Bailey Jay in: Spring Is Here

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It’s funny how a little extra eye makeup can give gorgeous Bailey Jay a whole new look. The thick lashes compliment her bangs for those of us who can focus on her beautiful face and pretty hairdo long enough in this killer update. Super horny folks like me will be drawn to her curvy bare legs and the big bust presented in a Moth Man t-shirt. At any rate, it’s a warm Spring day in her central Florida crib as she encourages you to Google one of her favorite horror niches. You know how she’s nuts over scary stuff. You also may know how she’s over the moon about her hubby’s long, hard cock.

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She bares her big boobs and jerks him off as he’s filming. This always provides that POV feeling that works amazingly well especially when she’s sucking it. Bailey exposes her own cock within the first three minutes, taking off her undies and getting more comfortable. She jerks herself off to a big, full erection while giving Matt head.

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Bailey is captured in a surprisingly wide array of angles and the footage of cum pouring from her swollen cock head is absolutely superb! But the video isn’t over because her man hasn’t shot off yet. Bailey’s schlong stays hard long after it’s fierce climax. She stands up after Matt’s climax and she’s still cumming! Streams of spunk are still flowing from the tip and she tastes a bit before getting completely naked and mentioning taking a shower.

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TwoTgirls: The Dildo Factory: Quality Guaranteed

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Description: THIS WEEK! On TwoTgirls! The girls are HARD at work at The Dildo Factory! River Enza is working in product testing under the supervision of Bailey Love. When Bailey questions River about her progress for the day, things go south. River Enza has so many dildos to test before the end of the business day and Bailey can’t go home until she’s finished! Frustrated by the prospect of staying late, Bailey Love decides to give River Enza a hand in testing out the merchandise. Neither girl can stand it, the sexual tension between them during testing is too much and before you know it they’re both fucking on the company couch! It all ends though when Bailey Love blows a load all over River’s face!

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I watched this scorching hot update two days ago and I’m recalling the first moment I feel that it goes into hyper speed. After the initial trademark humor, and dildo testing on River’s gorgeous ass, Bailey decides she needs to test River’s cock sucking skills on her real dick. She raises the hem of her skirt and River goes to work orally when veteran sex goddess Bailey’s big prick literally lurches up toward her pretty face.

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There’s a lot of finger banging and salad tossing to follow. But it’s Bailey’s fucking rhythm and the way River takes her tremendous pounding that keeps things riveting. Two sets of the prettiest hormone breasts in trans adult entertainment jiggle about wildly through the tumultuous bareback railing.

This Two Tgirls update is good to the last drop (of creamy white cum across River’s lips). The Dildo Factory: Quality Guaranteed is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution! Also check out the new sister site from Mayumi Sparkles:!

TGirls.Porn: Alexa Scout & Kayleigh Coxx

Description: TWO globally recognized models who need little introduction take the spotlight in our superstar edition update this week. Alexa Scout & Kayleigh Coxx are some of the hottest properties in the industry right now – and we’ve pulled the strings to bring them together for a explosive session of pure tgirl heat. BOOM!

I love this TGirls.Porn pairing. It just dawned on me that one could describe young brunette Alexa as an adult industry veteran looking at AlexaScout.XXX and considering some of her accolades. Kayleigh would be more of a newbie who has soared to the top of the trans adult industry incredibly fast.

Producer Radius Dark doesn’t go through the formalities of plot development with this production. Lips and compliments are already being traded when the video begins with the girls sitting in a bed. Kayleigh moves in for some breast and nipple devouring and she gets some inn return.

Kayleigh then gets her panties pulled down so that Alexa can lower herself in position to give her a blowjob. The head giving footage is shot in all sorts of angles including POV and Kaleigh’s dick develops into a full erection.

Alexa’s cock is already raging hard when we see Kayleigh sucking it in a 69. Kayleigh straddles Alexa’s hips for a cock rubbing session. Both boners look amazing together and Kayleigh’s can’t seem to stop oozing pre-cum. Kayleigh offers yet another sucking, sometimes with two hands around the shaft, before she settles her tight ass down on Alexa’s stiff rod. 

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If you’re unsure if both girls will take turns fucking each other, the fact that Kayleigh is fully erect while getting railed provides foreshadowing. The only question is who fucks who harder, faster and longer in this TGirls.Porn update. Does any of this criteria even determine who fucks better? I doubt it. Get under either babe and I’m sure you’ll get turned out. 

Kimber Lee Fucked To The Max

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This slender, busty, super hung trans adult superstar based in Graz/Austria is one of the most blogged about talents on my sites. is her website and her hardcore scene with alpha male Max brings out the primal glory of Kimberlee’s classic beauty in action.

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The video opens with the model ready to burst out of her bra top. She gives you a peek at her panty bulge before sinking to her knees, knowing that Max is going to place his crotch level with her pretty face.

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She pulls his underwear down to allow his huge cock to swing up and down in the air. Kimberlee wastes no time giving Max what looks like a phenomenal blowjob! She bares her big tits and starts playing with her own cock while giving head.


Once the left-handed fox is fully erect, she stands up and Max jerks their cocks together rapidly and firmly. He then turns her around, works her panties down and devours her sweet ass as she bends over a dresser. Moments later, he works his big boner inside of Kimberlee’s tight ass! I love the way this man fucks like a savage. He drills Kimberlee literally out of her shoes doggy style and then side saddle on the floor.

For a few sequences you almost can’t tell if Kimberlee is shouting in pleasure or from pain. But her large erection while she’s getting pummeled clears that up. Kimberlee has a powerful climax shooting streams of creamy white cum before taking her partner’s load on her tongue and making a big erotic show of savoring it.

Grooby Creates First-Ever Mature Trans Site,

Gorgeous Kristen Kraves has been on the new mature trans site four times already. “In Statuesque Kristen Kraves Rocks Her Red Heels!” produced by Radius Dark, Kristen’s striptease is enhanced by her sexy voice. She describes getting all worked up knowing that we’re watching. Only a wisp of a thong hides the tiny starfish between her ass cheeks and she shows it off explicitly.

Kristen finger bangs her tight ass then sits on the sofa with her lovely legs open and her beautiful cock hanging openly between them. She pinches her nipples firmly and her prick rapidly expands. Then comes the focus on her feet clad in the red platforms and Kristen superbly evolves into a dominatrix! She eventually loses her animal print panties and then her high heels.

Los Angeles, CA – Grooby announced the launch of the first-ever mature TS membership site, It exclusively features trans performers over the age of 40. “We get a lot of positive feedback and requests for more mature trans models,” said Steven Grooby.

“We’re also finding more mature models interested in working, some models who transition later in life and also models who have worked with us for many years all looking for work.”

“With these factors in mind, we created a showcase site for them at which should be a win/win for the fans and models. We will only shoot models over 40 for this site, and those who are happy to be featured as such. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with this site.” features popular mature trans performers including Kristen Kraves, Sofia Sanders, Johanna Bardin, Tasha Jones, Nadia Vixen, and many more. The scenes are shot in crystal-clear quality, with full HD videos you can download or stream with any device. Members who join will also receive access an impressive menu of additional sites from Grooby.

Delia TS: Blue Romper

Many of us have heard a lot of jokes about men in rompers this year, but there’s nothing funny about a gorgeous trans woman wearing one. Especially when she’s encouraged by her stunning cisgender wife Trixie Fontaine. The model’s wife is also her producer who loves the barefoot teasing Delia DeLions presents as much as her other foot loving fans do.

Trixie loves sucking on Delia’s pretty toes, but she asks about something else she loves to suck on even more. We’re going to see that and in fact eventually see it explode. But first we must endure the rest of this tortuous foot and leg show. Then we’re going to explore the upper portion of Delia’s “Blue Romper” and find out what lies beneath on

Delia unbuttons the top of her romper and gives us a glimpse of the deep cleavage created by her lovely and large tits. Then she hides her orbs again. If your cock isn’t swelling by now, I don’t know what’s going on! I’ll bet that Delia’s big dick is swelling underneath her romper as she fully exposes her breasts and pinches her nipples firmly.

Trixie sounds like she’s playing with herself while filming and dreaming of sucking on Delia’s perky nipples. And to make matters worse, Delia begins rubbing herself between the legs. Is that a bulge we see there? I think it could be a raging hardon already but we’re going to focus on more red-painted toe wiggling first. Each digit reminds me of a small version of Delia’s cock.

But back to that protrusion between Delia’s legs. Let’s unbutton the garment a bit. Oh my, that is a hardon! Her titties come out and then her prick hides itself again. Oh no, can’t we have both at the same time?

Yes, is the answer to that question. In fact, we get closeups and full length footage of Delia’s tits, cock and even her sexy feet as she jerks off furiously. At the end, we get a big, creamy white classic cum shot! To actually see along with seeing Delia’s hot and horny wife, go to

Black TGirls Hardcore: Chyna Tops Jaxxx!

Description: Gorgeous Chyna returns on with a banging hardcore scene brought to you by KilaKali! She’s definitely ready for action! Chyna has a taste for some ass (literally). She contacts Jaxxx who is more than able to help her out! Watch Chyna pounding Jaxxx’ tight ass hard!

Producer Remy who first filmed Chyna way back in 2011 said, “I met Chyna the Blasian Barbie through a friend and member of the site who knew her personally from their hometown of Detroit. When she moved out here to Virginia we didn’t waste any time and immediately met up for this shoot. This Chyna doll is 100% TOP and is ready to put her hard cock to work! Pretty face, slim body, and fully functional she will leave you in awe, so lube up and enjoy all you can take. She has a great personality and oozes sex appeal. She is very interested in coming back for a hardcore shoot in the future.”

This Black TGirls Hardcore update rolls out like a good looking couple making out after settling into a nice hotel room. Jaxxx kisses and straddles Chyna when she lays back on the bed and begins sucking her huge cock.

After receiving the remainder of this worshipful blowjob while she’s standing, Chyna decides to explore her man’s cute bubble butt. She gives him a rimjob and penetrates his tight ass with her big dick in the doggy style position.

Chyna is fucking Jaxxx before the midway point of this instant classic! She then drills him in the side saddle position. Chyna closes the connection in the missionary position with a huge creamy white cumshot in this riveting scene. Also, check out the latest updates on the sister site!

TS Playground: Gabe and Manoew, Scene #01

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Ageplay is one of my favorite elements of the pairing of stunning young Manoew and legendary porn star Gabriel D’Alessandro. Manoew opens the video in lingerie and fishnet stockings with a sizeable semi-hard cock and begins undressing further yet. She appears to be a teen trans beauty with braces as she smiles widely and rubs her nipples. She curls her hand around her uncut cock and twirls it around, not quite jerking off just yet. Soon she’s sporting a big erection and kneeling on the bed, showing that her pretty rod has a pronounced curve to it. Then she turns around to show of her curvy ass, explicitly exposing her tiny starfish.

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After about 3:30 minutes, she’s joined by Gabe who’s naturally sporting a big raging hardon in his briefs. He orally devours one of Manoew’s nipples and then he gives her an intense blowjob. Manoew bends over on the bed on all fours and Gabe spanks her fuckable butt and sucks her hardon from behind. He gives her a rimjob also, then stands on the bed for Manoew to suck his dick. She’s gives head like a champ, taking a considerable amount of hard meat in her mouth while jerking herself off. In another sequence, Manoew and Gabe rub boners together and they’re well-matched in the size department – both big!

Flash Scene Trailer

They take turns sucking each other off again and soon Gabe is fucking Manoew bareback in the side saddle position! Manoew’s cock stays raging hard while her lovely ass gets drilled also in the doggy style position! She get’s another blowjob and guess what that’s for. To prepare her big prick to be fully hard so she can fuck Gabe’s tight ass! He cums first and wait until you see how much creamy white cum her big tool sprays at the end of this superb update!

Grooby Girls: Cumshot Monday: Kellie Shaw!

Description: Another “Cumshot Monday” episode is here and it stars gorgeous Kellie Shaw in her Grooby Girls debut scene, following a few amazing scenes she shot with Radius Dark for TGirls.XXX! Standing 6’3″ tall, Kellie has amazing long legs and a hard 7.5″ dick! Looking incredible, Kellie is horny and ready to have fun! Watch her stroking her cock until she cums just for you!

Phoenix, Arizona babe who’s been featured in solo and hardcore performances on TGirls.XXX makes her debut extra special. It’s produced by Radius Dark and includes a dynamic pre-interview. Kellie considers herself a sexually free person. Public sex is one of her biggest thrills and she describes getting down on a public bus with a guy. She actually got fucked on the bus ride!

Kellie also likes group sex. Her favorite position is doggy style because it’s so primal. “Self-love has no schedule,” she says when showing us what her masturbation routine is like once again.

She uses her hands to feel herself up in the kitchen through her bra and short-shorts. Kellie then strips down to her famous designer panties and bra, then hops on the bed to describe her new tits.

She bares and plays with her big knockers and nipples and it’s obvious that they’re nice and sensitive. Another sensitive thing about Kellie is the cock slipping out of her undies. It’s an uncut tool that’s not so threatening until it stiffens.

Then it becomes a large schlong that could have you walking funny for a couple of days. But I understand Kellie is mainly a bottom. Maybe she’d let you suck the cum out of her though.

When approaching orgasm, Kellie uses one hand on her whopper that looks like it would need two! But one is all it takes to reach a loud, quivering climax with streams of cum spurting out of her huge blue-ish red cockhead!

TGirls.XXX: Cumshot Friday: Mara Nova!

Description: Guess who’s back! Mara Nova returns on TGirls.XXX to star in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Friday” series produced by Radius Dark! We already know that we can expect only the best from beautiful Mara! Looking gorgeous as always, Mara can’t wait to strip down and start playing with her big hard cock! She spreads her ass cheeks, shows off her amazing booty and strokes her dick until she shoots a creamy load just for you!

I’m sort of feeling that there’s no need for any further description. But there are so many hot details about this performance that are irresistible to mention. Mara looks stunning in a matching bra and panty set with sheer black harem pants. She’s sportin’ a semi-erection that’s bigger than most fully hard boners out there. Then her dick gets bigger the deeper she goes into her striptease/masturbation sequence.

A remarkable standing butt show evolves into a dong swinging presentation. Then Mara settles into lubing up and fully jerking off! I don’t know what’s more enticing between the full frontal footage or full nudity that eventually comes.

Then there’s Mara’s tittie flexing when she pumps her monstrous cock and the way she forces you to focus on her phenomenal ass and winking rosebud. Don’t forget about Mara’s big, creamy white Cumshot Friday on TGirls.XXX.

This is Caramel and did you know that this beauty once honored me with an exclusive TS Dreamland one-on-one? If you didn’t, please check out Caramel’s Interview with Mara Nova.