Bailey Jay In Shower Head

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“What are you doing?” he asks when Bailey Jay joins him in the bathroom wearing a black t-shirt and gray Calvin’s undies. “I’m taking my tits out and I’m gonna suck your dick,” she replies. He’s wearing a t-shirt and khakis while standing in the shower presumably because he wants her to fish his cock out while he films this POV scene. He steps out of his pants as she kneels before him on the floor with her big boobs exposed. After making a few swipes across the shaft which is just a tad less than fully erect, Bailey Jay takes the head of his cock inside her mouth and begins sucking with tentative strokes. It’s almost as if she’s teasing herself because she doesn’t whip her own cock out until after about two and a half minutes. His prick is raging hard at this point and she begins tea bagging his ball sack while jerking the shaft firmly and rapidly. I’m wondering why this wasn’t filmed after he had a shower, but I think I may know why it wasn’t. Some of us really like the musky scent of a man before he showers. I’m not talking about like after running a marathon, but just a nice natural scent to inhale while thoroughly enjoying a nice hard cock and set of balls. Some of us also like gazing up into his eyes often for signs of approval, getting a sense of how close he’s getting to climax. This is exactly how Bailey Jay gives head most of the time in her blowjob scenes. She fists this long erection a lot between sucking and her big dick expands from its flaccid state to straining hard. By the second half of the scene, she takes a short cock sucking break to concentrate of jerking her own hardon. All the porn she needs is the sight of the raging erection standing before her to get off. Her eyes are riveted on it in fact. Then she begins moaning loudly with her eyes closed, pumping her big dick furiously. Jet’s of creamy white cum burst from her swollen cock head while she uses her other hand to finger bang herself. He points the camera downward and captures close up footage of Bailey Jay scooping up big dollops of her spunk and drawing it inside her mouth. Then she sucks her man and jerks him off again with her tongue out to capture his jizz across her pretty face and inside her mouth. “Shower Head” is available with many more sizzling hot scenes of Bailey Jay’s free-standing website and on The TGirl Network.

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TGirls.Porn – Stefani Special & Juliette March

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Blackula presents the massively popular and uber-kinky TS Stefani Special hooked up with young AV starlet GG Juliette March for an utterly rampant mouth fucking, cock stuffing, pussy pumping, fuck session of epic proportions with more naughty toys that you can shake a stick at on TGirls.Porn! I remember seeing these gorgeous kinksters together before their sizzling scene here and Stefani mentions it in her scene interview. Stefani: “I met Juliette on set for another porn company and we just had such good chemistry during the scene that I had to work with her again. Fortunately she felt the same way and we were able to arrange this shoot for Juliette’s best attribute is her personality. She is just so fun to be around and to talk to that it is undeniable how much of a doll she really is. Juliette’s best physical attribute would probably be that booty. OMG, that big juicy booty is a sight to behold. Also Juliette’s cock sucking or…face fucking skills are out of this world. The girl can take a lot of throat ramming and she relishes it. She’s kinky, she’s sexy and she’s smart. What is not to love about a girl like that? Please enjoy us taking Trans porn beyond it’s regular expectations in this all out girl on girl dungeon sex fuck session!” I love that Juliette’s pussy isn’t completely shaven. There are some i prefer that way, but there’s just an additional turn on to me the way her wispy hair frames her pretty pink petals. It’s like something out of a 70’s Penthouse magazine you’ll notice if you’re looking as closely as I am. Stefani Special is one of my all-time favorite performers and she’s absolutely magnificent once again!

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Fresh Faced Jenn Damage!

I knew that good things were bound to happen once Amy Space Kitten got Jenn Damage to do a shoot. I know of this webcam model from her super sexy live shows on I’ve also seen her in group shows with Amy, KoKo Beans and Brittany Jane and there’s more information about that in an exclusive interview on

In her Shemale Yum debut, Jenn introduces herself as a Philly native who enjoys riding bikes and sucking dicks. Then she begins stripping and pushing her gorgeous boobs together inside the bra she’s wearing. She bares her breasts and fondles them firmly while moaning deeply.

Jenn sits back on the sofa and allows us to get a peek of the cock within her pink mesh panties. It begins to grow as she rubs it. “Oh, it’s so hard right now,” she purrs as she continues masturbating. Then she withdraws her erection and jerks off while massaging her pretty tits.

As you may have seen on Chaturbate, Jenn has a naughty way of talking while extremely turned on. With the straining hard pink/purple head of her cock oozing pre-cum, she talks about the sex she’s fantasizing while stroking her shaft firmly.

Jenn presents awesome views of her lovely bottom and Amy doesn’t hesitate to zoom in for closeups. The Philly fox is clearly in ecstasy as she jerks off while finger banging her little starfish. She mentions how tight she is and I’m pretty sure you will have considered that while watching by now.

She also penetrates herself with a black sex toy. The look in her eyes is so sexy while she fucks herself steadily with it. Jenn rarely stops playing with her sensitive boobs while jerking off and the expressions on her face are of pure lust all throughout this gorgeous debut.

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River Enza by Radius

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Sample Photo Gallery 

Usually when a trans model makes their major studio debut, and I know at least a few things about them before that happens, I usually don’t know much or anything about their partners. In this case, I may have known about gorgeous River Enza’s stunning cisgender female partner before learning about River. Since I follow BDSM porn as much as I get into trans porn, I knew that before this Femout.XXX debut, there was no way that River was going to be interviewed without mentioning Goddess Kyaa. If not, she’d have hell to pay after the shoot with Radius Dark. I love how Radius gets models to open up in preliminary interviews before, during or after all the naughty things happen. With River’s background fresh in my mind and this style of filming, this is much more than just a strip and stroke set. As erotic as it is on a purely visual level, it’s also brain food. I’m no BDSM expert, but rather a lifestyler who’s been into the scene for well over a decade. I continuously learn a lot from different types of relationship dynamics to consider in my own real life situations. I’m really happy for River and Enza for making this Femout.XXX major studio debut and congratulate her on her recent marriage to Goddess Kyaa. She reveals this Domination/submission event looking radiant while sitting in bed and gives us her physical stats. River tells us about her hobbies and lifestyle. Shibari is the Japanese art of rope work if you’re not into the scene and River talks about how she indulges in it with her Master. Yes, it’s a Master/slave relationship. River has a beautiful voice and I find myself wondering if she can sing while she describes a sexual experience. It was a threesome and both of her partners were extremely dominant with her. I’m particularly interested and aroused by River’s recollection of what the Dominant male partner made her do since I’m already quite familiar with the way Goddess Kyaa puts her through the paces. River begins playing with her cock while speaking and it grows stiff as she relives the threesome. Sub space details like how she has things done that she likes and doesn’t like at the same time is a thrill I know other kinksters will get a big kick out of. In closing, what you’ll see here is the result of a consummate web cam broadcaster on who’s mastered the art of sexy dialogue to enhance her stripping and hard cock stroking. It’s a lot more than just another hot looking scene to cum to. That work with the Aneros Helix silicone prostage massager is hot too! So is her body-quaking, tit-jiggling climax in her follow-up scene.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Femout.XXX
You can Watch the Free Trailer on Femout.XXX

Sexy Natalie Mars’ Red Dildo!

If there’s someone out there who doesn’t firmly believe that Natalie Mars isn’t one of the baddest models out there, I’d love to know what and who they’ve been looking at. This beauty does things with her miraculous butt in this scene you may have never even witnessed before.

My favorite place to watch Natalie other than in studio shoots is live on If you register free to see her there, please tip generously. But there’s no tipping necessary for Shemale Yum members where you’ll get to see all of her incredible scenes on this site.

This time around, her producer Radius Dark shows a bit more than usual the way he gets his work done. Standing in a pink bra, sheer black panties and black platform stripper platform heels, the model is surrounded by umbrella lamps.

She holds the main prop of this video, a long red dildo and she’s not shy about telling us what she’s about to do with it. Natalie removes her brassiere and discards it, then lowers her panties to bare her beautiful cock. She wiggles her dick a bit, drops and kicks off her undies and then takes a seat. “Wanna see me take all twelve inches of this big red dildo.” she asks.

Following this rhetorical question, she lubes up the double dong and fingers her rosebud to get it all warmed up. Natalie’s prick swells as she begins fucking herself with the huge toy. If you’re wondering if she really inserts that thing all the way inside her, the answer is yes!

Imagine what she can do with your stiff, pumping cock (perhaps squeeze the cum out of you quicker than you’d think). Natalie doesn’t just give you full frontal views of this miraculous feat. She repeats the process with her killer ass facing you as well. It’s a sexually charged game of hide and seek.

Plus, she strokes her raging hard cock with the toy fully inserted and while furiously pumping it in and out of her butt. There’s also footage of just completely naked Natalie doing her signature bare foot teasing and she tells us the mysterious secret of the shape of her coveted cock in this instant classic.

Stunning Mya

Stunning Mya of Houston, Texas says, “I’m very high maintenance kind of girl and get bored easily so please come with some originality. Completely passable so I expect you to be comfortable in your own skin as well. Sexually I’m all girl but, if the mood is right I’ll be able to scratch that hard to reach spot.” Mya is back on Shemale.XXX with her 5th smoking hot set and in this Omar Wax presentation.

Mya was incredible in two scenes getting fucked hard, once by Soldier Boy and also by Chance Stallion on

My favorite Shemale.XXX scene with Mya before this one is straight forward striptease and masturbation scene. Within three minutes, Mya is completely nude. She looks absolutely incredible jerking off on the black leather sofa, smacking her perfect ass hard. The southern beauty strokes her huge, hooded cock furiously near the end of this shoot until her creamy white cum lands on her tight tummy. She’s pretty quiet until her climax hits. She looks more exquisite than ever in her latest photo and video sets.

In this one, the Lone Star state fox sits on a bed wearing a sheer black top, panties and tall sandals. She moves elegantly through a tantalizing series of poses and her goodies are almost escaping the panel of her undies.

Mya bares more of her luscious breasts and begins rubbing the bulge in her panties. Her next positions on the bed make it obvious that she wants you to focus on her long legs and killer ass. It’s almost like a dare not to.

She licks one of her nipples after exposing both of them. Then she tweaks each jet black nub and pulls her panties down her thighs and calves. Mya lays on her back next and completely removes her undies.

Omar captures full body wide angle footage of May stroking her large, uncut cock. He also zooms in for some tight closeups. As her cock expands, it has a sort of cone shape – narrow at its tip, yet very thick leading to the base. When the beautiful Texan jerks off, the head of her big cock is hidden by its dark sheath. It might be a challenge to expose the head of it with no hands. But I’m sure that many of us would not mind giving it a try. Download this Shemale.XXX video of Mya in Full 1080p HD and it’s also available to stream immediately in 720p resolution!

You can Watch Mya's New Trailer on Shemale.XXX
You can Watch Mya’s New Trailer on Shemale.XXX

Curvaceous T-Milf Nina Russell Cougar With a Cock!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Welcome back to the adult industry, Nina Russell of Quebec! She’s formerly known as NinaTV. I remember her original website that was launched in 2003 peaking at around 2005 before she took it down. She doesn’t talk about her illustrious past in her debut, but rather goes straight into a seduction and striptease. She does however speak with the super sexy French-Canadian accent I remember from way back when. The photo will not lead to because the site is now closed.

Former Website Closed
Former Website Closed

Nina reveals her luscious boobs quickly and the crinoline beneath her skirt teases with what’s hidden between her legs. She writhes on the bed, obviously horny as hell already. Nina’s producer Vito displays a pre-heated hung stunner with a huge hard cock when it’s revealed. It’s uncut and a lot for one hand to handle. Nina briefly sits up on the bed to remove her high heels and resumes masturbating with her dress and lush undergarments bunched around her waist. She stands on the bed stroking her thick dick and crouches for a few moments before setting back for an even more intense fap session. It looks as if Nina had to hold back from climaxing.

In the encore performance of buxom Nina Russell, she’s not interested in much dialogue here either. Vito pans his camera from her tall elaborate sandals, up along her blue dress clad form to her pretty face. She has a seductive smile that lets you know just what her intention is – to make you cum. The last scene was a bedroom romp, but this time we’re in the living area with Nina as she gives us a tantalizing ass display on the black leather sofa. After following the reveal of her large breasts, Nina finger bangs her fun spot more intensely that in her last scene.

Nina’s moaning is louder and heavier than last time as she cups her boobs and furiously strokes her super thick organ. She pauses only to give us another butt show. Then she lays back for a rapid strokefest again. Although it’s obvious that Miss Russell is going to cum, the volume of her creamy white cum is astonishing and so is Vito’s slow motion recap. I think that Nina even surprised herself by shooting all that creamy white spunk in her encore.

You can Watch Nina's New Trailer on
You can Watch Nina’s New Trailer on

Kate Violin Plays

I didn’t pick it up right away while looking at the Kate Violin debut photo set, but once I saw the video from her debut, I knew I’d seen her somewhere before. Then it came back to me. She’s also an incredible live webcam broadcaster on I’ve actually raved about one of her live performances before. It wasn’t too long ago that I watched this fox in her early 20’s with “Nylon Fever” as her nickname.

Her webcam show began with Kate in a pink bra, black miniskirt and sheer black stockings. She peeled a banana and sucked it into the shape of a cock, with a realistic looking head and all. Then she stroked her real cock fully erect and it’s much bigger than a banana. She removed her stay-up stockings to show off her sexy feet and pedicured toes. Then she slipped into a pair of nude pantyhose and jerked off in them! She actually made a bodystocking out of the garment. Back in the black stocking, her two hour Chaturbate show led to Kate in chastity with dildo fucking!

She slipped her feet into clear stripper heels and stroked her big dick like mad! With a large butt plug inserted, Kate used a magic wand vibrator along the exposed part of her CBT device. A huge blast of cum coated her tummy and stockinged legs! The lovely blue-eyed Russian blonde removed the chastity device and let her spent cock hang freely while she accepted a flood of tips for this incredible Chaturbate performance.

Kate’s studio debut filmed by Teodor is a lot different, but no less erotic. Plus, there are many more crisp photos here than on her webcam profile to get a better idea of what she actually looks like. Her behavior is that of a total submissive willing to please in her solo debut.

Kate doesn’t have much breast growth yet. In fact, she enhances them with makeup tricks I don’t even think are necessary. When you see her in action, I don’t think her tits would be what you want to fuck anyway. Since I’ve seen her in action before, I knew about the big uncut surprise she had held captive inside her silver chastity device.

When Teodor asks her name, the way she replies comes out like Kate Wyolin and her voice is sultry. When she begins to remove her cocktail dress, you can see that her full bottom is embedded wit ha butt plug and she turns to show off the chastity belt in place. There’s some totally acceptable narcissism in the mirror as she becomes increasingly aroused.

Kate toys with the key to her chastity as if you’re her Master and it’s soon to be yours. Then she moans deeply and loudly as she fucks her tight ass with her sex toy. I guess you’ve given Kate permission to unlock herself because soon, Kate is stroking her freed big dick. You see more of its bulbous throbbing head when she beats off in the video.

Kate fucks herself with wild abandon with her toy and cries, “Oh yeah, while stroking her big hard cock. I remember she speaks English from her live show. She also gives one of those leg admirer and foot fetish teases I remember from her explosive Chaturbate broadcast.