartan plaid skirt. Her cock was already hard when she withdrew it from her panties. She stared into the camera and began pumping it with both hands. Meanwhile, Hiro cupped her balls and took over jacking her off. You can see how high this made her dick stand up in the photos. Next, the luckiest man in Japan got to play with Mako’s big nipples. She sat on a chair and gave some devastating views of her pert ass and wrinkled rosebud while Hiro continued to jack her off. 5’4″(163cm), 112 lbs(51kg) are some of the stats of this naughty new-half from Tokyo that you absolutely must see (several times) on Shemale Japan.

Stefani Special Fucks Tiffany Starr

Sometimes Tiffany Starr likes to do the fucking, but sometimes she likes to get fucked. In this case, with Stefani Special, she was in the mood to bottom. It didn’t exactly start out that way in this scene however. They were in bed kissing and when Stefani reached underneath Tiffany’s mini dress, she found that Tiffany’s big cock was hard as a rock. She sucked on it briefly, but decided she was going to be the one to do the fucking. So she had Tiffany suck on her long dick until it was raging hard. They got into a 69 with Stefani on top and soon after, Stefani began fucking the hostess of Tiffany Starr XXX bareback doggie style. I mean she really slammed that ass! She pulled out, slapped it hard, then went back to drilling again. “Are you my little butt slut?” she asked while jacking her hips and Tiffany begged her to stretch her ass out. They paused only for more oral fun and then Stefani went back to railing Tiffany’s ass, in the missionary position this time. I don’t want to tell you too much, but when it comes to heavy cummers, Tiffany may have met her match. But I already knew that. I’ll never forget that amazing transbian fuckfest with Tiffany, Stefani, birdmountain and Rebeka Refuse that’s also on Tiffany Starr XXX!

Venus Lux, Charity Bangs, Robert Axel

I just have to describe some of the action of a sizzling hot threesome on the official Venus Lux website: Robert Axel is fully dressed in business attire and engaging in foreplay with 5’1″, 110lbs, 32D-26-34 Charity Bangs in the bedroom. She gets on the bed to give him a wet and messy blowjob. In less than 5 minutes, she’s completely nude and getting her pussy eaten. Her high-pitched moans are so incredibly sexy. She cums fast and Robert lays on his back while Charity straddles his dusky erection bareback! Then he gives her a doggie-style railing. Then Venus Lux enters the room half-dressed and her big dick is already hard from watching the couple. Charity sucks her cock while Robert continues to pummel her from behind. This position gets Venus and Robert close enough to start kissing while tag-teaming Charity. Then it’s Venus’s turn to fuck Charity from behind as Robert gets another blowjob. My favorite part is when Venus takes Charity in the missionary position while Robert fucks the beautiful Chinese/Mongolian transsexual. This is one of the hottest daisy chains I’ve ever seen. Wait until you see Robert fucking Charity’s ass while Venus plunges her pussy with her raging hard cock! Venus straddles Robert and jerks a hot load of cum on his six-pack. Charity sucks the remainder and shares a cummy kiss with Venus who strokes the jizz out of his big tool. Download the full length movie on! Here’s a video trailer and sample photo gallery:

Delia TS in The Tranny Bunch

Devils Film presents “The Tranny Bunch,” the world’s first-ever hardcore transgender parody that pokes fun at one of America’s favorite families. “The Tranny Bunch” hit streets on DVD June 1! So far, I’ve watched Scene #01 with Mrs. Carol Brady, played by Delia DeLions of Delia-TS and her step-son Greg Brady, played by Ruckus (Florence Henderson, Barry Williams were the original TV series actors). The scene opens with Greg jerking off in the bedroom when Mrs. Brady walks in to make sure he’s ready for school. She decides that he shouldn’t go to school in the state he’s in and helps solve the problem he’s having by stroking his big cock. Mrs. Brady doesn’t seem surprised that Greg has fantasized about Marcia. But she wants to know if he’s fantasized about her. Of course he has! Let the blowjob begin. After several positions of coitus, Mrs. Brady cums while getting railed in the missionary position, looking fabulous completely naked. Greg blasts his load on her face and lovely tits. Then she tells him to get ready for school. Each photo below will take you to trailers and a sample gallery of this forbidden, incestuous XXX scene. Take the Devil’s Film tour and don’t forget to visit the official Delia-TS website!

She-Male Idol Candy and Bo

I wish I had a nickel for every hot chick I knew named Candy. Another nickel for every hot transsexual I’ve seen the veteran male performer Bo banging would make me quite wealthy. No amount of money could buy me hardcore scenes better than the ones I see on Joey Silvera’s She-Male Idol. At the top of this 34 minute scorcher, Joey is going nuts over 22 year old Candy as she sits on the bed in her black bikini top hot pink mini skirt and open toe pumps. Her skin is lightly oiled and if you happen to have a cock, you should oil that baby up. Candy bares her full breasts and shows off her incredible pantied ass. Joey tells someone that Candy might need some help and that’s when Bo enters the scene. His cock is already hard, but Candy’s fist makes it even harder. Bo exposes Candy’s beautiful dark erection and begins sucking on the uncut length of it. The foreskin around her cock is so tight that Bo’s aggressive sucking doesn’t seem to be able to draw it back at first. But he keeps working at it and eventually finds success. Next, our legendary director gets some footage of Candy’s cock at close up range. She sucks Bo’s European boner while he jerks her Thai prick furiously. Finally comes the part I’ve been anxiously awaiting. After a devoted salad tossing, Bo sinks his dick inside Candy’s tight ass and begins fucking her bareback, telling her to smile. After some position changes, Candy masturbates until she fires a big load of spunk on Bo’s schlong and halfway up his arm. She gives Bo a long French kiss during wild jerking until he blasts his jizz on his stomach. Enjoy the video previews and watch the full scene on She-Male Idol.

Ada Black on Shemale Strokers

Naughty schoolgirl Ada Black is back at home after getting suspended for the second time this year. She’s taking a reproductive physiology class and got in trouble with the professor. Since her mom isn’t home from work yet, you’re  invited to her bedroom where she lights up a smoke, and rubs her legs and feet together with her long socks on. Ada gives us a glimpse of her flaccid cock and also a show-and-tell ass presentation before making stroking her cock stiff. The rear closeups show off Ada’s flexing pucker and soon her red-flushed dick is rock hard and bobbing and swaying beneath the hem of her tartan plaid skirt. While fingering herself, she masturbates in an interesting way that inspired me to try something new. Ada strokes her erection with her pinky facing the bulbous head of her cock. I know for myself that it almost feels like someone else is beating your meat. After Ada shoots a big load of creamy white cum, there’s a cute comical ending to her second Shemale Strokers video. To find out what Ada has in store for you next, visit AdaBlackXXX!

Michelle Firestone and Jessica Taylor

I don’t know how many TsPussyHunters members got past the part where Michelle Firestone was fucking Jessica Taylor side-saddle with her big bare cock. I’d imagine a lot of fans of both ladies would love to have alternated between orally teasing Jessica’s pussy and Michelle’s hard shaft during this furious fucking. I know I sure did! On the incredible Kink site that brings us TsSeduction plus a plethora of other great sites, it’s Jessica’s second scene with a gorgeous transsexual star. Venus Lux was her first. Beautiful TS Michelle Firestone is the bartender in “Last Call Leads to Stranger Fucking in the Bar” and it opens with 5’7″, 34B-28-34 removing the high heels from her sore feet. Michelle is turned on while watching since Jessica really does have a sexy pair of feet. Michelle has a sexy pair of peds herself. As a matter of fact, this TSPH scene is quite foot fetish-oriented and this is how the foreplay begins. After Michelle worships Jessica’s fishnet clad toes, they start kissing passionately. Then more of Jessica’s tight body is revealed with Michelle focusing on her sexy ass. Jessica is obviously turned on by baring Michelle’s exquisite dancer’s body. She’s both surprised and elated by the pretty dick that was hidden inside Michelle’s lacy black panties. I don’t blame Jessica for not being able to suck Michelle’s long cock to the base. I don’t think I could go down balls deep myself. Michelle’s creampie after the doggie-style bareback pounding is everything! Enjoy these TsPussyHunters trailers and don’t forget to check out the updates on TsSeduction!

Pure-TS Aubrey Kate and Christian XXX

There are three photo and video sets of Aubrey Kate on Pure-TS with Christian XXX. The latest is a POV blowjob and stroking scene with the Las Vegas beauty making the prolific male performer’s huge cock explode. There’s also a bareback scene that runs 33 minutes with 268 photos in which Aubrey Kate is headed to Ibiza to party with her friends. Christian is late taking her to the airport and I’m sure you can figure out how he makes up for it. My personal favorite was the very first one – a 28 minute scorcher with 272 images where Aubrey Kate and Christian are supposed to go to a beach club. He doesn’t want to go even though she promises to let him fuck her in the cabana. She’s disappointed, but agrees to stay in if she gets to fuck Christian. If topping men isn’t Aubrey Kate’s favorite activity, you’d never know it, judging from that first incredible Pure-TS performance. If you’re into men also, the HD footage of Aubrey Kate applying oil to the porn king’s ass before drilling him bareback might send you over the edge before the fucking even begins. If you’re exclusively a TS admirer, I’ve never seen a more exquisite performer than Aubrey Kate ever. There are multiple position changes until she makes Christian’s enormous dick blast his load below his tight abs. Aubrey Kate’s creamy white climax is just out of this world. Don’t miss this incredible scene on Pure-TS where there are currently 81 full-length videos with over 45 incredible transsexual stars.

Tiffany and Friends on Tiffany Starr XXX

Tiffany Starr XXX members were teased and tormented by the “Tiffany and Friends” photo set since the May 10th and on the 17th, the video that comes with it went live! As the scene opens, Tiffany is getting her stiff cock sucked by Leanna Monroe when Jane Starr (no relation) arrives to help kick things up a notch by giving Leanna a handjob. Then Jane gets her chance to give Tiffany a blowjob while Leanna works on her lovely breasts. Tiffany asks Jane how deep she can go and Jane shows her by swallowing her big dick balls deep. Meanwhile, Tiffany sucks Leanna’s stiff prick before she goes back to what she was doing when Jane entered the room. Next, Jane hops on the sofa to suck on Leanna’s big boner while Tiffany scoots up behind Jane to give her a furious doggie-style fucking. Jane’s ringed cock and balls bobs and swing beneath her as she gets spit-roasted So far I’ve only described the first nine minutes of this 27 minute video. My favorite part is the daisy chain with Tiffany railing Jane doggie-style while Leanna drills her pecker in and out of Jane who takes it in the missionary position. Or perhaps it’s one of the three tremendous cumshots before this bareback threeway comes to an end I liked seeing the most. See it for yourself and let me know what turned you on the most. By the way, if you’re thinking that Tiffany Starr XXX is all about transbian content just because of this scene, there are lots of lucky men in Tiffany’s videos also.

Gabriella Andrade and Christian XXX

The prolific host of Pure-TS does it again, this time with Rio de Janeiro born megastar Gabriella Andrade aka Ninna Gabriella De Andrade. This hot little minx was born on February 18, 1991 and has been featured on more adult transgender websites than I can even recall. In Scene #05 of TS Playground #18 on Evil Angel, she’s dressed in fishnets and a bustier that shows off her firm round boobs, feverishly stroking her big stiff cock. Gaby’s rosebud winks in anticipation for the arrival of muscular Christian XXX and the huge cock between his legs. But when he enters the room, Christian has other plans. He tosses Gabriella’s salad and worships her big cock. They enjoy a passionate, cocksucking 69 and take turns rimming each other. Christian fucks Gabriella while her cock sways this way and that during the reverse cowgirl ride. A cowgirl railing shows off Gaby’s incredible bottom and then Christian bangs her side-saddle. After a doggie-style fucking, Gaby wants to do the penetrating. About 20 minutes into this half hour scene, the stud gets his gets his bubble butt plowed until he jacks a big load of creamy white cum onto his belly. Gabriella adds her own spunk soon after! You have to see this video and check out more of the scenes from Jay Sin’s TS Playground #18!

Nala on Black TGirls

Just in case you didn’t get a good look at the Black-TGirls Model of the Month of May, 2015 here’s more of the 5’7″, 125 lbs TS Nala of the Lone Star state of Texas. “I’m soft and fem but not opposed to topping a nice muscle bubble butt. I get excited just thinking about it,” she said. If I didn’t know she was talking about men, I might be tempted to check myself out in the mirror to see if I was bootilicious enough for her. Since I’m primarily a top however, if I had the chance to, I’d do what gorgeous Mr. Soldier Boi did to Nala in a 25 minute video on Black Shemale Hardcore. She is a wild one in bed! I don’t know when Nala will be back, but her return is highly anticipated. I do know that there are some seriously lucky men out there.