Dorian Returns To Shemale Yum

Ever get the feeling you’re gonna see a big cumshot just from seeing the first few moments of a video? I saw the new scene before the photos and Dorian’s big cock is oozing precum before it’s even fully erect. I took that as foreshadowing in this erotic epic.

This top, who loves fucking men, is a life long dancer who appeared on Shemale Yum in November 2014 in a sizzling poolside set. Buddy Wood brought her back home to have a tremendous climax in the bedroom. ALL of this week’s updates are so damn hot!

Marianna Araujo on TS Playground

The 87 image photo set of Marianna Araujo on TS Playground is fantastic, but the video is absolutely magnificent. Brazilian Marianna is a celebration of racial diversity personified with an adorable face and sick body.

After beautiful Marianna squeezes a creamy cumshot from her big, thick cock, she kisses us goodbye. But hang on. There’s an instant replay from another angle. It doesn’t get any better than this.

TsPussyHunters – Brenda Von Tease and Ashley Luvbug

If I didn’t already have a crush on Ashley Luvbug in scene #01 of Angelic Black Asses #02 from Devil’s Film and in Dick Drunk on Immoral Live, I’m smitten after seeing her Kink debut with Brenda Von Tease on TsPussyHunters (and I love her new hairdo!). If I go on more about Brenda and she reads it, she might think I’m in love with her at this point. I’m mainly dominant, but Brenda is such an experienced top, I’d bottom for her any day. Needless to say, I was wishing I was Ashley’s other Mistress while watching their scene (if Lady Von Tease allowed me to *sigh*).

This is another great video from the daring sister site of TsSeduction. In a society that we all know is definitely not post-racial, I’m sure that someone will be disturbed by the D/s dynamic of these black and white stars. As an African-American who can’t stand a lot of the blatantly racist porn on the Net, this is not an example of it. I’m not giving it a pass because of the BDSM theme, either. I’m just completely comfortable with the interaction between Brenda and Ashley, let alone highly aroused. Watch the full video on TsPussyHunters and judge for yourself.

Bob’s Tgirls Update

Bob’s Tgirls is the first transgender website I ever subscribed to. Around that time, I bought my first cell phone and I couldn’t view websites on the Net back then. Today, there are multiple options for viewing video. You can play and high quality streaming video with your iPhone, iPad and Android phones. There is also the option of downloading QuickTime and Windows Media HD files as well as MP4 files for use on portable devices. On top of that, there’s still no better tgirl site on the Web.

This is just a small sample of galleries from the latest updates on Bob’s Tgirls.

Kelli Lox and Bailey Jay

The video begins with Kelli and Bailey kissing on the bed, then devouring each others lovely breasts. Both of their big dicks are withdrawn from their skimpy panties and Bailey performs the first blowjob.

Bailey lays back on the bed, gets a ticklish foot briefly kissed, and then Kelli sucks her thickness balls deep. This describes the first 4 minutes of the 17 minute transbian scene on TS Bailey Jay.

TsSeduction – Natassia Dreams and Atticus Cole

I absolutely loved seeing Natassia Dreams railing Mona Wales on TsPussyHunters in the latest update. Just as I suspected she’d be, Natassia is also returning to TsSeduction! This time she’s topping a super cute guy named Atticus Cole.

Why the fuck would you put an empty milk carton in the fridge? Natassia gets this annoying room mate habit under control with the power of her cock. Natassia Dreams is back on TsSeduction and she’s as foxy and ruthless as ever and we love her for it. Her man has never shot a movie in his life and here he finds himself at the mercy of the merciless with Natassia making him suck her off and endure a hardcore pounding. Natassia is the kind of woman who fucks from the tip of her toes to the top of her head and Atticus is learning this the hard way! This electric scene wraps with two great cumshots and two people who have completely forgotten a crew is in the room shooting the movie. Also, check out the updates on the official Natassia Dreams website!

Hot Teeny Melany

You gotta see the video with the Brazilian bombshell Melany Vilena on Andrea Nobili Productions. Mr. Nobili, the famed Italian director, meets Melany on the street and gets some personal information about her. She’s actually 20, but with the braces and all, she looks “teeny” as well as incredibly hot. After the brief introduction, we’re in the bedroom with Melany who sheds her already skimpy clothing fast. She squeezes her amazing tits together, makes them bounce and smacks her ass. Her English isn’t great, but it’s so cute hearing her try to speak it.

Melany doesn’t just whip her cock out and start beating off right away. This is a slow, seductive striptease of one of the most beautiful babes on the site I’ve ever seen. When Melany finally begins to masturbate, it’s intense and the HD closeups are fabulous. The way Melany makes her beautiful cock stand up and bounce is fascinating and so is her cumshot. As a BDSM aficionado who loves that side of Andrea Nobili Productions, it’s also nice to see pure glamour with beauty as the focus every once in awhile.

Kelly Klaymour Returns to Shemale Strokers

There’s no need for super star Kelly Klaymour to introduce herself in this Shemale Strokers video. Been there, done that. This one is a straight up strip tease / dance club video that gets right down to the action! It reminds me of way back when the Show World Center in Times Square, New York City ran a “Chicks With Dicks” striptease shows. You know the kind, with male admirers in raincoats jerking off.

There was no Internet back in those days. Thanks to modern technology, you can get a similar sex emporium experience jerk off to Kelly Klaymour all you want to in the privacy of your home. You might melt when Kelly gazes into the camera while squeezing the cum out of her big cock! I’d recommend wearing headphones to enjoy the pulsing EDM jam which thankfully ends precisely at the right time. You can watch the video preview on Shemale Strokers!

Ada Black Celebrates Her Birthday

This old lady, who I swear is going to be instrumental in changing the face of adult transsexual entertainment, is now 22. You can wish her a belated Happy Birthday on Twitter @AdaBlackXXX if you’d like to. I think you’ll also want to thank Ada for her gift to us, a smoking hot new Shemale.XXX video! I’m sure that others like me recognized the familiar TS Jamie French settings in the photo gallery:

Jamie’s girlfriend Eva Cassini made a cameo appearance in the video and do I need to tell you what happened to the cake in the ending? I’ll give you a hint. It ended up with an extra special topping. Also, if you’re a leg and foot fan, beautiful Ada is the reigning queen of the niche today.

Big Dick Bitch Update

Let me tell you about three of the latest Big Dick Bitch videos that I’m in love and lust with. Usually when I’m watching a blowjob video, I’m watching for pure enjoyment. But while watching Thank You Daddy, I was taking mental notes. The next time I get a big cock in my mouth like the one Madison had, I’m gonna try some of her tricks. I think the sounds she made and some of the things she said while sucking made it extra hot!

Madison made her man “un-nervous” with a little humor that developed into some cock stroking that reminded me why she’s called the Big Dick Bitch. She got it sucked to and was pretty vocal about how much she loved it. She sucked him too, made him cum and nutted even harder than he did. Did Madison get the term “Dam!!!! That Ass Tho” from the SNL Weekend News Update skit with Micheal Che day dreaming about Kim Kardashian’s ass? It sure seems that way because of the way she shows hers off on the staircase. in the bedroom, she gets her man with mini-dreads hard with her oral magic. Damn that thing is long! I started taking mental notes again. She laid back and teabagged him while he fucked her big tits. I think you’ll love it when he pour oil across Madison’s ass while she moans and grinds on the bed, then starts to fuck her. It’s doggie-style first, then missionary. Madison faps her stiff cock while getting railed until the climactic ending. There is so much cum blasting from both of them! I love me some Big Dick Bitch!

Chaperone Sex: Kelly Klaymour Fucks Her House Arrest Girl Joey Minx

The Kink empire’s sister site to TsSeduction presents the return of Kelly Klaymour with a first time performer on TsPussyHunters, Joey Minx. After a brief interview with director Tomcat, the scene opens with Kelly telling Joey how lucky she is the debutante only got house arrest for her crime. Joey disagrees as she’s a rich, spoiled brat. Kelly sleeps on the couch in Kelly’s bedroom and awakens to the sound of Joey masturbating in bed under the covers. Joey is busted and Kelly takes her cell phone to see what kind of porn she’s been watching. It’s obvious that she’s a bottom and this is an opportunity that dominant Kelly isn’t going to pass up. Kelly goes down on Joey in ways that taught me a new trick or two, and I think I’m pretty good at it myself. There’s nothing silly about the way Kelly reveals to Joey that she’s a transsexual, “With a really big cock,” she adds.

I must admit that I’m a bit biased, since this is one of my favorite adult websites, but this is yet another TsPussyHunters scene I’d rate a solid A+.

Ladyboys Heaven – FooT-girls Featuring Juy

Ladyboys Heaven is running a foot fetish series and Juy is one of the hottest “FooT-girls” on this website that I don’t talk about nearly enough. Juy is a major pornstar from Pattaya, Thailand with stats of 5’5″ (165cm), 117 lbs (53kg), 34B-26-33. First, I watched Juy’s solo teaser which runs over 7 minutes long. The background music is a quiet storm of rock/R&B fusion and it’s not at all annoying. Neither is the sight of this petite ladyboy sucking a big, juicy cock. “If this is a solo scene, I’ve got to see the hardcore video,” I said to myself.

The hardcore video has no music – just the sounds of hot sex. That big dick appears again with Juy, but this time, she gives it multiple foot jobs. Juy’s big breasts are lactating and her man sucks some of her milk. She even gives him a foot job before they rub cocks together. I loved seeing him stretch his foreskin over her cockhead. The cute guy give Juy a blowjob before fucking the hell out of her bareback! Juy’s dick remains hard the whole time and the production value overall is very good right up to the creampie ending. Ladyboys Heaven is a dark horse in the race of best ladyboy websites on the Net that I’d put my money on.