Megan Snow on Shemale.XXX

Kila Kali presents Dominican/Filipino Megan Snow back for her fifth Shemale.XXX solo performance. She also has a hardcore scene on the the most coveted Grooby website amongst adult transsexual models. This versatile top who started out as a webcam performer is described by her photographer as “A real nice sweet girl and drop dead beautiful in person…. An instant new favorite of mine.” The 103 image photo set has some stunning outdoor shots, but the video is filmed entirely indoors. Megan conveys the sweetness that Kila Kali mentioned when she introduces herself. As for the drop dead gorgeous part, I’m in total agreement and Megan gets down to stripping right away. She’s truly exqusite from head to toe. Megan seems more relaxed than ever in this solo scene. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smiling so much. She moves through a variety of poses while masturbating and her beauty is captured with the sort of angles a world class stunner demands. She also happens to be seriously hung. I think you’ll appreciate that she was filmed completely nude while stroking her big, beautiful cock in this incredible Shemale.XXX presentation.

Pinko TGirls: Natalia & Erika in The Ass Drills

It’s hard to decide which transsexual star of “The Ass Drills” on Pinko TGirls is more dominant between Natalia Rodrigues and Erika Lavigne. I was thinking it might be Erika since she’s the one wearing BDSM regalia. Their submissive for the day gives them both blowjobs in the beginning, switching from Natalia’s extra long cock and Erika’s super thick one. Nude Natalia gives him the first fucking in the doggie style position while he rims, tea bags and sucks Erika. She jacks him off while he’s on his back next. Then it’s Erika’s turn to rail his ass which looks surprisingly girlish in the side saddle position. A pile driver ramming follows and after getting spit roasted, the lucky guy gets to fuck Erika while she strokes her thick dick. Then Natalia fucks him while he fucks Erika. After this daisy chain, Erika gets a cock sucking while standing and the dude beats off while Natalia thrusts upward in a cowboy railing. Erika fucks him again in the missionary position and he’s finally allowed to cum while his mouth is stuffed with Natalia’s stiff prick. The guy cums in a geyser all over his abs while Natalia coats his face heavily with her big load of creamy white cum. While he suck’s Natalia’s prick dry, Erika covers his cock with her big blast of white cream. In closing, I have to say that Natalia Rodrigues and Erika Lavigne are equally dominant in this torrid scene on Andrea Nobili’s Pinko TGirls.

Abby on Ladyboy-Ladyboy

Out of all the 2,047 models on Ladyboy-Ladyboy and I’ve never seen a more stunning Kathoey on the site than Abby. I remember her as Pond from Ladyboy.XXX when she went by the name of Pond in a couple of smoldering photo and video sets there. It’s not because of her eye color or big tits, either. She actually has brown eyes and was less busty the first time I saw her. You can see her new look on Frank’s TGirl World also. Abby is dancer #15 at Charade Bar in Bangkok, Thailand. She speaks English well, too. This 23 year old beauty, aka Abbey, teases wearing a black crochet top and there’s a big bulge in her form-fitting black pants. Even fully clothed, Abby’s ass just plain begs for dick. It’s devastating when Abby lowers her pants and exposes the penis she’s told her photographer she likes to fuck men with. The way the sheath of Abby’s cock covers half of her swollen cock head makes one want to draw it back with their lips. Her shaft is at its thickest around the middle in case you ever get the chase to take it inside your mouth. When she turns around, her wrinkled rodebud is tiny and inviting. When she sits on the kitchen’s range and pulls her pants off, her top is around her mideriff and barely there. Abby’s bare legs look magnificent. Abby doesn’t cum in this Ladyboy-Ladyboy scene like she did the last time I saw her on Frank’s TGirl World. But that doesn’t matter to me. She’s mesmerizing to watch whether her cock blasts a creamy white cumshot at the end of a video or not.

Pure-TS: Natalie Mars & Emy Amethyst

Christian XXX of Pure-TS gets lucky while just laying in bed sleeping again in”Snow Bunnies Get Warmed Up with Cock.” The perks of being a porn king have brought him two hot snow bunnies who need some warming up. Both happen to be frequest Chaturbate webcam performers who have recently become major studio porn stars. The fox with the white fluffy hat is Natalie Mars and Emy Amethyst is the lovely one with the white cap. I’ve been following their porn journeys pretty much since they began. This video is a perfect example of why. The action begins when the girls pull back Christian’s bed sheets. His massive dick is already hard and Natalie is first to begin sucking it. As Emy says, there’s plenty to share. I love seeing them alternate on this member and suck it together at some points. Emy is first to get a bareback railing with some transbian action going on with Natalie squeezing her partner in crime’s pretty tits. When Natalie wants to get fucked, Christian tosses Emy aside on the bed as if she weighs nothing and sinks his large schlong inside Natalie doggy style. Emy’s first banging was in the missionary position. Her second time around is doggy style as she has her ass raised right beside Natalie. Christian takes turns fucking both gorgeous bubble butts almost as if he’s trying to decide which one is tighter. I’ve only described the first half of this top shelf 31 minute instant porn classic. The transbian chemistry heats up with more of Natalie and Emy kissing while one of them gets boned. This has jumped beside my top favorite Pure-TS videos. To catch the ladies performing live, look up natalielovescum and amethystx in the Transsexuals room on Chaturbate.

Joanna Jet in Stepmom Handjob

“Stepmom Handjob” picks up where the bareback fucking video “Shemale Cougar #5 – Cookies & Cream” with Joanna Jet and Christian XXX of Pure-TS left off. His face is never shown in this scene because this is a shared video that will also be featured on his site in the future. If you’re familiar with the handjob scenes on Pure-TS you already know the drill. But this one is more taboo than most. The horny stepmom is back in the living room to deliver a POV (point-of-view) cock stroking. But it begins with the incredibly vocal Joanna lubing up her hand and getting that stiff dick wet. Mommy stands up to show that she’s got a raging erection, too. Then she sinks back down for a double-fisted stroking. The next time she stands up, Joanna exposes her full breasts. Her big cock is still hard as a rock beneath her camoflauge min-skirt when she sits her sexy ass down on your hardon. She manages to sit on it and jerk it off at the same time. She places your dick inside her cleavage and goes back to talking naughty. When you shoot your cum, Mommy licks some of it up and then she’s off to go shopping. Watch the trailer on the official Joanna Jet website!

Natalia & Soldier Boi Fuck

One of my all-time favorite porn stars, Soldier Boi (@SoldierBoiXXX on Twitter), and the super sexy Afro-Latina Natalia happen to be in the same hotel in their Black Shemale Hardcore video. He visits her room for a booty call and you should see her booty when she answers the door. They waste no time making out on the sofa in this 25 minute scene. “Ah, that ass is so fat and juice,” he says after smacking and spreading it. A salad tossing follows and Natalia shows her appreciation with a devoted BBC sucking and tea bagging. Natalia is gloriously naked as she lies back on the couch to take Soldier Boi’s stiff cock. Her body looks incredible and her partner looks like he runs a gym. Natalia’s ass is the main event and Omax Wax captures it magnificently during the cowgirl railing. You might remember Natalia’s recent solo performance on Black TGirls in which she told us what she loved having done to her in English and Spanish. Apparently, Soldier Boi was listening intently. Natalia goes bilingual again as the muscular stud bangs her doggy style. Another salad tossing makes Natalia’s big, uncut cock spray a big series of clear jets of cum across her tummy. She sucks Soldier Boi’s cock and takes his big money shot across the surface of her “bubble” as he appropriately call it. You can watch or download the full video on Black Shemale Hardcore.

Penny Tyler XXX

Although “Getting Off In The Kitchen” is self-explanatory, there’s some background information about the official Penny Tyler XXX website you should know about. Some of the content was shot before her breast augmentation, but this new video is one of her recent ones. When she refers to he goodies as the “girls, ” she’s not just talking about her wonderful new tits, but her big cock as well. Penny has always produced turgid erections and has been a heavy cummer, but from the looks of this new solo scene, she may have pumped the brakes on her hormone regime. She looks as ultra-feminine as always, but there is just so much volume to her cumshot at the end of this 16 minute video. She plays with her breasts and tweaks her nipples a lot while jacking off after inviting you to tittie- fuck her. There’s quite a bit of dirty talk and loud moaning also as she tells you how badly she needs her dick sucked. There’s a tight closeup of Penny’s big schlong that comes just in time to catch the firing of her cream stream. I’ve thought that Penny Tyler was one of the most stunning adult entertainers since she entered the industry. Her boobs don’t really make her content better. But if you like hot transsexual chicks with big tits to go with their big dicks, I think you’re really going to love the all new Penny. Her hardcore videos are some of the best I’ve seen also. She’s totally versatile! Cum with this extraordinary star through the Penny Tyler XXX website or with your TGirl Network multipass.

Nutty on Ladyboy Tube

Since I already downloaded the full-length 9:24 minute video “Nutty Schoolgirl Fap” from Ladyboy Gold, I went to see if there was any promo material to share with you. Unfortunately there’s none up yet since it’s too new. But the good news is that you can watch a 6 minute video preview of the scene on the landing page of Ladyboy Tube! When you get there, you might be astounded by the amount of and variety of movie content there. You”ll find both professional models and amateurs in categories outside of the Kathoey range you might have expected. Back to Nutty though, she’s a 5’7″ (172 cm) cutie pie with an adorable femoby look. But Nutty is a full-time transsexual on hormones. Her small breasts are lactating. There’s just not much fatty tissue because her transition is so recent and she’s so lean. Nutty has a spectacular 6″ (15.2 cm) uncut cock that she strokes furiously while obviously watching porn. There’s no big, explosive cumshot, but a nice stream of clear juice flows from her pretty dick before the video fades out. Watch the Nutty video preview on Ladyboy Tube and I highly recommend that you join the network.

Bailey Jay in One On One Butt Fun

Bailey Jay hops down on the sofa but quickly jumps back up to show you the subject of “One On One Butt” fun in one her most recent solo videos. She pulls her rainbow panties down and shows you with her wet fingers that her cock is oozing pre-cum. It’s not even fully erect yet. But it’s about halfway there within 3 minutes. She slaps it in her open palm like it’s a big slab of steak, then sits back down to show you her big tits. Within four minutes her large, famous schlong is fully erect and she sits back on the couch to jack off with a full wide angle view. Her a-shirt is hoisted above her breasts and she lubes up a big black dildo. It’s about the same size as the trans icon’s dick. Bailey Jay is really working in this one. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her get up and sit back down so many times. When she’s naked except for her cute cap and a-shirt, she begins fucking herself with the sex toy. She stands up again to give you a rear view of this rapid penetration. Then she sits back for a finger banging while working her swollen prick. She rises again for more of the same. By this point, her member is as hard as you’ve ever seen it and her moans become louder and louder. There’s more standing and swinging and palm slapping. Then she goes back to furiously masturbating with both hands. Before our 10:36 second scene is up, Bailey Jay releases a torrent of creamy white cum into her hand. She licks some of it up, gives you a classic wink and waves goodbye. Her “Bluekini” gallery is also exquisite. As for videos, I think her “I Get Lost in Your Ass” video filmed on the same sofa might be even hotter! I’ve yet decide if I’m down with the silver hair, but I’m definitely sold on her amazing performance. I’ll tell you more about it soon, but you should really see it for yourself on the official TS-Bailey Jay website or with your TGirl Network multipass.

Yuuki Trap on Shemale Yum

I love it when top webcam models are featured on Shemale Yum because by the time they debut here, I’ve often seen their Chaturbate performances. This happens to be the case with Yuuki Trap, presented by photographer Omar Wax in yesterday’s weekly update! Yuuki Trap strips pretty quickly and she moves around a lot in her poses like you’d expect a fit 23 year transsexual model to. She invites you to focus on her best assets for quite some time on an orange chair. But I have to reevaluate what exactly her best assets are when she faces the camera to make herself develop a hardon. There’s just something about that cock of hers growing stiff before your eyes as her tiny rosebud winks at you. The debut video of this mixed-Asian cosplayer and gamer is an erotic joy to watch. But it’s hard for me to decide what’s hotter – her short but sweet video or her hi-res 117 image Shemale Yum photo set. Decide for yourself and don’t forget to look up room=yuukittrap when you’re at my favorite webcam site Chaturbate in Transsexual Cams!

Valetia in Room Service Surprise

In case you didn’t know, Trans500 is now FULLY DOWNLOADABLE. Plus, you get full access to all of the network’s sites with your subscription. You can have a field day with all the wickedly hot solo and hardcore performances here. I’ve just downloaded the tremendously torrid video with Valetia in “Room Service Suprise” from I Kill It TS and you can do the same. I’m showing you duplicate photo and video galleries simply because I can. Also because there are so many photos in the enormous set, it was hard narrowing down what I wanted to show you. Theres is nothing I’d like to see Valentia change about herself. I think her hormone breasts are just perfect. But that ass though, good lawd! I’ve never seen a hotter looking set of wide hips flaring out to a full bottom. Then there’s her slender physique in contrast with her huge cock. The video that I downloaded in the best resolution available is a HD dream. Valetia gets served by a super cute resort employee while sunning topless at the pool. After returning to her room to strip naked and masturbate, Valetia’s big dick is fully erect. It leads her the window where she decides she needs room service from the young stud who served her outside. Enticed by the sight of Valetia standing before the window with a bare boob peeking out, he makes a beeline to her room. The young man fucks her in a variety of positions. He happens to be so smooth and effeminate, I must admit I fantasized dressing him up and fucking him too. But he’s a total top in this video. He gives Valetia a powerful railing until her throbbing hard prick spurts a stream of pearlescent jizz across her thigh. Then he finishes his service with a huge load of cum across her tits. It doesn’t matter which Trans500 network site you subscribe to. Just make sure you get it!

Beautiful Pow Cums on Ladyboy.XXX

On the newly revamped Ladyboy.XXX website, beautiful Pow cums indeed! I downloaded her October 26, 2015 debut knowing she wouldn’t climax the first time around. A trans woman doesn’t have to have orgasm to totally turn me on. Pow is so pretty and she has a sort of bitchy resting face I love. She seems like the type of chick who can’t be pushed around. There’s no easy-to-please happy girl posing in her new video. It begins with Pow showing off her lovely legs while wearing her jammies on the bed. Photographer Terry zooms in between those legs to catch Pow rubbing her panty bulge. She reveals that it’s semi-erect and expanding fast. Pow’s pecker soon bgins to stand on its own and it’s a pretty big one. It’s uncut, but you can see the glassy head emerge when she beats off. Pow’s breasts look fuller in the videos than they do in the photo sets. She caresses each one while silently masturbating her swollen dick. She follows up this display with a lewd showing of her nearly flawless ass. Then she stands on the bed for full-frontal and ground level footage. Finally, at the end, Pow shoots a blast of creamy white cum from her hardon. That foreskin looks so thick as the pink cockhead begins to withdraw back in side of this tremendously sexy follow-up Ladyboy.XXX video. Take the brand new tour for more.

Tiyara Fucks Lalo Ambriz

I didn’t catch Tiyara’s resemblance to the late great singer Aliyah in her previous Black TGirls solo sets or in her scene getting fucked by Soldier Boi on Black Shemale Hardcore. It’s the hair style in her new video and photo set with Lalo Ambriz that reminded me of Aliyah. I’m just seeing it it her face, however. Tiyara’s sleek form exemplifies more of a femboy type of beauty, but I appreciate that as much as those of the busty babes on these amazing transgender porn sites. In soliloquy, Tiyara says that Lalo has no idea what she has in store for him, but he does look pretty timid when she approaches him in the livingroom. She makes him worship her ass and I realize at this point that both of these performers are totally versatile. I’ve seen Lalo’s dominant side before and it’s the first time I’ve seen Tiyara as a dominatrix. She’s incredibly forceful with her forced fellatio and her stiff cock stands up at a 45 dress angle when she allows Lalo to stand up and undress her. Once Tiyara is completely naked, she begins fucking Lalo from behind as he bends over on the sofa. She smacks his ass hard, calling him her “bitch boy” and I’m taking mental notes o the way she dominates him. Tiyara pummels Lalo in a variety of different positions and finally she sits above him on the couch to release a torrent of creamy white cum on his face.

Minty on UK TGirls

It seems like just yesterday that I first mentioned this twenty something Finnish new model who flew from Helsinki to shoot for the fantastic UK TGirls website here. But it was on Nevember 7, 20115. Minty reintroduces herself in the follow-up video of her UK TGirls debut. She’s wearing all black while standing before the bed – a light sweater and body stockings over a sexy full bodystocking. She quickly removes the sweater and pulls the top of her sexy outfit down to expose her natural breasts. She tweaks her nipples and runs circles around them. Then she turns around on the bed to lower her panties. This bodystocking is crotchess so it provides easy access to the fun spot she’s about to lay back and play with. She faces us pouring lubricant across the surface of a clear pink dildo and presents her full bottom to the camera. Then she begins to penetrate herself with the sex toy. Photographer Kalin captures a magnificent wide angle view of Minty completely naked from the back next, using just her finger to pleasure her rosebud. She moans softly as she turns to face us again stroking her cock to erection. Moments later, she’s on her back, doing what she needs to in order to climax. Her cock turns an angry shade of reddish-purple as a stream of pearlesent cum flows from the bulbous head. Don’t miss either of Minty’s fantastic photo and video sets on UK TGirls.

#GroobyNewbie Nadia Belle

22 year old Nadia Belle is a fresh faced and sexy new girl who came out to Los Angeles from Denver, Colorado to do a Femout.XXX shoot. She’s just starting her transition and is eager to make a name for herself in the big bad porn industry. Veteran Grooby photographer Buddy Wood presents Nadia in a sizzling hot poolside masturbation scene. She started dressing as a female in pre-school. Some of the things that turn Nadia on is sex with no gender restrictions. In other words, she’s totally pansexual. Nadia look hot as hell posing in her black dress and she quickly reveals the lacy purple panties she’s got on underneath. She’s got a nice bulge in her undies and as soon as she slides them off, she begins stroking her cock furiously! When Naia sits down in a lawn chair, she starts rubbing her smooth looking legs and bare, high-arched feet. She flexes her red pedicured toes with her legs crossed and opens them wide to resume jerking off. Her dick looks absolutely delicious, but if you’re more of an ass lover, Buddy zooms in on her fun spot when she throws her legs up. Nadi grabs her ankles and if you’re not thinking about fucking her silly by this point, you must be at the wrong place or something. The rear footage of Nadia are amazing, too. This Femout.XXX explicit debut photo set is fantastic and the video is a¬†definitely¬†a keeper.