Tiffany Starr, Korra & Chad

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Chad Diamond is trying to explain to Korra Del Rio that the French magazine he’s showing her to pick up the language from is a fashion publication, but it’s actually porn. Reading the magazine will supposedly help with the tapes she buys from him to learn French. Korra isn’t really understanding the door-to-door salesman so she asks her friend Tiffany Starr to join the conversation.

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Hopefully she’ll have a better idea of what Chad is talking about. Tiffany rushes him to get to the point and realizes the offer is a rip-off. If anyone is going to get fucked here, it looks like the salesman will be the first to. Tiffany grabs Chad across her lap and exposes the cock under her dress.

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Korra stands up to reveal her cock to the already shocked peddler. The scam artist has obviously never sucked a beautiful girl’s dick before, especially not two of them. But he does a pretty fine job when forced to give Tiffany a blowjob. He also sucks Korra’s prick and jerks Tiffany’s off while sucking hers again! The girls take turns giving Chad head next and he develops a huge erection.

Then he sucks Tiffany’s boner again while Korra goes down on him. While he’s sucking Tiffany’s big hard tool, Korra straddles him in the cowgirl position and rides his hardon fast! He strokes Korra’s boner while Tiffany watches the action with an equally hard erection swinging between her thighs.

One minute Korra’s hardon is flopping and swinging and the next it’s inside her girlfriend’s mouth while Tiffany is on her hands and knees. Chad the salesman positions himself behind Tiffany and begin plowing in and out of Tiffany’s tight ass! After getting powerfully spit-roasted, Tiffany decides to fuck Chad while he sucks Korra’s cock! The girls kiss passionately while spit-roasting the salesman and Korra then takes a reverse cowgirl ride of Chad’s prick while Tiffany fuck him. Tiffany then sucks Korra’s erection while Korra continues getting railed by Chad. Next, the focus is on Tiffany full on and she fucks Korra while seated with Chad jerking her off. He releases her hardon when standing for her to suck him again and her boner swings about in the direction of the ceiling! Korra produces a hug cumshot while getting fucked and Tiffany later coats her girlfriend’s cock with her own big blast of jizz.

Chad is the last of them to cum in this torrid bareback update available on and on! Don’t forget that Korra has a website of her own. Be sure to also check out KorraDelRio.XXX!

Ayu Kamasaki Enjoys Nice Ass-Fucking!

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Gorgeous Ayu Kamasaki is an escort in Nagoya and AV actress in over 10 DVDs who is 100% Japanese but her popularity is partly due to her dark skin. She’s often mistaken as mixed race. Ayu claims to masturbate a lot and she also likes rugged, dark haired men and she’s sexually versatile.

She’s got three updates on Shemale Japan Hardcore to lust over in less than one year and she made her debut on Shemale Japan in 2014. The sight of Ayu’s breasts heaving and thick cock bouncing and spinning in circles while getting fucked in this update is one of the most erotic I’ve witnessed in a hardcore scene this year!

But before getting to that point, her indoor swimsuit posing makes me realize this is my perhaps my all-time favorite hardcore video and photo set shot by Terry. Attention to detail is painstaking right down to Ayu’s man approaching her from behind in matching black and white to caress and expose her breasts. He sucks one nipple while flicking the other and her wincing and mewling sounds increase in frequency when he rubs the bulge in her panties.

Ayu’s thick rod is already stiff by the time her guy withdraws it from her undies. The stud is sporting major wood in his pants and drawers also as he watches Ayu make her organ bounce up and down before sucking it. She stands while getting head and sits up while kissing the man as they jerk each other off. Ayu looks incredible completely naked giving the hung guy a blowjob. At about the midway point, there’s a sword fighting scene with both erections and Ayu gets blown again before having her tight ass filled with cock in the doggy style position. I’m thinking this is how I’d like to fuck Ayu the most, grabbing her boobs with both hands while her cock and balls swing beneath her. But then the man bones Ayu while seated. This is my favorite part until he hits it from behind again and then side saddle on the sofa! Ayu’s whimpers are so loud as she gets railed in the missionary position while stroking her cock furiously.

She slaps her throbbing meat against the man’s tight abs and rubs out a nice cumshot while getting pummeled. I’m thinking she doesn’t like the taste of cum when she takes a facial, but Ayu makes an erotic show eventually out of licking and then sucking her man’s spent cockhead. Treat yourself to Ayu Kamasaki sucking, fucking and cumming on!

If you like Ayu’s Shemale Japan Hardcore work and would like to see her Shemale Japan profile and previews click here.

Beautiful Addi Returns!

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What is it that makes a model debut on a website that’s primarily for trans girl in the early stages of transition and “graduate” to a site like Shemale Yum? Is it breast growth or is it a matter of performance skills? Or is it simply time? I don’t know exactly what it is with Addi, but I can tell you she’s been doing a lot to grow outside of the traditional studio porn niche by doing it on her own.

Addi is a prolific Chaturbate webcam performer who has been on three times now. But she got her start on Femout.XXX as far as studio porn goes. Her early performance were shot by Omar Wax as this brand new update.

Take a look at the profile of Addi on Femout.XXX to see what was happening in her debut and follow-up shoot. To me she does look better these days – just much different. It’s all about what you prefer seeing. I started watching Addi Eve on about a year ago when she was 22 years old.

She was doing killer solo shows then and she’s doing sizzling TS/Male hardcore shows now. But some people prefer seeing models by themselves and this latest update on is tailored just for them! Mr. Wax presents the Model of the Month of October 2016 quietly posing in what’s pretty much like the sample photos I’ve used here in motion. But at about the 3rd minute or so Addi is saying things like, “Fuck me and make me scream,” while in lingerie and spanking her sexy ass on the bed. Along with finger banging her fun spot, Addi flexes her tender rosebud to give us what it would feel like to have her inner muscles grabbing our erections.

That quietness dissipates even further once Addi’s cock is hard enough to crack walnuts with. She moans more loudly when stroking her hardon and she strips down to her fence net stockings while masturbating. The craziest thing I notice about these updates with Addi is the contrast of how she can look so clean and wholesome while being deliciously naughty at the same time.

TGirls.Porn: Jenna Creed & Freya Wynn

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Here’s a killer update on my favorite website with two TS Dreamland fan favorite models: Jenna Creed and Freya Wynn. Scott aka PornOCD had the honor of interviewing both models here and I’ll provide links after this brief scene review. Omar Wax presents yet another spectacular production performance and this one provides viewers with a bit of a build-up prelude with two girlfriends getting frisky. It plays not like a first time experience but rather relationship sex. The display of intimacy on TGirls.Porn is one of the elements that makes it my favorite adult website today, plus the hardcore sex of course. It’s not clear which babe takes the lead in the beginning, nor does it need to be. However, it’s redhead Freya who gets her cock sucked first. The blowjobs are deliciously filmed in wide angle, close-up and POV footage.

Each girl’s stroking and sucking techniques are different yet the results are equally successful. In other words, Jenna and Freya have no problem giving each other raging erections. When these beauties get down to fucking, Freya does the humping first and it’s incredible to see how Jenna handles the jackhammer railing she receives. It’s a good thing the leather sofa they fuck on is a sturdy one. This is Freya Wynn’s fifth spectacular TGirls.Porn performance and the second for Jenna! As for the links I promised, they’re PornOCD Interview with Jenna Creed and PornOCD Interview with Freya Wynn exclusively on TS Dreamland.

Freya: “After long day at the office I’m arrive home to find my gf strip down to her unmentionables. Not that I’m complaining, in fact it’s ritual that on my way home from work to stop and get her Red Bull and in return we go a couple of rounds in bed. She had been on my mind all day and as soon as I felt her pretty little mouth around my girl-cock I just knew I had to be inside her….I’m getting tingles just thinking about it!”

Jenna: “Freya arrived home a little later than usual. I had been beginning to wonder where she was and how I may punish her tardiness by holding out, but screw it how can I resist her lean, slender body and gorgeous yummy cock. Within seconds of her arriving we were both naked and caressing each others soft skin. I slid my tongue into her cute little rosebud before we pounded each other silly. Trust me when I tell ya – there ain’t no sex like tgirl sex!”


Gorgeous Sydney Farron

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“Gorgeous Sydney Farron!” appropriately sums up this Shemale Yum update with the Florida model who’s presented by Buddy Wood for the first time. I live in Florida and there are tons of stunning trans girls in the Sunshine State. But Sydney is amongst the hottest of the hot. Her social media and business sense is also incredibly sexy. Then there’s that smile and that hair! But let’s turn our attention to the sexy things she actually does here.

Sydney informs us about what she’s been up to online like staring in several updates on during Mr. Wood’s interview by his Southern California pool. The Jacksonville, FL native goes on to tell us about her sexual fantasies. She’s actually lived out some of these fantasies in the studio, but there are some other things she’d also love to try. She proceeds to rise from her seat and pose seductively. Sydney presents her body from every angle, spanks her ass hard and lowers her bikini top to run circles around a nipple. She tweaks it firmly and the bares the other one too.

If you’re familiar with Sydney’s previous performances you might not be surprised about her cock being stiff when she whips it out a few moments later. That hardon has seen some of the hottest action in the industry today and deserves every bit of pleasurable stroking she gives it. She eventually loses her top and then lowers her bottom and kicks it away to pose nude except for her sandals.

She’s seated again beating off for a long period of time before standing to bend over. Sydney strokes her erection while presenting her sexy ass and then she applies lubricant to her boner while facing us. Sydney strips completely naked while masturbating in this update and that’s a wonderful thing!