Bhoom on TS Playground





The preview of Bhoom’s 1st TS Playground video seems to give everything away with the explicit editing. But there’s a lot going on that you won’t see until you watch of downoload the whole show. You can see how her cock is already stiff when the scene begins, but it’s more fun watching her make eye contact while she masturbates. Bhoom seems to have oodles of personality, even though she doesn’t say much. Her ass looks flawless when she bends over and shows you how she strokes her erection from behind. Bhoom jerks off using two fingers most of the time and her pecker stands at attention when she removes her brassiere. If you like budding new hormone breasts, Bhoom’s tits are just right. She continues flashing a pretty smile throughout her solo scene until it’s time to concentrate. Yet she still looks incredibly sweet as she works clear streams of cum out of her swollen cockhead to land in a puddle on her flat tummy. Don’t miss the debut of Bhoom on Jay Sin’s TS Playground and click on “Scenes” for more previews.



Kimber Lynn Haven on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is my favorite webcam site and I’ve never seen a better performer there than kimberlynnhaven! Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, she’s a real comedian. I mean that literally. She’s a professional and you can see her live comedy performances in Louisville, Kentucky. You’ll find more info about that when you see her on Chaturbate Transsexuals. As for Kimber’s sexiness, she turns it on and revs it up full throttle for her fans by making her big, hard cock bounce up and down while joking around at the same time. Kiimber even does amazing celebrity impressions! She also has an incredible body and it seems like she’s not on webcam or at the comedy club, she’s busy working out. Kimber flexes more than just the large equipment between her sexy legs. If you think her photos are hot, she’s simply breathtaking on webcam. She’s also mastered social media so find out more about her in the kimberlynnhaven room on Chaturbate!

May Romance on Hello Ladyboy




A May romance is never out of season, especially when it’s a smoking hot video and photo set of a 19 year old Hello Ladyboy model. When I first saw May’s hundreds of photos, I couldn’t tell if she was a femboy or a transsexual early in transition. It’s not like I make gender distinctions about who I find more attractive anyway. All I saw was hotness first! As I scanned through the series of pictures, I could eventually make out the signs of budding hormone breasts. May’s flaccid uncut cock grew surprisingly large in the set with her progressing nudity. If I’d seen two of her three videos first, it would have been clear to me that May was a transsexual right off the bat. The intro is filled with candid shots and then the photographer meets May in the cafe of an upscale Thai hotel. He takes her up to her room and we learn that she’s a student as she does her makeup. She’s dressed like an average, tasteful teen girl, but she’s brought a pair of sexy mules along for her hardcore shoot. May wears her cute glasses in the “Romance” video and gets down to stripping quickly. The camera man has her pose topless and then she takes off her panties. Then he touches her cock, making it hard. He gives May a blowjob while jerking himself off and then they both stand up and stroke their erections together. His cock is the bigger one and it’s raging hard she crouches down to suck it. This hung, mystery man seems like a classy guy who takes his time with his models before giving them all of his lovely prick. He begins fucking May from behind in the second half of this awesome 33 minute video. I don’t know if there’s a second photographer in the room or if he has the other camera filming on a tripod. Whatever the case, it’s pure HD hardcore perfection. I love Hello Ladyboy!

Bailey Jay Alone in My NYC Crashpad



The “Tank Top” photo set is so well shot, it was incredibly hard to choose just two photos for these video previews. They go perfectly with the “Alone In My NYC Crashpad” Bailey Jay video, in which she pulls of her white platform sandals and lays back in her t-shirt and panty briefs. She gives you a little foot show with her smooth soles and pink-pedicured toes and turns around to show off her incredible butt. Then she gives an explicit display of her rosebud and flips around again. When she pulls her undies off, her cock is flaccid. Then she bares her lovely breasts and begins jacking off rapidly. If I’d never seen her penis before, I’d be surprised at how huge it gets when it’s fully erect. She starts moaning and really beats her dick hard before laying back for another tantalizing ass display. The bulbous head of her cock is blue-ish pink and if you’re hoping for a creamy white cumshot, you’re going to get it. This solo stroking set goes on for 10:42 minutes with Bailey Jay fingering herself also until she spurts. There’s so much cum in this scene. She tastes a bit of it before waving goodbye. You do not want to miss this. 

Sasha Strokes: She’s Back!


Sasha Strokes aka Mistress Strokes presents a torrid new hardcore video shot by a new assistant and HD camera. To help celebrate her birthday month, Sasha tops a handsome, muscular guy from Philadelphia. He sucks her big dick hard literally and Sasha looks incredible with her big boobs spilling out of her bustier. As a lifestly Mistress, I appreciate that the gorgeous dominatrix likes sucking cock, too. This act makes no Domme any less dominant. We all know who’s in control of the situation. When Sasha gets her Magnum condoms ready, I’m asking myself if there was any other prophylactic she could have gone with. I’m being sarcastic of course as Sasha’s dick is extra large, after all. At any rate, “White Chocolate” has the type of bubble butt I’d enjoy banging myself. Sasha wears that ass out in this 34 minute scene! You can watch a video preview of the railing on Sasha Strokes XXX. Sasha pulls out just in time for us to see how much creamy white cum she’s been saving up at the end of this scene. The way she sounds when squeezing a big load out of her huge cock is almost as sexy as it looks. Don’t miss this amazing birthday month bangin’ update on Sasha Strokes XXX. You can also see her live at sashastrokes on Chaturbate

Eva Paradis XXX Horny After School




The ravishing hostess of Eva Paradis XXX presents two deliciously kinky new ways to make you cum with “Horny After School” and “Golden Showers” and that’s just recently. The London-based Italian starlet makes her obligatory naughty schoolgirl video special by taking things to a higher level than I normally see in this niche. Eva wears the classic tartan plaid skirt, as I’d expect, and she talks herself hard while stroking her cock. She also plays with her ass to work herself into a sexual frenzy. Eva massages her big boobs also. But then her fetish side reveals itself in a different form. She tastes some of the precum oozing from the swollen head of her big dick. Then she pulls off her knee socks and says, “Imagine if I could work on your cock with my feet?” Eva is totally nude now and so much for the schoolgirl roleplay. She also knows she’s going to have a big climax and asks where you want her to cum – on herself or on the floor. Where do you think Eva shoots her creamy white load of cum? Where would you want it? Find out where her warm, thick cream lands on Eva Paradis XXX. If this isn’t kinky enough for you, check out this MP4 and Flash preview set from “Golden Showers”.

Aubrey Kate on Shemale.XXX



I was about to describe the latest Shemale.XXX video until I went back to browse through the most recent additions to my personal video collection. That’s when I discovere that I neglected to mention two of Aubrey Kate’s nineteen Shemale.XXX performances here. One scene that I somehow slept on was and Aubrey Kate solo performance shot by Blackula. She looks ravishing playing peek-a-boo with her nipples on the bed in a matching pale blue bustier and fence net stocking set. A dazzling ass display comes next and she turns around to bounce up and down. If you have a penis, you’re to imaging her riding it. That shouldn’t be too hard. A long fingering seeion follows and Aubrey Kate strokes, swings and slaps her stiff cock. There’s mind-blowing footage of her making her erection windmill toward the end as she bounces. In the scene with John Smith, the super stud asks a bartender what the girl traffic in the pub is like. He likes blondes and the bartender introduces him to gorgeous Aubrey Kate. She flirts openly, touches his “nice package” and asks a few personal questions. It turns out that she’s an escort, but John can afford it. So they go off to a private room where John ends up fucking the hell out of this beautiful sex worker. The scene ends with a fun little twist. Well that’s two of nineteen for now. Check out the Aubrey Kate model page on Shemale.XXX for more details.

Sienna Grace and Donovan on Trans500







Major studio super star and webcam hostess of siennalivesfree on Chaturbate Sienna Grace meets new talent Donovan on Trans500 / TS Girlfriend Experience. He’s visiting Las Vegas from Kansas City he tells her once she’s sitting on the plush hotel couch with him. The take care of business first and she goes to freshen up. Sienna double checks her cash and begins to get changed. First she removes her top and then her tall heels. Sienna looks amazing in her panties and she changes into a sinuous bodystocking. Donovan can’t wait for her to return and enters the bathroom. Her picks her up as if she weighs nothing and props her up on the sink. They make out and you can see that Sienna’s cock is getting stiff. But they continue in the bedroom on the bed. Skipping to the ending, Sienna may be a total bottom, but her beautiful cock gets raging hard while she gets railed. She also blasts a nice creamy white cumshot. You’ve got to see her pretty face getting covered with Donovan’s seed and the expressions she makes while squeezing the last drops out of both of their dicks. “Interracial TS Lovin” shows off Sienna’s incredible physique in HD perfection and handsome Donovan is one of the best new talents I’ve seen in a long time. It doesn’t matter which site you join because Trans500 is a network with several branches.

Crona Valentine and Tiffany Starr on QueerPorn.TV


“Circle Pit is dead, long live GLOSS”, said Jack Mannix of the new musical project he formed with long time collaborator, friend and partner in crime Angie Bermuda. The song “Prey” by GLOSS ( was one of my favorite aural things about the video with Crona Valentine and Tiffany Starr on QueerPorn.TV. It was directed and styled and shot by Chelsea Poe and edited and produced by Courtney Trouble of TROUBLEfilms. In an interview with, GLOSS listed some of their inspirations: Terminator 2, Geto Boys, DJ Screw, Pamela Anderson-Lee-Rock, COPS: Adults Only , Li’l Kim, Royal Trux, Psychic TV, John Carpenter films, Snoop, Anna-Nicole Smith, Snapper, Insane Clown Possee, NWA, Chrome, The New World Order/Illuminati, Burzum, Mykki Blanco, Mayhem, Unsolved Mysteries, 48 Hours, true crime, conspiracy theories, black metal, experimental rock and late 80s/early 90s horror films. The music is the perfect backdrop for the video with the stars of and tiffanystarrxxx. As much as I love the music, I appreciated when it was turned down so I could only hear the sounds of the stars while they were fucking and cumming. Watch the full video on QueerPorn.TV!

TS Robbi Racks Takes Charge



TS Robbi Racks Takes Charge would have been my gateway drug to if I hadn’t known about her official website yet. This svelte blonde with double-D knockers is a popular model, webcam performer, and escort who said that she’s determined “to keep the sin in Sin City.” She does this with the help of some top industry names you’ll see when you take the tour. Robbi’s co-star in this DVD is Carl Hubay, a mature producer who stars in his own films in genres including straight, bisexual and gay daddy porn. The story unfolds with Hubay as a pilot with Robbi as his housewife. Captain Hubay is getting a quickie blowjob on the porch, but he’s got to go before he comes. Robbi is all worked up with a throbbing erection of her own. She get a big black stud to visit her, but we don’t get to see them have sex. But when the pilot returns home from his flight to Hawaii and back, Robbi tells her husband about the fun they had while Carl sucks his wife’s lovely dick. He loves hearing about her exploits while he’s been away because they have an open relationship. The oral sex leads to Carl fucking Robbi while she’s bent over the kitchen counter. They also do the nasty on a stool naked and the fucking is bareback with lots of dirty talk. Robbi’s hardon strains to reach her pierced belly button while she’s getting railed. Moments later, Carl is on his back on the porcelain counter stroking his thick tool and that’s when TS Robbi Racks Takes Charge! The busty Las Vegas transsexual fucks Carl bareback with his captain’s hat on and, thankfully, nothing else. She pauses to give him a chance to take control again by laying across the tile floor on all fours. Robbi’s ass looks incredible as the pilot flies in and out of it. I’ve only described the first half of this movie so far! The switching continues in the couple’s bedroom. For more of Robbi’s hot, original porn visit

Mandy Mitchell, Bianca Stone, Proxy Paige




Beautiful Mandy Mitchell and her absolutely gorgeous cisgender wife, Bianca Stone have an incredible threesome with ravishing porn star Proxy Paige. I’ve seen Mandy and Proxy together before, so I had a pretty good feeling that this threeway would blow my mind. There’s a story to it and here’s how it goes. Mandy is sleeping when Bianca and Proxy enter the bedroom giggling. It’s pretty obvious what they’re planning to do to her because they’re both wearing strapons with enormous fake cocks attached. Bianca and Proxy take turns topping Mandy, but she gets to do some serious fucking of her own, too. “Strap On Threesome” on the official Mandy Mitchell website is the best of the best when it comes to genetic girl on transsexual porn. I’ve been a major fan of this site since 2009 and still have the 2011 video “Dirty Hippy Lovin” with Mandy and Proxy in my personal video collection. I’ve fallen in love and lust with Mandy’s new videos with Bianca and her incredible new solo performances. Don’t miss this stellar video and go deep into the archives to find that video with Mandy and Proxy, too.